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BetOnFinance Review 2020

BetOnFinance is closed.

BetOnFinance corresponds to online trading internet platform that enabled traders to bet on financial stocks in a pre-defined time frame. This online platform shows different trading experience and represents a whole new approach towards betting. The principles of BetOnFinance services are the combination of traditional horse betting and online trading with various financial assets. This way, instead of betting on horses, traders can bet on the financial market.

BetOnFinance, regulated by the Danish Government, offers an interesting new betting concept which was only available to Danish citizens.

This betting platform is operated by BetOnFinance Limited which is located in Malta.

In the meantime, BetOnFinance has been regulated by Maltese MGA which automatically enabled trading for other traders.

BetOnFinance Account Features

Our BetOnFinance review has shown this online betting platform provides innovative and interesting services for various types of users. The principle of betting with BetOnFinance is identical as horse betting. Some bettors are maybe tired of traditional betting, so this novelty might be interesting to those. BetOnFinance platform is adapted to the 21st century and it makes betting fun and easy. In order to start betting, bettors have to select a stock first. After this, bettors need to decide how this stock will perform in selected time frame. Bettors decide on their betting amount and place a bet according to their preferences. There are numerous betting options available and bettors have to option to enjoy different betting approach with BetOnFinance.

BetOnFinance provides two different betting accounts. One account provides demo services and it is available for everyone, while second account is Real BetOnFinance account and traders need to invest real funds in order to bet.

BetOnFinance Free Competitors Account

This account enabled trading for all traders that want to interact with financial stocks for free. BetOnFinance enabled this demo account with 5000 of virtual money so bettors can spend it according to their preferences. Traders who register with BetOnFinance Free Competitors account can use given virtual funds for weekly competitions. Traders can trade with demo account as long as they have virtual funds on their account.

BetOnFinance Real Play Account

In our BetOnFinance review, we have found this platform offers Real Play account where traders can enjoy a great number of possibilities. BetOnFinance Real account is available from DKK. Such a low limit enables betting for beginners that don’t want to spend significant amounts of funds for their first bets. Besides approachable and low betting amount BetOnFinance welcomes their bettors with 100% Welcome Bonus for those traders who make a deposit over 100 DKK. in order to receive a welcome bonus, traders must reach required turnover of 5x.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
    Get a Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

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Read more about BetOnFinance Bonuses in our detailed guide.

It is interesting to mention that BetOnFinance provides launch up bonuses of 200% for up to 1000 DKK.

BetOnFinance enabled traders to bet against each other, not against the house. In this case, when financial markets close those bettors who made precise predictions will share winning pool.

BetOnFinance Trading Software

Our BetOnFinance review showed that traders are offered to choose between two betting platforms, depending on the type of betting account traders have chosen to trade with. According to BetOnFinance, separated platforms provide a better overview over betting portfolio. Traders that register with demo account doesn’t need to spend time looking for betting rules, bonuses or other information that is important for BetOnFinance real account. Each betting platform is visually approachable and it is easy to navigate, even for those who use it for the first time.

Betting with BetOnFinance is extremely easy, no matter if traders are using the demo or real account. On the left side of the platform, bettors will see Game selection with all listed options. The Proprietary platform offers users to choose a game type, market, time-frame and game type.

The right side of the BetOnFinance platform has placed a call to action buttons to ensure better overview over betting portfolio. Besides mentioned features, traders can also use various extra services like limiting loss and limiting amount tools. Those tools help bettors to improve their money management with their real account.

BetOnFinance betting platform has ensured plentiful possibilities for customization and adjusting the betting portfolio according to personal preferences and needs of every trader. It ensures the great betting experience for experienced bettors, but it’s simple enough so beginners can also understand it and use it.

BetOnFinance online platform has developed two trading interfaces: desktop and mobile. This way bettors can choose to bet with the preferable interface and adjust the platform according to their betting habits. BetOnFinance Mobile platform ensured betting services for modern bettors who want to place their bets no matter the place and time. Both trading interfaces have ensured bettors to place bets with top 30 stocks and indices in more time frames: ½ day, One day, One week and one month.

BetOnFinance Support Information

According to our BetOnFinance review, this betting provider enabled support for English and Danish. Bettors can contact support via email and Facebook. This is quite unusual since financial services usually don’t offer support through social networks. This great addition provides additional support services and moders bettors will probably like this type of communication. BetOnFinance has also enabled live chat support for all potential and current bettors that use BetOnFinance services.

Besides great customer support, BetOnFinance provides latest important news that may be important while deciding on which stocks traders will place bets. BetOnFinance has also ensured a financial calendar that may helpful.

Tip: Trade with reputable and regulated brokers on FX-Advisor.

BetOnFinance Review 2020 – Is Scam or Legit?

Name BetOnFinance Review 2020 – Is Scam or Legit?
Founded 2020
Legal Entity BetOnFinance Ltd
Minimum deposit € 20
Bonus 100%
Full Address Malta, Naxxar, Level 1, Casal Naxaro, Labour Avenue
Regulation MGA
E-mail send mail
Visit Broker

BetOnFinance is the first site of its kind, allowing players to bet on stocks in pool games. Today BetOnFinance is bringing betting and financial markets together. The concept is as entertaining as it is simple – bet on the daily % change of an index or what stocks will be in the top / bottom 3 by the end of the day. All games are pool bets meaning players don’t play against the house but against each other. As BetOnFinance at the moment is the only site of its kind, we did a full walk through of the site. Here is what we found out.

Opening an account

The signup process follows the usual steps and does not require the user to deposit. However one can only bet after depositing to the account. Minimum deposit is 20€ which is doubled with a 100% signup bonus.

Accepted countries: All nations excl. Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Ethiopia, France and other French territories, Greece, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malta, Morocco, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Somalia, Spain, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunesia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America and other U.S. territories, or Yemen

Betting Games Platform

BetOnFinance offers games on various international markets. All are organized neatly in the betplate where users can sort after country, game type and day. Games are divided in Half Day, Full Day and Live Games. The Full and Half Day period is open for betting up until 15 minutes before the market opens. Winners are found either in the end of the day of trading or in the middle of the day. The Live game is open half way into the trading day and ends when the market closes.

Index Games

The easiest game to get started with are the index games. The most straightforward game, with the largest price pools, are the index games. Here you have to bet on the development of a stock index. The minimum bet is €1 and intervals are in 0.25% – usually you can bet on 22 results. The index game is divided into either Half Day or Live games.

Stock Race

Another concept unique to BetOnFinance are the Stock Races. Here users have to guess which stocks will be in the Top 3 or Bottom 3 in the end of the day – thus the similarity to traditional horse racing. The game can be played as a Full or Half Day game.

Event games

Financial markets are ever changing and influenced by their surrounding events. For this reason BetOnFinance also offers specific event games with the opportunity to bet on large IPO, financial reports, political events etc.

Deposits and withdrawals

BetOnFinance offers a range of payment options including all major cards. KYC is currently required for all players, however the process was fast and smooth. After KYC withdrawals are quick and painless. As a regulated operator all player funds are secured by certified banks.

BetonFinance Customer Service

There is a live chat function and from our experience, support emails are answered promptly by personal eager to help. At the moment support is offered in English, Danish and Swedish.

Minimum investment of 20€
Highest recorded odds of 737

Fluid odds take a bit getting used to

At the moment BetOnFinance is the only game of its kind and has several patents pending. The sign up flow explains the concept in detail and the betting options are made clear. At first the floating odds and various pool closing times take a bit of getting used to, but thereafter it is easy to bet on a continuous basis.

It is important to note, that this isn’t a binary options operator as users bet on the value of a stock or index in the end of the day. Thereby also making times from bet to winnings longer that most betting sites.

Additional Information

  • Customer Service: Live Chat
  • Languages: English, Danish, Swedish
  • Betting options: Indices, Top3/Bottom3, IPO / Event Games
  • Withdrawal Time: 3 days
  • Demo account: No
  • Accepted Methods of Deposit: Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, Bank Wire, Maestro


The games on the site are all pool games, which means that you are not playing against the house, but against other players. The odds are therefore set by the players themselves, and reflect how much is bet on every outcome in the game. There is a minimum odds of 1.05, which means that every winning game will give at least 105% back to the player, no matter how obvious the winning result is, and it further avoids the possibility of odds reaching 1.00. When the odds reaches 1.05 users cannot bet on that specific outcome anymore – it can thus pay off to bet early.

On the other end, the highest odds seen is 737. It is definitely worth spending some time on as both winnings and entertainment increase dramatically after familiarizing oneself with the platform.

Your Rating

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Denmark’s Fibetco launches under Malta licence

Copenhagen-based software provider Fibetco has launched its new financial betting concept BetOnFinance for the international market, following a successful trial in Denmark this year. is a betting product that combines financial markets with gambling, and is available across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Having been rolled out in Denmark through a partnership with former monopoly operator Danske Licens Spil in January, the offering has now been launched for the international market under a [. ]

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