Binex – Russian broker of trading options, as well as forex broker

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Binex – Russian broker of trading options, as well as forex broker

Many experienced traders recommend their Russian-speaking colleagues to choose a broker to work in foreign financial markets, first of all, among companies that were created to provide services in the territory of the post-Soviet republics. The final, given opinion can not be considered a 100% objective truth, but given the real successful examples of the activity of traders who have taken advantage of this council, it has the right to life.

Known in professional circles, Binex Binary Options Broker is a participant in the global financial market since 2020, which can be considered the first serious positive moment in assessing the activities of this company. Its main “minus” is that recently, on the Internet, there are increasingly frequent reviews of users of the resource (but it can not be denied that these are purchased comments), claiming that the financial obligations of the broker are not fulfilled. To answer the question whether this company is a common fraudulent scheme, it is necessary to study in detail the main indicators of its activity, using for this purpose only objective information or conclusions of independent analysts.

What Binex offers to its customers

The introduced broker from the first days of its creation was oriented to Russian-speaking users of the World Wide Web, trying to maintain a constant dialogue with its customers, which allowed to create a resource corresponding to their desires and set goals. A convenient site, a large selection of financial assets, high speed of processing information and fulfilling its obligations allowed the company to gain a reputation as a promising and reliable broker. This is confirmed by the resources that advertise Binex’s activities, but, how much does this statement correspond to reality?

User Security

To ensure the security of personal information and financial resources of the trading platform customers use:

в—Џ data encryption;

в—Џ application of online certificates;

в—Џ constant technical support of the site;

в—Џ timely software update;

в—Џ Mandatory verification of traders.

The main platform and Binex application ensure the relevance of the information that is posted on the company’s website. But even in case of any problems, users can call the support service around the clock (via phone, company website or e-mail), which in practice has repeatedly proved the effectiveness of its work.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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Regulation of activities

By the number of controlling bodies and obtained licenses, this broker occupies one of the leading positions among similar European companies, which is the most convincing proof of its reliability and safety.

The work of the company is controlled by:

в—Џ Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

в—Џ Center for Regulation of Financial Market Relations (RF).

в—Џ The State Financial Monitoring Service of Bulgaria (the license of this organization is valid throughout the EU).

These regulators for any experienced trader are convincing evidence that you can log on to Binex without problems, without fear of fraud from this broker.


The training materials posted on the broker’s website will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders. These include:

в—Џ video courses;

в—Џ advice of professionals;

в—Џ thematic articles;

в—Џ Effective / proven trading strategies.

After making the first deposit, the clients of the broker are given the opportunity to open an account on Binex, the deadline for which depends on the amount deposited (100% of the deposit – 3 days, 150% – one week, etc.).

Key trading parameters Binex

The broker offers the following options for trading accounts:

в—Џ Basic (the first deposit is from $ 150 to $ 990 or 10 thousand to 59.9 thousand rubles);

в—Џ educational ($ 1000-4990 or 60 thousand-299.9 thousand rubles);

в—Џ a trader ($ 5,000- $ 9,990 or $ 300,000-999,900 rubles);

в—Џ Expert (from $ 10,000 or 1 million rubles);

в—Џ VIP accounts (from 2.5 million rubles).

The last category of trading accounts has three sub-categories: Silver (the first deposit is from 25 thousand dollars), Gold (from 50 thousand dollars) and Platinum (from 100 thousand dollars).

Each of these types of trading accounts has a lot of its nuances, advantages and different indicators of the level of profitability of trade transactions, which can be found directly on the broker’s website.

Trading conditions

Studying the Beenx reviews of users of this trading platform, which are not difficult to find on the Internet, one can conclude that most traders are positive about working conditions on the company’s website:

в—Џ The minimum deposit amount is $ 150.

в—Џ The minimum bid is $ 2.

в—Џ The average yield on which the trader can calculate 80-89%.

в—Џ A 100% bonus on the first deposit is provided.

Depending on the chosen type of trading account, the broker’s clients have the opportunity to carry out transactions with a guaranteed return of financial assets, in case they are lost upon negative closing of the option.

How to replenish an account or withdraw money

The broker presented stands out against the background of digging competitors by the operational processing of information in the withdrawal of funds. Depending on the chosen method, this procedure takes from 30 minutes to 3 days.

Users of the trading platform can replenish the deposit (withdraw money), with the help of:

в—Џ Plastic cards (Visa / Master Cards).

в—Џ Yandex money.

Assets available for trading

Many, prepared about Binex customer reviews, accent readers on the fact that the broker provides access to traders for a large number of trading instruments. All of them refer to standard categories: shares of companies (Russian dominated), currency pairs (including crypto-currencies), commodities and stock indices.

The above information indicates the reliability and security of the broker. If the company has ceased to fulfill its financial obligations, why do not traders turn to the relevant organizations?

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I liked the Expertoption broker very much. I do not often work with a PC, so for me it was important to have a program for the phone, which is actually there.

Why did Olymp Trade stop its activities in Russia?

One of the main problems of the global financial market is the lack of general rules for regulating the activities of brokers working online. However, they must comply with the laws of those countries where the company provides its services. Even the presence of licenses of well-known organizations (FCA, CySec, NFA), which regulate the activities of brokers, do not give the right to work in countries where there are no relevant laws.

The popular olymp trade marketplace, the whole truth about which is “lost” among ambiguous reviews and negative reviews on specialized web resources, is a typical example of the above problem. At the end of 2020 (December 26), the company stopped registering new customers from Russia. Such a statement looked very strange, if you count how much money the company owners spent on advertising and project promotion, as well as the fact that in other CIS countries it continued to work as before.

So why did the management of Olymp Trade make such a decision? On the Internet, this topic began to be actively discussed, there appeared various versions explaining this fact, but many of them had nothing to do with the real state of affairs. For a detailed analysis of this issue, it is necessary to examine the main performance indicators of the broker.

What offers its customers a broker binary options Olymp trade

Most experienced traders speak positively about the Olymp Trade platform. The list of the main advantages of the broker in question includes:

● a decent selection of financial instruments;

● availability of indicators for technical analysis;

● no problems with the input / output of funds;

● availability of personal analyst;

● the ability to enter into transactions using a demo account;

● minimum deposit – $ 10;

● transaction amount – $ 1.

You can also add that Olymp Trade is a trading platform that has been providing services since 2020, its website is reliably protected from intruders, and broker clients are given the opportunity to use the services of a support service at any time of the day.

Deposit and withdrawal

For input / output of financial resources, users of the resource are provided with the following methods:

● Credit cards of financial institutions.

The currencies of the trading platform accounts are the Russian ruble, the euro and the US dollar.

How to make money on Olymp trade ?

Beginning traders, before starting work on the trading platform in question, can take a full course of training on the broker’s website. After studying the theory and passing practical training (concluding transactions using virtual currency), a novice will learn:

● how the world financial market functions;

● where does the money come from to pay for successful transactions;

● what to do to get a stable income, etc.

The essence of work on Olymp Trade is to predict how to change the exchange rate, or other trading assets over a certain period of time. That is, this service is a classic binary options broker. A detailed analysis of economic news and other information that influences the change in the value of trading assets significantly increases the chances of a trader to receive a substantial income. Some users do not know how to trade on the Olymp trade, but they are counting on their own luck, practically turning serious business into a game of chance. As a rule, such experiments end with the defeat of “successful traders”.

What made Broker Olymp Trade prohibit registration of new users from Russia?

On the Internet you can find many answers to this question. However, many authors emphasize that the broker has left the Russian market altogether, but this is not the case. Olymp Trade continues to provide financial services to all traders from Russia who have registered an account until December 26, 2020.

Broker version

Officially, the owners of the company explain their decision by changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation (this issue was discussed in the first section of the review) and the change of priorities in the development plans of the broker. Olymp trade is more interested in the rapidly developing markets of South America, Asia, and Africa. It seems, everything is clear and quite logical. But experienced analysts, after such a response, have the impression that company leaders do not all tell the general public.

Versions of resource users

Among the reasons that led the broker to change their attitude towards the Russian market, resource users cite a variety of assumptions. From quite logical to fantastic. This is both world politics and the possibility of complete economic isolation of the Russian Federation, pressure on site managers, etc. It is possible that these factors also played a certain role, but they are unlikely to be key.

What do analysts think?

Most likely, the administration of Olymp Trade does not want to repeat the fate of reputable brokers, which not so long ago the leadership of the Central Bank of Russia actually drove out of the country (Teletrade, Alpari and Forex Club). But they don’t want to lose the promising market either, so old users were able to work on the same conditions. Thus, the broker leaves the “alternate aerodrome”. If Russia develops a favorable situation for the development of the company, they can return at any time.

But in the case of adoption of laws that will force Olymp Trade to leave the Russian market, the company’s management will do this by complying with all the agreements. This will provide an opportunity to preserve their reputation and even turn the situation in their favor. But if you continue to register users from the Russian Federation, the company may simply not fulfill its financial obligations in a timely manner. Based on these factors, it is not difficult to understand the logic of the owners of Olymp Trade, who act very reasonably in this situation.

“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”


Name Binex
Founded 2020
Legal Entity Binex Ltd
Turnover 85%
Minimum deposit $200
Bonus up to 100%
Full Address British Virgin Islands, Road-Town, Waterfront Drive, Skirda Ltd Geneva Place
Phone 8 800 333 69 18
Regulation No
E-mail [email protected]
Visit Broker

Binex is the broker from Russia, and his office is located at the address Dubininskaya, d.17 page 3 offices 214 at Moscow. The company operates with the market since July 2020, and works as honest partner, fairly reliable and with a reputation by managing the time with a proper schedule. Binex legal residence is far away from the borders of Russian federation as the broker majority positions themselves as a Russian.


Binex confirms with the all the personal information and license compliance with the requirements of highest safety and payment traders. While making a wired network with a company uses with a secured internet connectivity with the security services that is carries to check the employees. With the established requirements regular inspections compliance at the top of the management with representatives and by the broker to regulate with the state, transmission of information with continuous and with the exchange server provides with a powerful base and with parameter reliability with a range of 99%.

Advantages of Binex

  • The ability to manage risk; the amount of profits allowable and losses with the obtained information before forecasting with the commission which is possible.
  • Forecast is carried out on the high return investment and from the purchase of assets is often greater than the yield with the changes of regardless value of the assets because the forecast can be obtained with a profit.
  • A small entrance; you does not require with a large investment while opening an account, if you are a beginner than you need to spend $150 USD while starting with a trade.
  • Availability; binary options does not provide with more knowledge of presence regarding the assets, for the change to commit with a forecast in value with a background information deemed acquaintance is sufficient.

Free demo account at Binex

We carry out with a free registration for a trader and started with this platform, and for each participant there is demo account to use without a deposit and the demo account is real because it does not allow with limitations on the assets available with the additional features for system and the option expiration after some period of time. While the registration procedure is carried out the demo account is created and is made for the account manager to use and is valid up to 2 days with $100. After completing with a trading account the actual bidding starts with the equivalent size of the amount to $150. Hence it removes all thoughts that Binex Scam.

Types of assets

Binex supports the Russian traders because of the continued expansion of the Russian portfolio and not because that his office is located in Moscow or he supports with a native language of Russian traders. The most successful companies in Russia like Severstal, Gazprom, Norilsk Nickel, Sberbank etc. which with brokers arsenal special blue chips and acts as the shares. There are more than 160 assets that are most popular with rare currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities largest enterprises.

Client’s Support

Technical support due to the clock in Russian which excludes the possibility of the formation of the language barriers accelerated contact and simplifies and from the competent managers traders get the special support. After the application for several days the Binex trader van be displayed with a earned money and this procedure can be easily performed by the most common ways like Yandex money and the bank card on wallet QIWI.


We provide you with training on site, volume section, articles; a special list that includes news, material specialized with the term transcript, customized online tour and regular webinars. For a experience specific application and tactics careful attention with real screenshots is drawn to the constant delivery.


Brokers available with many different kinds of signals with the special tools with high performance with personal development of the company, these signals are automatically achieved with the areas of trade and according to the account type.

Range of Services

Your Rating

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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