BitcoinCapital Review Bitcoin Capital, Revolutionary Crypto Trading Software!

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BitcoinCapital Review: Bitcoin Capital, Revolutionary Crypto Trading Software!

Bitcoin Capital Review: Does The BitcoinCapital Work? Is it Scam or Legit? Our BitcoinCapital Review enumerates all you need to know about this software that trades cryptocurrencies on autopilot.

The rave of cryptocurrencies has made many people to seek for ways to tap into the opportunities it presents. This software works on autopilot, it is an autotrading software that has been designed by professionals in cryptocurrencies and forex trading.

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Features and Settings of the Bitcoin Capital Trading Software

The Bitcoin Capital crypto robot has some amazing features and settings that could help enhance trading. You could customize them to suit your trading style.

Bitcoin TradeRobot settings

Trade Settings: Here you could set your Trade Stop Loss, Trade Take Profit, Daily Stop loss , Maximum Daily Trades, Daily Take Profits and Maximum Concurrent Trades. They also offer a demo account, but this demo account is just a trade simulation to show you how the software works.

Assets: There are two assets available BTC/EUR and BTC/USD. The robot could predict the price movement of bitcoins against the US Dollar or the Euro and generate signals which the robot will place as trades.

Benefits of the BitcoinCapital Trading Software

  • The Bitcoin Capital software is linked with regulated brokers that are licensed, though it is also linked with unlicensed brokers as well. We always advice you go for the licensed brokers. This makes the Bitcoin Capital crypto trading software a good option because it gives you a choice to choose.
  • Strong Support: They offer amazing support to their clients, they respond quickly to mails and are ever ready to assist.
  • Easily Customizable Software: The Bitcoin Trader Robot platform is fully customizable. You could set this software to your desired portfolio, this gives you full control.
  • Web-based platform: The software is fully web based, that simply means no download is required and its easily accessible with any device that has connection to the internet.


In our Bitcoin Capital scam check, we found that this software is highly professional and a very useful tool for traders looking for a system that works which is highly profitable.

Bitcoin Capital Review 2020: Legit or Scam? Live Results!

Bitcoin Capital is a viral trading robot founded in 2020. This bot has an alleged win rate of about 90% and can supposedly make over $1k per day. But is Bitcoin Capital legit and can traders earn the said profit with it?

As usual, we have combed the internet for information and carried out a battery of tests to determine if this robot is legit. A thorough background check on information on this robot’s website indicates that it is likely to be legit.

Read this review to the end to determine why we believe that Bitcoin Capital is legit and some of the tricks you can use to get the most out of it. You can go straight to Bitcoin Capital homepage through the link below if you have already read enough about it.

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Bitcoin Capital: Review

Bitcoin Capital is a computer algorithm that automatically trades bitcoin on behalf of its users. This robot is programmed to carry out all the technical aspects of trading. Consequently, you do not need any trading expertise to trade with it successfully.

You can get started with Bitcoin Capital by opening a free account through the link below. Remember that all forms of margin trading involve significant risk and hence it is not advisable to trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose.

All trading carries risk.

You can read more about Bitcoin Capital by selecting the topics below

Top Crypto Trading Pairs

No US Clients Allowed
Account Information
Free Demo Account
Languages: EN, ES, FR, DE, IT, NL

Minimum Deposit: $250 USD

Credit CardDebit CardNetellerSkrill
Payment Options

What is Bitcoin Capital?

Bitcoin Capital is a computer program equipped with powerful trading algorithms. These algorithms are based on tested and proven bitcoin trading strategies. Bitcoin Capital is 100% auto meaning that you do not need any trading experience to use it. Our background check shows that at least 90% of people who use this robot have no trading background whatsoever.

Bitcoin Capital connects with the trading systems of its partner brokers to ensure seamless execution of trades. The robot derives trading insights from big data and sends orders to its partner broker systems where it is executed instantly. Leading robot brokers have powerful systems to ensure that the orders relayed by the robot are executed instantly.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Capital web-trader relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to conduct trading research. These two technologies enable the bot to conduct both the technical and fundamental analysis with an alleged accuracy level of about 90%. On fundamental analysis, the bot can read news from trustworthy sources including the twitter handles of influential people.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, is all about identifying tradable patterns from trading charts. Bitcoin Capital can analyze tens of these charts within a fraction of a second and come up with high-quality insights.

How does Bitcoin Capital work?

Bitcoin Capital operates in collaboration with several brokers. The role of a robot-broker is to receive signals from the robot and execute them. As explained earlier, bitcoin robots have superior systems that enable instant order execution. The high speed ensures that there is no slippage and all trading opportunities that come by are capitalized upon.

One of the things that make Bitcoin Capital have such high alleged profitability is the level of leverage offered by its partner brokers. The majority of these brokers offer 1:1000 which means that traders can place trades worth one thousand times their capital. For instance, a trader with a minimum deposit of $250 can place trades worth $250k.

Consequently, trades can allegedly make up to five times their capital per day. Some of the reviews we have come across indicate that it is possible to make $1k per day from a deposit of $250. Learnbonds has not done a real-time test on Bitcoin Capital and therefore cannot guarantee the truthfulness of these claims.

We recommend that you take extra precaution when trading with any robot that trades on margin. While high leverage can lead to explosive profits, it can also result to devastating losses. It is foolhardy to invest all your savings in a highly risky investment. Learnbonds always advocates starting small and growing through reinvestments.

Is Bitcoin Capital a scam?

From the many reviews we have analyzed on TrustPilot, Bitcoin Capital appears to be legit. This bot has great ratings on performance, ease of use, safety, and customer service.

At least 90% of the reviews we have looked at allege that it is profitable. As mentioned above, we have only done a demo test on this bot and therefore cannot guarantee if this is true. Even so, we wouldn’t be surprised if this bot has great performance since it has a lot of good feedback online.

From the demo test, we find Bitcoin Capital to be amazingly easy to use. Most reviewers concur that no experience is needed to use it. As we will see later in this review, it takes a few clicks of a button to start trading with this robot. The software comes with comprehensive guides including video tutorials to help users navigate through. Moreover, users are assigned a dedicated account manager to assist them through the setup.

As usual, we have conducted a background investigation on information provided on this robot’s website. We can confirm that most of the information is verifiable. Consequently, we have no doubt about the trustworthiness of this robot. Bitcoin Capital also has a very responsive, easy to reach and friendly customer service. The investment in customer services is enough to prove that this robot is dedicated to users’ satisfaction.

How to register with Bitcoin Capital

It takes a few steps to create a trading account with Bitcoin Capital. As mentioned above, this robot is fully auto and hence no expertise is needed to operate it. Bitcoin Capital is only accessible in countries where it has a registered broker. Try the registration process here.

There are other options you can try if Bitcoin Capital is not available in your country. Read our top bitcoin robots review for other legit robots that you can try. Keep reading if you are looking to open an account with Bitcoin Capital.

Register a free account

Visit the Bitcoin Capital homepage and create an account by submitting your details in a form presented on the top right corner of the page. Please note that Bitcoin Capital is a free app and hence you won’t be required to pay anything to use it. Those behind the robot make money by charging a small commission on earnings made through the robot.

Learnbonds finds the Bitcoin Capital registration process to be seamless and secure. Their site is SSL protected to ensure that cybercriminals cannot intercept web-traffic and copy sensitive data. This means that your details including billing information is safe with this robot.

You will be asked to verify your phone and email to proceed. The process takes only a few minutes.

Deposit a minimum of $250

After registration, you will automatically be redirected to the partner broker website. Here you will be asked to provide more details and also verify your identity and current address. Identity verification includes a government ID check while proof of address entails submitting a recent bill with current address.

Identity verification and proof of address has become mandatory for all financial institutions in well-regulated jurisdictions. The Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements are in a bid to prevent financial crime including money laundering.

Bitcoin Capital partner brokers accept account funding through Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, Skrill, Webmoney, and Bitcoin. Deposits through Wire Transfer and debit and credit cards are cost-free but those made through Skrill may attract a small fee.

Trade demo

Demo trading is important since it helps you familiarize with the live platform. While Bitcoin Capital web-trader is highly intuitive, it can be quite confusing for first-time users. You need to go through the demo account to understand the risk settings and how they affect performance. It is important that you test different levels of risk per trade to determine what works for you.

As a rule of thumb, never risk more than 10% of your account on one trade when trading on high margin. People who fail to balance risk are likely to blow up their trading accounts in a few trades.

If you are a beginner trader, we suggest that you leave the risk settings at default. Bitcoin Capital web-trader is by default set at a risk per trade of 9%. This level of risk ensures an alleged return of up to $1k per day.

Go live through the real-time web-trader

Live trading with Bitcoin Capital takes place at a click of a button. Open the web-trader by clicking the trade now button and click the live trading button. Bitcoin Capital performs to the optimum when left to run for 8 straight hours per day.

This bot trades on autopilot and hence you do not have to leave your day job or spend sleepless nights to use it. You need less than 20 minutes per day to open and close trading sessions.

The best time to trade with Bitcoin Capital is when the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open. This stock exchange is a key driver of volatility in the bitcoin market given the billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin derivatives traded there. Learnbonds insists that you start small preferably with a deposit of $250 when trading with Bitcoin Capital. You can always grow your account by reinvesting all the profits you make through this robot.

All trading carries risk

Key features of Bitcoin Capital

This finds Bitcoin Capital to be highly likely to be legit. We also find it to be easy to use even for complete beginners. The following are the features that make this bot worth a try.

High alleged profitability – Bitcoin Capital great ratings ranks it among the most revered robots on the market today. Learnbonds gives this robot the same rating with Bitcoin Circuit, another robot with the same alleged profitability level. You can read our kickass Bitcoin Circuit review to learn more.

Ease of use – From our demo test, we find Bitcoin Capital to be amazingly easy to use. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Capital runs on autopilot and hence requires very little human input. Moreover, this bot comes with a comprehensive guide to help users through the setup and trading process.

Seamless withdrawals – With Bitcoin Capital, you can make withdrawals whenever you want. To withdraw, fill the request form provided on the funds’ management dashboard. Bitcoin Capital partner brokers facilitate transactions within 2 business days.

Excellent customer services – Bitcoin Capital through its partner brokers provides 24/7 customer service. We find their agents to be friendly and highly responsive. You can reach them through phone, email, and live chat. While email can take up to 3 days to get a reply, it takes a few seconds to get connected to an agent through live chat and phone.

Is Bitcoin Capital legit? Learnbonds findings

Bitcoin Capital appears to be legit and secure to use. Moreover, the great feedback it has online confirms its alleged profitability. We have tested this robot via a demo account and found it to be easy to use.

Bitcoin Capital comes with detailed guides to help users set up an account and start trading immediately. This robot does not require a license fee. You can go ahead and try this robot and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

Bitcoin Revolution Review 2020: Legit or Scam?

As seen with the rise of Bitcoin Revolution reviews in the web, this robot has reportedly become incredibly popular. Bitcoin Revolution claims to help ordinary people enter the crypto market through crypto automated trading. The robot claims to be able to earn thousands per day for traders, with their latest technology software.

But is it too good to be true? Is Bitcoin Revolution legit or is it a scam? In this Bitcoin Revolution review, we will take a look.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading tool that was created in 2020 by a group of established brokers, with promises to provide signals 0,01 seconds faster than any other software.

Remember, all trading carries risk.

You can read more about Bitcoin Revolution by selecting the topics below:

Top Crypto Trading Pairs

No US Clients Allowed
Account Information
Free Demo Account
Languages: EN, ES, FR, DE, IT, NL

Minimum Deposit: $250 USD

Credit CardDebit CardNetellerSkrill
Payment Options

On this Page:

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a fairly new software. Just one year after being launched on the market, it quickly gained the allegedly reputation of being the fastest, most reputable and accurate robot for trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We must remember something: robots came to simplify life and reduce time is in transactions. While a human can take up to two whole days analysing the signals, trading robots can do it in a matter of hours, minutes, or even seconds, with a higher claimed success rate.

Although there is no precise information on who the founder or creator of Bitcoin Revolution is, it is said that it was developed by a group of brokers who know very well the market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, and with that knowledge they decided to create, users claim that it’s one of the best trading Robot with an all time winning algorithm.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam or not?

There has been claims on Bitcoin Revolution being a scam, and a lot of videos on Youtube about it. The fact is, however, that there is a lot of volatility when trading with a complex asset suchlike Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. To give you an example, Bitcoin has the power to gain over 20% market share in as little as 1h. The results depends on which signals are being emitted from the market so that Bitcoin Revolution can perform the trades. Remember, high volatility provides higher risks but also higher rewards.

We discovered there is reportedly 92% chance of success in the operations we have reviewed out on this platform, which is of course a very interesting number.

In addition to that claimed 92% success, there is another detail that must also be taken into account, and that is that despite this, there are significant risks when trading, but they can be reduced if the proper care is taken.

A day in the Bitcoin Revolution office

Let’s look at how Bitcoin Revolutio claims to work. One of the most interesting details is the reason why this software is offered for free. This software is as successful as a company so its owners do not need to charge anything for subscription. Actually the only thing they get as a profit is 1% of the successful operations registered within the platform, which means profits received by entrepreneurs is really due to the volume of users generating money within the platform.

In other words, the more profits Bitcoin Revolution users get, the more profits their owners earn, which means that in order for the business to work well, they certainly have to be an option that is not only very reliable, but also really successful and effective.

But it does not stop there. Let’s put it this way, everything seems to indicate then that Bitcoin Revolution should not be a software available to everyone, but the truth is all the opposite. It is not just a free software that allows you to enter the crypto market, but it is also too easy to create an account on this platform. Take a look below as we explain it in few simple steps:

Creating an account on Bitcoin Revolution

Step 1: Registration

The first step is easy and simple. It’s about filling out a form in which you must provide your full name and then enter a password to protect your account, and finally your email and your phone number. After you register, which is quite easy and simple, you will be connected with a broker and you will be able to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Demo account

This step is optional, but we recommend it as one of the first strategies to avoid the risks of losses. What is it about? It is a demonstration mode, which is a way to experiment with the platform and perform trades with fictitious money within the platform, but in a very similar way to what the real operations will be once you have deposited money in your account. We recommend to try it to learn the different operations that you can execute on the platform, so that once you have familiarised yourself with everything, you can start trading for real.

Step 3: Live trading

This step might be the most important one because this is where you are going to tell the robot exactly how you want it to do the things for you. Remember this: the great advantage of trading robots is they can do all the work for you.

In this step you can access the control panel where you can basically set up all the details about how you expect the robot to operate.

Then, you will also have access to the history of operations to see both successful and failed operations. You can also “open trades” to check them in real time, as well as being able to switch the live account to the demo account, or vice versa, depending on what you want to do at any time.

Step 4: Deposit

Once you have set up your account and you have everything ready to start trading, it’s time to deposit real money to start using your live account and start trading trough Bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Revolution. Remember, Bitcoin Revolution is free but you require some funds to start trading with the brokers.

The accepted payment methods are Visa and Master credit cards, Neteller, Skrill. The brokers usually require a minimum deposit of $250 USD to begin placing trades with Bitcoin Revolution.

Key Features of Bitcoin Revolution

It’s common to have doubt when you are looking to invest in a different trading platform so, to summarise, we have collated the key features of Bitcoin Revolution below:

Reportedly a consistent profitability: While it is true that you have to acquire some experience before making profits of large amounts, Bitcoin Revolution claims that once you familiarize yourself with the account and start investing more confidently, earnings can exceed 1000 $ weekly. However, remember that all trading carries risk and there is no guarantee of profit.

Variety in cryptocurrencies: You can not only trade Bitcoin but also Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. In addition to that you can also choose between pairs of cryptocurrency by cryptocurrency, or by dollar or Euro.

Withdrawals and deposits in acceptable times: Withdrawing your money on this platform will never take more than a day, which makes it a very acceptable alternative.

Safe and friendly verification system: Its verification system is based on the personal user information (name, credit card, etc) instead of complicated documents.

Efficient and safe brokers: This platform carries out operations directly and automatically trough online brokers, which, besides being very effective and having a direct influence on the success of their operations, are also very safe and scam free.

Payouts: Unlike many other robots in the market, Bitcoin Revolution has an “up to 72h withdrawal” policy. When you request to withdraw your funds, it should usually be available to your bank account or credit card of choice within 72hs.

Let’s compare Bitcoin Revolution with the rest of the trading robots:

Bitcoin Revolution

  • Offers a demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform before investing real money.
  • It has a reported success rate of 92% or higher, which makes it an interesting trading robot.
  • The minimum initial amount to start trading is $250
  • Registering is very easy and simple. It takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Other Robots

  • Users are usually forced to invest from the beginning, without trying the platform first.
  • Most are scams or perform unsuccessful trades.
  • Many robots demand that you invest a larger amount, in promises of higher rewards.
  • Other robots require you to fill many forms and their platform is a bit clunky or non-user friendly at all.

Advantages of Bitcoin Revolution

For all types of users: It is a very complex software, with an algorithm that performs very interesting functions for the most experts in the world of cryptocurrency trading, but on the other hand it also has a very simple interface that makes the most novices able to learn very easily about Bitcoin trading. Besides that, registering and configuring your account is a process that takes less than half an hour, and after that, the robot will do everything for you.

Performance: with a reported 88% chance of performing successful operations, this robot offers you the opportunity to perform several operations at the same time. With the minimum deposit of $ 250, you can allegedly make up to 10 different transactions, with the probability of being successful in at least 8 of them. Just remember that all trading carries risks. There is no guarantee of profit on this auto-trading product.

Dedicated customer service: this service is very special because it not only offers you all the help you need, but also offers a live chat option and you can make inquiries at any time of the day.

Information at the service of the user: Besides the option of the demo account to familiarize you with the platform, it also offers tutorials to educate users and help them to learn about the world of cryptocurrency trading.

How to use Bitcoin Revolution?

Aanyone can use Bitcoin Revolution. However, there are recommendations we must to tell you which may help you to reduce the risks of loss.

Here’s some advice to reduce the risk of loss:

Use the Demo account: take advantage of making all possible mistakes while not using real money. Also take advantage of familiarizing yourself with the platform to become an expert.

Take advantage of the information: Besides demo, there are also tutorials and a customer service that can help you acquire more knowledge to increase your chances of success within this platform.

Start with a moderate investment: If you’re a first time investor, you should be looking to deposit no more than $ 250 until you feel like you trust the robot enough. Remember that despite that 92% claimed success rate, cryptocurrencies represent a market that can change drastically when you least expect it.

Has Bitcoin Revolution been on TV?

In late 2020 during the crypto boom, there’s been rumours of Bitcoin Revolution appearing in a few TV shows. Check down below whether this software has really been on the TV, and which TV shows it was mentioned to be in:

Bitcoin Revolution seems to be one of the best trading apps there is today. It’s really a piece of great work, but despite the rumours it’s never been proved to actually taking part in the show. There are many images circulating through the internet, but those are mostly fake images set out by a few users who invested recklessly a lot of money and lost due to the crypto crash in 2020.

Britain’s morning show “This Morning” has been associated with Bitcoin Revolution in the past. Their hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been seen in an advert circulating online, where they were featuring Bitcoin Revolution on one of their TV show episodes. None of these, however, have been proven to be real, and we tried to look for the episode online but couldn’t find it, which means they haven’t in fact been on the TV show.

Similar to it’s UK version of the show called Dragon’s Den, Bitcoin Revolution has never been on Shark Tank, and none of the “sharks” have actually invested any money on Bitcoin Revolution. If you see images circulating around the internet, you can be sure that those are fake.

Is Bitcoin Revolution endorsed by Celebrities?

There’s been a lot of rumours in the past years about Bitcoin and celebrities involved. In 2020, many ICOs have been endorsed by celebrities and successful businessmen, but is that the same case regarding Bitcoin Revolution? You can find below some of the celebrities that have been said to endorse this trading software:

The Mega-entrepreneur and TV star, the Irish Dragon Sir Peter Jones has been said to endorse Bitcoin Revolution. This was actually used in a campaign being promoted on social media like Facebook by someone completely unrelated to him. Peter Jones has stated he has no involvement with the trading software, and has clarified that via a tweet.

The owner of the Virgin Tycoon empire, Sir Richard Branson has claimed many times that he is a faithful follower of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He’s actually said that Bitcoin will eventually lead him to the moon, referring to his “Virgin Galactic” business. There hasn’t been, however, any sort of involvement between Richard Branson and Bitcoin Revolution.

Jeremy Clarkson is an English celebrity journalist and writer. There are rumours that he has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. However, our investigation reveals otherwise. Jeremy Clarkson has not shown any interest in Bitcoin Revolution let alone invested in it. The platforms making the Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Revolution endorsement are nothing but gossip blogs. Even so, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be legit given the many positive reviews. Most people who have tried this robot are happy with its performance.

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert guru has been claimed to endorse other trading software like the Bitcoin Code. He has, however, stated in a blog post that he does not use his face to promote any sort of financial company, let alone any sort of trading app. The same seems to apply to Bitcoin Revolution, which he said he’s got nothing to do with.

There’s been rumours about the actor David Tucci turning his 250 euros invested into more than 500 euros by using Bitcoin Revolution within a few minutes. Nothing has been confirmed about this, and he doesn’t seem to have any sort of relation with the trading robot.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :The Verdict!

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Revolution? It appears to be a reliable software, according to user reviews.

If you follow the advice given in this article and are both familiar with the platform and reducing risks, you will be increasing your chances of positive performance through this Bitcoin trading robot. Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose, and that high risks come with high rewards.

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