Big Money Rush Review Another Scam Bitcoin Trading App. Stay Away!

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Big Money Rush Review: Another Scam Bitcoin Trading App. Stay Away!

Big Money Rush App Review: Scam or legit? claims it could make you a millionaire with its winning crypto trading App. How true is this? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review of Big Money Rush , we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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What Is Big Money Rush is a website that incites you to start profiting from bitcoin trading with their software. According to the information on their website, this software has laser-sharp accuracy and helps its users trade faster than their competitors. The developers claim to have incorporated sophisticated algorithms and advanced trading technology into the programming of the robot which enables it to deliver superior performance and excellent results.

What You Should Know About Big Money Rush

Though might appear legit to a newbie, the truth is that it is just a wishy washy site that aims to scam unsuspecting traders. What these scammers do is fill your heads with lies.They tell you it is for free, but after registering they automatically connect you to a broker, then you have to deposit $250 to the broker in order to start earning, but the truth is that the broker they are affiliated with is unregulated.

The Truth About Big Money Rush

They don’t have any App that will make you win most of your trades. They are an anonymous lots working with unregulated brokers to scam you off your money. Their website has the same features with similar scam App websites, like Bitcoin Era

Big Money Rush Review: Legit or Not?

Big Money Rush is a viral trading robot that allegedly helps you make money online by speculating on cryptocurrencies. This robot is said to apply powerful algorithms to study the markets and make winning trading predictions. But is Big Money Rush really legit and can you make big money trading with it?

Learn Bonds has conducted an investigation on Big Money Rush and revealed that it is genuine. Consequently, you can allegedly make considerable income trading with this robot. We have conducted review on this robot and found user who claim that it is possible to earn $1k per day with Big Money Rush.

This review takes a deep dive on Big Money Rush. We will provide evidence supporting our legit robot claim and also provide all the necessary information about this robot.

Big Money Rush: Review

Big Money Rush has been said to be a perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for a passive online income. This robot claims it can generate a daily profit of $1k automatically from a deposit as little as $500. We have carried out an in-depth review on this robot and revealed that many users claim it is possible to make over $100 per day from a deposit of $250. You should start with a small investment of $250 and grow your account via reinvestments.

All trading carries risk

You can read more about Bitcoin Money Rush by selecting the topics below

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What is Big Money Rush?

As mentioned earlier, Big Money Rush is a trading robot that allegedly makes money by speculating on the prices of cryptocurrencies. What makes this robot the best choice to enter the crypto market is that it does not require any human input to trade.

Once you deposit the trading capital and switch on live trading, you can seat back and start trading. As usual, we have put Big Money Rush through a legitimacy investigation and can guarantee that it is legit. We found users who tried live trading with a deposit of $250 and made $133 in six hours. The robot reported a profit of $54 in the first seven minutes.

From these review, users claim that Big Money Rush generates a daily profit of up to 20%. On average, this robot reports to generate a profit of 9% per day. Consequently, it can allegedly turn a deposit of $250 to $500k in a year when all profits are plowed back.

Big Money Rush reportedly high profitability comes from its powerful and AI powered algorithms. These algorithms gain trading insights by analyzing big data. The fact that this robot allegedly acts supersonically and can read almost any type of data makes it highly accurate. Big Money Rush claims to make money in at least nine out of every ten trades. Read our review of Bitcoin Circuit if you are looking for alternative to Big Money Rush.

Is Big Money Rush a scam?

Big Money Rush appears to be legit. We have reviewed this crypto robot and found user testimonials claiming that it is legit. As mentioned above, it is fully automatic and hence a top choice for those looking to enter the crypto market.

Our legitimacy investigation on this robot included user reviews and background research on information provided on its website. As mentioned above, we found users who claim to make a profit of $133 from a deposit of $250 in about six hours.

The testimonials on the Big Money Rush website are from people who have made a million bucks trading with this robot. Our research reveals that these testimonials are from real people living the millionaire lifestyle from crypto trading.

Moreover, it appears that all info on Big Money Rush site is 100 percent accurate. They do not exaggerate their earning potential and they have made critical disclosures such as their fee mechanism and partner brokers. We can guarantee that all their partner brokers are properly regulated.

Once you have set up your account and deposited your seed capital, all you need to do is click live trading to start trading. The robot does not need any specialized human intervention. You only need less than 20 minutes per day to monitor your account. Click here to get started with Big Money Rush.

Key features of Big Money Rush

Big Money Rush claims to provide a great opportunity to make a living trading cryptocurrency. The best thing with this bot is that it can allegedly quickly identify new trends and implement them in trades.

For instance, the robot claims it can read news affecting the crypto industry within a microsecond of their announcement and make corresponding trades. As mentioned earlier, trading bots such as Big Money Rush claim to generate profit by reacting before the markets.

Reportedly a consistent profitability

Big Money Rush is a reportedly highly profitable robot. Learnbonds review reveal that many users claim it is possible to make $1500 per day when trading with this robot. Moreover, you can allegedly make over $500k in a year from a deposit of $250 if you reinvest all your earnings. A closer look at feedback from people who have tried this robot reveals that the majority find it to be highly profitable.

Seamless withdrawals

With Big Money Rush, you do not have to go through a tedious process to withdraw your money. Simply fill in a withdrawal request form on the withdrawal page and your money will be processed in 24 hours. We found many users who claim this robot to be highly efficient given that the majority of its kind take up to 48 hours.

Regulated partner brokers

Learnbonds can confirm that all the brokers collaborating with Big Money Rush have proper regulation. This review shows that most of them fall under the mandate of top regulatory bodies such as the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. Regulators require brokers to segregate clients’ money and observe strict reporting procedures. These regulations prevent brokers from mishandling your money.

Excellent customer services

Learnbonds review reveal that Big Money Rush has awesome customer services. Their customer service agents are not only professional but also friendly. Furthermore, they seem to be fully equipped to help clients and work in collaboration with the partner brokers’ customer services. Big Money Rush customer services is reachable through live chat, phone, and email. We suggest you use a phone and live chat for faster communication.


This review confirms that Big Money Rush has the necessary measures in place to safeguard users’ data. Their site and web-trader have proper encryption to ensure that hackers cannot access users’ data in the event of a hacking attempt.

Further investigation reveals that Big Money Rush is GDPR compliant. The GDPR is a regulation that requires online platforms to handle EU citizens’ data with strict confidentiality. Compliance with this regulation shows that Big Money Rush is a serious platform.

All trading carries risk

Creating an account with Big Money Rush

In our review, it took us approximately ten minutes to create an account with Big Money Rush and start trading. We can confirm that this robot web-trader is highly intuitive and therefore you do not need any trading experience to use it.

STEP ONE: Registration

You need to fill in your personal details on a form provided on the Big Money Rush website to create an account. Furthermore, the required details include your name, email address, and phone number. As a KYC measure, Big Money Rush may request that you verify your identity.

STEP TWO: Deposit

After registration, you are redirected to the deposit page. You need a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading with this robot. Big Money Rush accepted deposit methods include Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, and Bitcoin. Moreover, it takes less than a minute for your funds to reflect in your trading account.

STEP THREE: Demo trading

The demo account helps you get used to the Big Money Rush platform before live trading. Learnbonds recommends that you start with this account to avoid costly mistakes in live trading.

STEP FOUR: Live trading

As mentioned earlier, all you need to do to start trading with Big Money Rush is click the live trading button. You will also need to specify trading conditions through the stop-loss and take-profit features. Moreover, you will be asked to specify the leverage to be applied in your account. You can leave these features in default if you do not understand what they mean. The Big Money Rush will apply the best trading conditions for you.

All trading carries risk

Big Money Rush review: The verdict!

Big Money Rush appears to be a legit online robot for the crypto industry. This robot allegedly speculates on price movements of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It is fully automatic and can, therefore, be used by anyone. You should give it a try if you are looking for a legit way to start cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Rush Review 2020: Legit or Scam? Live Results

Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading software that was created by users in 2020, and its best use is to trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. The biggest difference between Bitcoin Rush and other platforms is that it claims to emit signals 0,01 seconds faster than the others. It’s said that the Bitcoin Rush software can hastily trade Bitcoin, allowing its users to quickly “rush” into the positions in this volatile market.

On this Page:

All trading carries risk.

You can read more about Bitcoin Rush by selecting the topics below:

What is Bitcoin Rush?

To clear things up, the first thing we must clarify is that Bitcoin Rush is a software that trades automatically for their users, and helps them obtain profits by trading with Bitcoin through a very innovative automatic system. If you’re familiar with other software like Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution, then you know that Bitcoin Rush claims to have a great success rate when perform trades for their users.

When speaking about automatic trades and automatic trading software, we are generally speaking about a robot that basically can do everything for you, or at least that is what the platforms offer, and it would not be surprising, because today there are many Bitcoin robots like the Bitcoin Future that do the same.

Basically, the user creates the account on the platform and chooses the amount they want to invest by configuring their account with the personal characteristics that most closely match their intentions, and the software itself will perform all the trades automatically on their behalf.

In other words, once the user enters the platform and creates an account, he or she must only tell the robot what winnings are expected to be obtained, and then they will only click on auto-trade “ON” while the robot handles the rest.

The platform offers very little information about the equipment behind Bitcoin Rush, which may not seem credible and a bit suspicious; However, we must say that although there are many websites that talk negatively about all Bitcoin robots, there are also users that claim to achieve success by using them and think otherwise.

On the positive side, we must also say that Bitcoin Rush has reported that you can make weekly gains of up to $ 1500 for every $250 that you invest, which will not make you rich, but will definitely help around.

In short, the best way to know if Bitcoin Rush is a scam or not, is to prove it for yourself. However, we have several details that we are going to share below that can help you choose whether or not you want to proceed.

Is Bitcoin Rush a Scam or is it Reliable?

The answer to the above question is no, but to support that answer here goes a bold statement: If we bet on the lottery and lose, should we say that the lottery is a scam?

Maybe it is, as well as it may not be. Investing in Bitcoin Rush as well as investing in any other robot, is something that involves risks that go far beyond whether it is a real platform or a scam.

The market for cryptocurrencies and trading in general is a very volatile market, which is constantly changing. What Bitcoin Rush does, however, is claims to emit the signals that will make the automatic trading more likely to have a higher success rate than if you were trading manually.

As we have said before, the best way is to try it yourself, which is why we offer you everything you need to know to open an account in Bitcoin Rush.

Our first impressions after reviewing Bitcoin Rush:

Bitcoin Rush is an automatic platform, made for the users to invest an amount of money with the brokers that are synced in with the software, and upon configuring the best settings, make automatic trades which allegedly bring profits that can range from $ 350 weekly to almost $ 2,000 for their users.

The interface on the Bitcoin Rush platform was very smooth, and the platform itself was very user friendly. When compared to other bitcoin robots we’ve tried, it’s safe to say that users testimonials claim that Bitcoin Rush is amongst the best ones. We decided to keep pushing forward with our analysis, in hopes that we could put to test the platform.

Bitcoin Rush claims to offer a margin of 90% success in the operations of its users, there are many pages where it is said that it is no more than a scam. We reviewed user feedback, and I must I was surprised! Users have reported success rates as high as 82% or more.

The next step was the withdrawal of our funds, which was smooth, as expected. User claim it takes 24 hours to withdraw our profits.

If what we have told you so far make you to want to open an account in Bitcoin Rush, then follow our thorough step-by-step below to get started.

How to create a Bitcoin Rush account

Step 1: Registration

Once you enter Bitcoin Rush’s website to register an account, you will see the option to register to create your account and start trading within the platform by entering your First and Last names, as well as an e-mail address. Simply fill in all the required fields so you can create an account and get started.

Step 2: Demo trading

This step is recommended to first time traders, as it will simulate the way the platform works on the market, and the way the software runs. I personally don’t see the need as its very straight-forward to run Bitcoin Rush, but feel free to test it out if you’re not certain about the way it works. Once you feel confident enough, go back to your dashboard so you can get started on the live trading mode.

Step 3: Deposit

Once you’re ready to commit to the live mode, all there’s left is to make your initial deposit. Bitcoin Rush is free to use with your account, but you need to make an initial investment with the broker to let it run. The minimum investment is of $250, which is an acceptable amount to start. The brokers accept a wide array of deposit methods like Credit or Debit card, Payoneer, Neteller or Skrill. I recommend credit card, as it’s easier to get the deposit sorted within minutes. It is also important to clarify that the data provided will be completely confidential and for investing with the brokers only.

Step 4: Live Trading

Once you’ve got the funds added to your account, you are ready to begin trading in the live mode. Click on the dashboard button in the left menu, select the settings (not a requirement as the robot normally does it all for you), and click on the button to turn the auto-trade “ON“.

What I recommend is to set the trade amount to as low as you can, because you just want to reduce the risk involved. Once that’s been taken care of, click on the button to turn on your Bitcoin Rush software and just start trading.

Key features of Bitcoin Rush

Reportedly a consistent profitability: I recommend you using the best settings available when investing, so that you can make the most out of this platform. Make sure to test out the best settings during the week. There’s a lot of volatility with cryptocurrencies, and if you educate yourself you will definitely learn more about it. The important thing is to learn more and more and improve your trading knowledge. That way, you will always work smart with your money.

Great security with little effort: Bitcoin Rush is a reliable robot, and does seem like it is one of the best options to start trading with. The deposit is hassle free and can be done by providing your credit card details only when you make the deposit in their secure platform, or by selecting other deposit methods available.

Low commissions: Bitcoin Rush doesn’t charge extra commissions, only those already established. You can register for free and operate almost in the same way in almost all of its functions.

It works trough brokers: this is one of the best features that I must commend them on. The brokers will do all the work for you in an automated way. You only have to set up the configuration correctly, according to your interests, and the platform will do all the rest of the work. You may receive a call from your account manager who will guide share with you the best opportunities.

All trading carries risk.

Let’s compare Bitcoin Rush with the rest of the trading robots:

Bitcoin Rush

  • The registration is hassle free. It takes no longer than 20 minutes to register and get started.
  • It has a reported success rate of 82% or higher, which makes it one of the best trading robots.
  • The minimum initial amount to start trading is $250
  • You can make deposits quickly, easily, and above all very secure, as well as withdrawals.

Other Robots

  • Some involve very slow and cumbersome processes with long useless forms.
  • Few robots give that advantage, they perform automatically with poor performance.
  • Some robots are not so reliable when making deposits.
  • Others take up to weeks to deliver your money. Sometimes, they don’t even give you profits at all.

Advantages of Bitcoin Rush

Very easy to use: Bitcoin Rush is user friendly and great for all sorts of users who are looking to trade or invest in Bitcoin.

Greater speed: The signals emitted are said to be faster than the average. Bitcoin Rush does retrieve the signals emitted by the market trends with Rush.

Good customer service: 24/7 Live support via web chat on their platform. It’s quite handy as there’s always someone online on the website.

Can Bitcoin Rush really get signals emitted for Bitcoin in a Rush?

The truth to this question is that we don’t know. User claim that Bitcoin Rush performs better than most trading algorithms, but we cannot guarantee if it can pick up on the signals and trends of the market to perform at high success rates. There are several platforms that are used to receive the signals emitted by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but at the end of the day it will depend on how effective the robot is to translate the signals and place trades for their users.

Bitcoin Trading claims to have made a lot of people into self-made millionaires over night. To be completely fair, most people don’t even know what they are doing most of the time, and just enjoy the ride whilst surfing on the crypto wave.

Some tips and advice to reduce the risk of loss:

Deposit the minimum at the beginning: Only invest the amount you’ll be ready to commit or lose. There’s a lot of volatility with cryptocurrencies so you never know what may happen. Invest wisely.

Learn from the experts: The brokers should assign you an account manager who will call you to help you set up your account if needed.

Withdraw your earnings: Every time you reach an interesting amount, withdraw your money. Do not make the mistake of losing everything because of greed.

Does Bitcoin Rush have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately we could not find anything about a mobile app for Bitcoin Rush, thus leading us to believe it’s unavailable. On the positive side though, Bitcoin Rush does run on the web version of the browsers, which means you can access it either from your mobile, tablet or even desktop.

Bitcoin Rush Review : The Verdict!

Following our review, it appears that Bitcoin Rush is a legit trading robot. It takes money to make money, so if you invest the minimum amount required, you will also make the minimum amount of profit, so don’t be alarmed if you see lower earnings as you invest only a little capital. Everything is a matter of trying and see if it suits you or not.

This goes not only for investing, but also researching, knowing the real profit margins, knowing true testimonies, and comparing the probable with your expectations to determine whether it is worthy to invest in Bitcoin Rush.

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