In any case the Theater is responsible for transforming the analog video signals into a digital format as well as capture and demodulation and stereo encoding of audio. The Remote Wonder Plus does that quite well, but it’s also fully programmable, and it has templates to work with a handful of popular applications. Gigabyte Z Designare offers pros a bevy of connectivity options. Comparing pixel shader cycles across GPU architectures is quite a bit trickier, because different shader units have divergent types of execution resources onboard capable of handling different mixes of math each clock cycle. But thanks to its 48 shaders running at MHz, the AIW X rips through 24 billion pixel shader cycles each second.

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The program will ask you what format you wonrer to burn it in and MMC will automatically convert it to the proper format as well as create menus and chapters. Besides the card itself, the great connection blocks are included. Graphics Previous page Next page. About Author I’ve been reviewing products since and started out at Gaming Nexus.

If there’s one game that really suprised me it was F.

The Monolith horror shooter features some of the most impressive graphics on the PC. In fact, in place of the stratospheric MHz-plus clock speeds of the other members of the X family, the AIW’s frequencies are rather modest: With the All-in-Wonder X, you can download the latest drivers to take advantage of the card to lower the CPU requirements to view H.


The higher end Radeon X XT pushes 10 billion. Still, I think this is a good illustration of one reason why the AIW may not always woonder suited for one of its purported roles: Corsair Vengeance gaming PC sets sail.

While it does have some differences over the regular line, the All-in-Wonder X card holds its own against other cards and it’s inexpensive when compared to the other X cards.

At the bottom left of the card in the picture above, you can see a rectangular gold plating covering the AIW’s TV tuner. Customize The Tech Report The Remote Wonder Plus does that quite well, but it’s also fully programmable, and it has templates to work with a handful of popular applications.

Fortunately, it can most likely fend for itself. Our gripes with this program remain the same: A small USB receiver attaches to your PC and a simple driver installation is all you need to get it up and running. So what are the specifications for a,l All-in-Wonder X?

Gigabyte Z Designare offers pros a winder of connectivity options. What it does is lets you watch videos while still allowing you to use other programs on your desktop as the video is played on a semi-transparent window. One way to roughly compare pixel shader power between GPUs with the same basic heritage is to look at the number of pixel shader cycles per second running on the chip.

Those numbers would practically 1×900 fate for the AIW X if not for one thing: We tested at the standard x resolution. The bracket features one DVI connector, one coaxial cable connector, one FM antenna connector, and the dongle connector for the wondder external connections.


Settings such as content date last viewed, and size can help you keep your hard drive clean of unwatched or unwanted video after a certain criteria is met. We covered version 9.

ATI All-In-Wonder X1900

These programs add quite a bit of value to the AIW X package for those who don’t have them already, and Premiere Elements in particular should make the AIW package ready to use out of the box for serious video editing work. Single page Print Even more of the total, complete, borderline-intimidating package Attack of the killer octopus! Compared to past revisions, the Remote Wonder Plus is smaller and feels cheaper in the hand.

Samsung shows off Infinity Flex foldable smartphone display. The TV Player has a nice feature set of options allowing you to record in different formats.

Test Setup and Performance – ATI’s All-In-Wonder X Performance And DVD Decoding Quality

I also prefer the tapered shape of the Plus when using the pointer “mushroom” to control the mouse pointer. You can also setup how you would like apl files to be deleted from your hard drive. For the test, we ran the benchmark at maximum detail and used a demo that was included in the game. Samsung shows off Infinity Flex foldable smartphone display.