7Q Financial Services Review Is 7qfs.com Legit Or Scam

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7Q Financial Services Review: Is 7qfs.com Legit Or Scam?

– Sir Winston Churchill

7Q Financial Services

We are a boutique Investment Firm specializing in asset management services to Organizations, Investment Funds, Pension Funds, Provident Funds, Insurance Companies and High Net Worth Individuals. Our clients understand how, where and why we are taking or reducing risk in order to meet their investment goals. As a strategic partner for Institutional investors and High Net Worth Individuals, we offer tailor-made, actively managed, single and multi-asset class solutions, independent investment advice, execution, custody and fund turnkey services.

What we stand for

We put the client first

To manage potential conflicts and act in the benefit of the client.

We embrace technology

To drive innovation and keep up with digitalization.

We follow our own path

To create and successfully exploit opportunities that matter.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

Our Five Pillar Approach

Risk-Balanced Returns

We guide our decision-making process towards balancing rewarded and unrewarded risks while maximizing the benefits of diversification.

Global Diversification

We provide global diversification strategies through exposure to a universe of highly diversified global asset classes.

Systematic Process

We have fully systematized our investment process with the use of proprietary models that determine investment decisions in a logical and automated manner.

Momentum Strategies

We support our clients to capture market returns during periods of strong investor sentiment utilizing a proven proprietary quantitative approach.


We employ strategies that can deliver capital appreciation and income throughout the economic cycle.

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Services Offered

Investment Management

We specialize in Sustainable asset management and Thematic asset management solutions for Institutional investors and High Net Worth Individuals. Across all our investment strategies, we seek additional alpha through portfolio construction, risk management and proprietary trading technology.

Investment Advisory

We actively support Organizations, Pension and Provident Funds, Insurance Companies and High Net Worth Individuals in their decision making and implementation. We help our clients analyze financial risk, hedging, strategic asset allocation, trading strategies and transaction structure, selecting third party financial providers such as investment managers and custodians, or providing innovative investment ideas.

Execution & Custody

We offer execution and custody in global equity and fixed income markets, including Cyprus through an extensive counterparty network that enables competitive order execution and confidentiality. Skilled professionals provide “color and insight” and allow clients to gain added value on the markets.

Funds Turnkey Solutions

We advise AIF managers and promoters in structuring their investment ideas into successful funds. We offer one stop shop solutions including establishment, fund administration and regulatory compliance of Alternative Investment Funds, providing Portfolio Management and Risk Management services being the main functions performed under AIFMD.

Terms of Use


The visitor of www.7qfs.com (hereinafter, “7QFS Site”), web-site operated by the company under the name “7Q FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD”, headquartered in Nicosia (Kennedy Business Center, 12 -14 Kennedy Avenue, Suite 402, 1087 Nicosia, Cyprus.), and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission under license number 061/05 (hereinafter, “the Company”), fully accepts the terms outlined here below and acknowledges that he/she will be bound by such terms every time he/she visits 7QFS Site. The Company has the right to modify the said terms any time by announcing the said modifications through 7QFS Site. Any use of the 7QFS Site after such modification is announced, shall be considered approval of this modification.

Through 7QFS Site, the Company provides the visitor with the possibility to be informed in relation to issues referring to the Company itself, information and documents regarding investment products and services, and in relation to announcements and advertisements referring to the Company’s individual operations.

Access and Use of 7QFS Site

The access to 7QFS Site is provided upon initiative of the user, not of the Company.

The user of 7QFS Site is exclusively responsible to possess the necessary hardware, software, telephone or other communication equipment, as well as any service which is necessary in order to have access to the Web-page. The Company does not guarantee, whether explicitly or not, that 7QFS Site and the underlying software is free of viruses, errors and any other damaging elements (in particular, “worms”, “Trojan horses”, etc) and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the said equipment of the user, his/her software or files, as well as for any damage the user may suffer as a result of the said causes.

The use of 7QFS Site must be carried out exclusively for lawful purposes and in a way that will not limit or prevent its use by third parties. The user, also including the simple visitor, is obliged to act in accordance with the law, the fair practice and the present terms and not to cause any damage or malfunction to 7QFS Site incurred as a consequence of his/her acts or omissions.

Intellectual Property

For the purposes of the present document, the term “Intellectual Property” shall mean any right on copyrights and industrial property, such as patent, right on patent or utility model, submission of application regarding a patent or a utility model, or right to submit an application regarding a patent or a utility model, intellectual creation of word and art, moral right and parent right, a commercial secret, a trade-name, a distinctive feature of commercial enterprises and activities, right as regards the business, the ‘know-how’, pattern, sample, web-page pattern, internet domain name, computer’s program, material and immaterial proprietary information and procedure, algorithm, mathematical formula and any other immaterial right of that kind, whether submitted or not.

The content of 7QFS Site, such as, indicatively, the trade-name, the trademarks, distinctive titles, texts, photos, pictures, graphics, etc, are protected by national and international provisions on intellectual and industrial property.

The user acknowledges the intellectual property rights of the Company and its third-party providers, on the data contained in 7QFS Site, including pictures, graphics, photos, patterns and texts. It is forbidden, without the prior written permission by the Company, in whole or partly, to sell, copy, modify, republish, reproduce or to exploit in any other way, data of 7QFS Site which constitute a right on intellectual property which the Company or its providers have. Exceptionally, it is allowed to partly copy, print or save any of the aforementioned data, provided that that source indication (7QFS Site) will not be eliminated and the data will not be used for commercial purposes.

7QFS Site provides access to web-sites operated by third persons through links, and promotes banners of other web-sites. In no way will the Company be held liable for the content and the quality of the products or services provided by the said web-sites to which 7QFS Site provides access or which (web-sites) provide access to 7QFS Site; in particular, the Company will not be liable for the policy adopted by these web-pages in relation to the protection of personal data.

Personal Data

The procession of personal data is effected in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2020/679. Each time the visitor/user visits 7QFS Site, certain information are being saved, such as IP address, the date and the particular website that the visitor/user visited, the kind of browser he/she used, and the computer’s operating system. The information that is gathered this way is not linked with the visitor’s/user’s personal data and are used exclusively for reasons of security and for statistic purposes. The Company does not use cookies.

Every visitor/user of 7QFS Site is provided with the possibility to fill in their personal detail in the relevant webpage of 7QFS Site and their comment in the following field of said page. It is specifically noted that said field of 7QFS Site is provided exclusively for the purpose of the input of text for lawful purposes and to the extent necessary exclusively for the carrying out of the communication with the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to third parties incurred as a consequence of actions or omissions of users of 7QFS Site that are against the law, the fair practice and the public order.

It is also noted that the communication with the Company via said field of 7QFS Site, or via e-mail, is not completely safe and for that reason it is recommended that no sensitive personal data are included in the relevant messages of the users to the Company. From the messages via 7QFS Site or e-mail received, the Company collects only the data that are necessary in order to answer the sender’s question.

Applicable Law

The aforementioned terms are governed by Cyprus Law.


Investment schemes involve getting you or your business to part with money on the promise of a questionable financial opportunity.

Common types of investment scams

Investment cold calls

A scammer claiming to be a stock broker or portfolio manager calls you and offers financial or investments advice. They will claim what they are offering is low-risk and will provide you with quick and high returns, or encourage you to invest in overseas companies. The scammer’s offer will sound legitimate and they may have resources to back up their claims. They will be persistent, and may keep calling you back.

The scammer may claim that they do not need an Australian Financial Services licence, or that that they are approved by a real government regulator or affiliated with a genuine company.

The investments offered in these type of cold calls are usually share, mortgage, or real estate high-return schemes, options trading or foreign currency trading. The scammer is operating from overseas, and will not have an Australian Financial Services licence.

Share promotions and hot tips

The scammer encourages you to buy shares in a company that they predict is about to increase in value. You may be contacted by email or the message will be posted in a forum. The message will seem like an inside tip and stress that you need to act quickly. The scammer is trying to boost the price of stock so they can sell shares they have already bought, and make a huge profit. The share value will then go down dramatically.

If you invest you will be left with large losses or shares that are virtually worthless.

Investment seminars

Investment seminars are promoted by promising motivational speakers, investment experts, or self-made millionaires who will give you expert advice on investing. They are designed to convince you into following high risk investment strategies such as borrowing large sums of money to buy property, or investments that involve lending money on a no security basis or other risky terms.

Promoters make money by charging you an attendance fee, selling overpriced reports or books, and by selling investments and property without letting you get independent advice. The investments on offer are generally overvalued and you may end up having to pay fees and commissions that the promoters did not tell you about. High pressure sales tactics or false and misleading claims are often used to pressure you into investing, such as guaranteed rent or discounts for buying off the plan.

If you invest there is a high chance you will lose money.

Visit ASIC’s MoneySmart for more information about investment seminar scams.


Superannuation scams offer to give you early access to your super fund, often through a self-managed super fund or for a fee. The offer may come from a financial adviser, or a scammer posing as one. The scammer may ask you to agree to a story to ensure the early release of your money and then, acting as your financial adviser, they will deceive your superannuation company into paying out your super benefits directly to them. Once they have your money, the scammer may take large ‘fees’ out of the released fund or leave you with nothing at all.

You cannot legally access the preserved part of your super until you are between 55 and 60, depending what year you were born. There are certain exceptions such as severe financial hardship or compassionate grounds – but anyone who otherwise offers early access to your super is acting illegally.

Visit ASIC’s MoneySmart for more information about how super works.

Warning signs

  • You receive a call, or repeated calls, from someone offering unsolicited advice on investments. They may try to keep you on the phone for a long time, or try and transfer you to a more senior person. You are told that you need to act quickly and invest or you will miss out.
  • You receive an email from a stranger offering advice on the share price of a particular company. It may not be addressed to you personally, and may even give the impression it was sent to you by mistake.
  • An advertisement or seminar makes claims such as ‘risk-free investment’, ‘be a millionaire in three years’, or ‘get-rich quick’.
  • You are invited to attend a free seminar, but there are high fees to attend any further sessions. The scammer, posing as the promoter, may offer you a loan to cover both the cost of your attendance at the additional seminars and investments.
  • You see an advertisement promising a quick and easy way to ‘unlock’ your superannuation early.

Protect yourself

  • Do not give your details to an unsolicited caller or reply to emails offering financial advice or investment opportunities – just hang up or delete the email.
  • Be suspicious of investment opportunities that promise a high return with little or no risk.
  • Check if a financial advisor is registered via the ASIC website. Any business or person that offers or advises you about financial products must be an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence holder.
  • Check ASIC’s list of companies you should not deal with. If the company that called you is on the list – do not deal with them.
  • Do not let anyone pressure you into making decisions about your money or investments and never commit to any investment at a seminar – always get independent legal or financial advice.
  • Do not respond to emails from strangers offering predictions on shares, investment tips, or investment advice.
  • If you feel an offer to buy shares might be legitimate, always check the company’s listing on the stock exchange for its current value and recent shares performance. Some offers to buy your shares may be well below market value.
  • Never commit to any investment at a seminar – always take time to consider the opportunity and seek independent financial advice.
  • If you are under 55, watch out for offers promoting easy access to your preserved superannuation benefits. If you illegally access your super early, you may face penalties under taxation law.

Have you been scammed?

If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

We encourage you to report scams to the ACCC via the report a scam page. This helps us to warn people about current scams, monitor trends and disrupt scams where possible. Please include details of the scam contact you received, for example, email or screenshot.

Scams that relate to financial services can also be reported to ASIC.

Spread the word to your friends and family to protect them.

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