No clue on model number but I’ll find that out later. See full activity log. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. CM might be easier to find though it was the easiest for me to get, CML ware scarce when I was shopping I found these phrases on google in some C source file for the drivers How can we apply this now to making sound work with PnP enabled?

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I noticed it in the first half of Dark Forces. Please mci8330 me know what I can do to help. This is the first soundcard that requires me to put my external Class-D amplifier on full volume. In past versions of Ubuntu, I have found that the “alsa-base” files of which there are 3 or 4 need to be heavily edited in order for the modprobe to work.

VOGONS • View topic – SB16 vs DBs (hanging / stuck / wrong notes in MIDI)

Nevermind my previous post then. Add tags Tag help. I also get lines in dmesg during bootup that say isapnp: What can I do with this situation on motherboard i? So you definitive want at least one CM unit!

Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on However, the hardware also supports transfer bit sound data via 8-bit DMA channel. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.


This topic is about SB cmi8303 clones, not about anything sold by Creative Labs. If possible, please upgrade to Dapper’s 2. Thanks for your continued help.

Should I install isapnptools and give you guys more details? So leaving out the absence of SPDIF on the CT and the hanging note bug from the matrix, you might still find interesting differences. I also noticed that the quality of the Line-In is rather bad as it seems somehow not to comply with Line-Out Vpp.

On my card it had strong distortions by default. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Could we please try to approach this bug from that angle?

It does SB16 too. Despite that it was supposedly never licenced to anyone.

CMI SB Audio Drivers for NT WS Beta 2 | Hardware Central Forum – Join 50k+ Members

Then use Midi Ox or some other application that receives the Midi there using any soundcard and puts it on another Synth of maybe some retro ISA wavetable card in this PC. In the old unit it basically affects the digital volume before it gets converted and amplified, in the newer unit it affects the analogue volume after the DA conversion.


Thank you for reporting this bug and following up on cmk8330. Unfortunately there sb61 a show stopper: It seems like a deeper issue with Ubuntu’s kernel and alsa-base scripts configuration.

But the average user should not be asked to adjust his BIOS when not cmi330, and ideally his hardware should be detected and configured. Thanks for your help!

You really want to have a MT old which is the one without the headphone socket. I am quite experienced at forcing this card to work with all sorts of mis-behaving distros, but I’m cmo8330 my wits end with Ubuntu.

How can I decide what other values to try in place of these default recommended ones? At the same time, for example, the card works perfectly on motherboards with xmi8330 iZX and iE.

CMI8330 SB-16 Audio Drivers for NT 5.0 WS Beta 2

Comment on this change optional. This site hosts no abandonware. But with Ubuntu, it just throws me the error: