Binary Algobot Scam Review See Evidence of this Scam Software

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

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  • Binomo

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Honest Trading Product | Reviews

Forex Reviews Ι Stocks and CFDs Brokers

When you want to trade Forex, Stocks, Futures, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds or CFDs, there’s always a broker or an exchange where you can open an account to facilitate your trading.

In fact, since trading became popular on the internet, hundreds of brokers have sprang up and they all masquerade as “the best brokers” to trade with on the internet.

Some of the features they use to lure traders include:

  1. Education capabilities
  2. Market research and analysis including weekly trade ideas
  3. AI software for trading
  4. High leverage and tight spreads
  5. Deposit bonuses
  6. Cutting-edge trading platform

Because there are literally hundreds of brokers on the internet offering the same exact thing, one may ask:

How do we choose the best broker and avoid the bad ones?

To answer that question, we’ve selected 3 brokers that we think have at least met industry standards.

These brokers are ranked according to features, level of customer support, regulations, reputation and many other factors.

On the other hand, we leave traders to decide which brokers they want to choose. Usually, one trader’s style is different from another trader’s strategy.

The two traders cannot be satisfied by one broker due to their varying trading styles and needs in general.

The list of the best brokers to trade with

As we’ve said previously, we’ll rank brokers based on their capabilities and most of these parameters are looked at in favor of the client.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
    Get a Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    2nd in our ranking!

So we’ll also look at how they handle customer funds, structure of their business, whether or not they’re regulated and also length of time that they’ve stayed in operation.

On top of that, we usually update this list to reflect any changes or actions that may have been taken against any broker by their respective regulatory authorities.

We’re only listing brokers that are regulated by financial organizations listed below:

Some of the financial regulators above are made up for independently governed agencies while others are operated by the Central bank of the country where the financial regulator is based at.

Our Ratings: 80/100

Withdrawal time: Under 24 hrs

MT4 and MT5: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $100

Support: Very Good

Our Ratings: 75/100

Regulated: FCA 19776 IBC 2020

Withdrawal time: Under 2 hrs

MT4 and MT5: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $50

Support: Very Good

Our Ratings: 75/100

Assets: Forex, Stocks, Options, Crypto

Withdrawal time: Under 2 hrs

Minimum Deposit: $10

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Our reviews are honest and truthful. We expose investment wackadoodles on the internet. On the other hand, when a trading product or service is good, we let you know. Review Visit site

About develops automated forex and binary trading software for the MetaTrader platform.’s MT4 EAs including BINARY OPTIONS ROBOT, IQ OPTION ROBOT, NADEX TRADING ROBOT.ect. for online currency trading.

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Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Your feedback matters!

Consumer Reviews

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Other

Before becoming custom, I find them as suspicious and liar website

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

Even though I haven’t tried to buy anything from them.
Their “software” is just self-promoted by them and no proofs (just some unreliable videos, which seems just simulation to software and not realistic).

One additional RED FLAG of them being scammers, is that they have payment page on their site (as they might steal your credit card information when you type there), and they don’t have paypal (because they don’t want to refund you the money) and only offer Bitcoin and Western Union and like that.

Totally recommend to stay away. Just read what other people say, and tell others too.

I called the number on their website, a lady answered intially spoke very politelly, later got angry and banged the phone when I asked her how can I be sure about the software that it does what u say.
I was interested in IG trading sys.
she texted me on whatsapp and said she will take me to court.
all this in the first phone call.
she accused me of wanting to use the software for free.

donot go near them. May be the software works may be NOT but dont risk ur money without proof or a good word from someone u trust completely.

Hello ! Altredo its a scam and have very very bad support . 9 months ago I bought a indicator and a few days ago stop work, without harming or doing something,
I tried to communicate with them via telegram , but they tried hard to avoid me wanted to give them proof of buying the indicator.
Ι sent all the proof but they were denied everything and blocked me.
The indicator cost 360 usd ,and purchased 2020/08/29.
Τhey are totally unacceptable and they even asked me for more than 300 usd to help me install .

Binary Profit System scam review

“100 per cent free…will stay this way forever guaranteed”
Could it be true? Or just another scam?

In their introductory video, this Binary Profit System trader openly claims to give you a choice ie. it is up to you to sign up with them and yet why are they offering you this service…obviously to make a profit!! That is understandable but by trying to hide it, the makers of this software draw attention to their motives. They simply want you to believe they are out to help you, instead of taking your money-something which just isn’t true. Is Binary Profit System worth your time? Read this Binary Profit System review to find out all details.

Scam Website: Their website quality is terrible.

Binary Profit System scam review

Binary Profit System is an Auto Trader software which trades automatically on your behalf. The software works like a robot which knows when and which trades to take bringing a profit. Unfortunately not all auto trading robots perform well. Whats also important that the brokers associated with the broker are trust worthy. Before signing up with any auto trader make sure you checkout the broker which has been assigned to you. We recommend regulated broker or atleast a trusted broker so that your account balance is in safe hands. Checkout our best brokers.

How much Binary Profit System system cost?

Binary Profit System may claim to be either free or giving away bonus balances. Soon or later their associated broker account will need to be funded by money which can be $250 or more. That is ok but the problem is that they might be using untrusted brokers. Even if they were to use trusted or regulated brokers, there hasn’t been any proof of Binary Profit System software to actually work.

As well as this, the video tells us that the free license is secret and yet the video is available to everyone to watch.They do not introduce you to the founder or anyone related in the running of the trading software company involved in the Binary Profit System. This makes us here at BOT question it.In the video, they maintain they are creating a land of ‘opportunity’ for those watching. In reality, the makers are trying to improve what is obviously a low cost production by using buzz words and sales strategies.

A positive with this trading video is that they attempt to explain the system to you. This is not a bad thing and probably is to help you understand or at least feel more certain about this software.

They make a lot of promises in this video. The question is whether they can keep them. What proof do they provide? None except testimonials. Through these testimonials, they tell you what is required, meaning $250, your money, and what is in some cases possible, profit! As with all trading software, high earnings are not guaranteed.

Is Binary Profit System Auto Trading Software a Signal Service?

Binary Profit System is suppose to work like an automated trading software upon which trading are conducted on user’s. Auto Trading Softwares work similar to signal service which predicts which trades could be winning on the other hand signal service simple tells you this information without placing the trades i.e you have to place trade yourself.

Should I get started with Binary Profit System?

Binary Profit System has scored low enough on Binary Options Tested’s scoring system which has earned it as scam status. There are many scam money making schemes which are based on trading but they actuall either don’t work or connected with scam brokers. It is not recommended to use Binary Profit System. Instead we ask you to seek alternative. If you really insist to use Binary Profit System its your choice. Do let us know the results in the comments with your trading experience with Binary Profit System so others can benefit from it.

They also have app for

Binary Profit System review summary

Binary Profit System may not be what you are looking for. To be honest there are so many fake auto traders and very few which might make you some money.

Binary Profit System info check:
Possibility of scam Very High
Starting Balance 250($€£) or major currency
Realistic profits No
Get rich quick scheme Yes

Conclusion of Binary Profit System scam review

Overall, if you have read this review you will have realised that we here at BOT do not advise to trade with Binary Profit system. Although there are some aspects worth consideration, the negatives simply outweigh the positives of this trading software. Go to best auto traders to see which have much better chance of you making any money.

Verdict: Binary Profit System is a Scam

Binary Profit System is rated 1 on scale of 0 / 10 by Mary D
Scam Website:


Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
    Get a Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    2nd in our ranking!

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