C7 Finance Review is c7finance.com a Scam or Should I Invest

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C7 Finance Review: is c7finance.com a Scam or Should I Invest?

C7Finance Review: Scam or Paying? C7 Finance claims it could make you good profits from bitcoin cloud mining. How true is this? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review of c7finance.com, we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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C7finance.com Scam Review: Disturbing Things Found

Most of this scam quick-profit investment schemes are HYIPs. What is a HYIP? It is a just a type of ponzi scheme. Initial investors only get paid when new people sign up and invest, what this means is that you are under pressure to bring in new investors so that you will get paid. As soon as the amount of new investor drops, the owners do away with the money invested, and the site is closed down since there is no longer enough money to pay initial investors. Those that benefit most times are the first investors. The system is not sustainable because it will surely shut down abruptly leaving your money trapped in the hands of the scammers that set it up initially.

Most of them provide a registration certificate and so-called evidence of payments. Don’t be deceived, anybody could get a sham address and certificate most especially from the Company House in UK which most of them use, for just £5. These companies claiming to be located in the UK or similar countries are not in actual sense located there.

C7 Finance is not a legit cryptocurrency investment platform. Don’t be deceived by their promises.


Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time. On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

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C7 Finance Scam Review: BOGUS ICO!

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: c7finance.com

If you think that the C7 Finance ICO looks attractive, you need to take off the beer goggles. This is an evil little troll waiting in disguise, one that has taken the form of a beautiful lady. This C7 Finance mining ICO might seem like a profitable opportunity, but the truth could not be any further from this. We are here today doing this C7 Finance review to provide you with fair warning about the very real danger which this crypto mining scam poses to your financial security.

C7 Finance ICO – Faceless Leadership

Something that peaked our suspicious right away was how the C7 Finance system does not have any clear leadership. Nowhere and at no time are we informed of who is in charge here or who created this cryptocurrency initial coin offering.

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Sure, there are many promises of huge profits to be made, but we never get to know who is making these promises. We did a lot of digging around and were unable to locate any kind of legit info about the leadership here. As far as we can tell, this C7 Finance program is anonymous and faceless. This means that the leadership has done everything in its power to remain hidden from sight.

This is something that criminals do. If these guys were legit and honest, they would have no reason to keep their identities a secret. The only reason why these clowns are choosing to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity is because they are doing something illegal. They are stealing money from innocent and hardworking folks such as yourselves.


C7 Finance Mining System – Non-Existent Company!

Another thing that definitely needs to be mentioned about this C7 Finance ICO is the fact that the company behind it is completely fabricated. The company name is supposedly C7 Finance and as far as the claim goes, it is registered in Wales. However, we quickly discovered that the provided registration document is nothing more than a piece of photo editing work.

The business registration document is not real in the least. It has been created and fabricated in order to fool people into thinking that the business is legit. However, a quick business registry check confirmed our suspicions that the company is simply made up. Heck, all of the contact details provided are fake as well.

Therefore, we also know that this C7 Finance ICO is not licensed to take money from people. The company is non-existent, it is not transparent, and it is known to be fraudulent. There is no way that it has a license to accept investments from people. If the system is not licensed, but still taking money from people, it is doing so illegally.

C7 Finance Scam ICO – Impossible Profits

Something very unrealistic about this C7 Finance scam that we noticed right away is that the promised profits are simply not possible to achieve. We are informed that if we invest in the right package, we can make up to 20% ROI per hour for a whole day. The best package features a 7,777% ROI after just 57 days.

Now, this is completely ridiculous and it just cannot be done no matter what software you invest in. Making that kind of ROI is not possible, especially not with a BTC mining scam like this. Heck, making even 1% ROI per day through Bitcoin mining is nearly impossible, let alone 20% per hour. How dumb do these crooks think we are?

Moreover, even if this were possible, nobody has ever taken any money home from this system. In other words, there is not a single person out there who has profited from this C7 Finance mining system. There are angry and disgruntled people everywhere who have been taken to the cleaners by this malicious crypto mining scam.


Another lie that we discovered about this C7 Finance scam is that it does not allow for instant withdrawals of profits. The main website claims that we can instantly withdraw our profits from the system. However, this is simply not true.

For one, this is not something that can be done. Making withdrawals always takes a few days at the very least. It is simply not an instantaneous process. It takes time. Furthermore, we have talked to several people who have attempted to make a withdrawal.

Of course, none of them were successful in the least. Folks, to repeat, nobody has been able to make a successful withdrawal here. Nobody has made a profit whatsoever, or even as much as broken even. If you invest money in this C7 Finance scam ICO, you will lose it all. There is not a shadow of a doubt about that.

C7 Finance System – PONZI SCHEME!

Something that came to our attention right away about this Bitcoin mining operation is that it takes the classic form of a Ponzi scheme. It guarantees massive and steady returns in a very short period of time, all without any risk, and with very vague investment parameters. Yet, not a single person has ever received a payout. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.

At the same time, this C7 Finance ICO is also a pyramid scheme. These guys have several referall levels, so if you get your friends to sign up, you get a bonus commission. Apparently, you can make as much as 5% in bonuses if you get other people to sign up. Now, this is not technically illegal, as they are just getting you to do the heavy lifting.

However, what is illegal is never paying out these affiliate commissions to people who deserve them. We’ve talked to a few people who have gone through the commission program, and they confirm that they never got their affiliate bonus money. This is a clear sign that the C7 Finance program is both an illegal and fraudulent pyramid scheme as well as a Ponzi scheme. This is just a big Bitcoin mining scam that is designed to take your money.

C7 Finance Scam Review – Conclusion

It is painfully obvious that the C7 Finance ICO is a scam, so please folks, just stay as far away from it as you humanly can. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from you and line the pockets of the anonymous criminals behind it!


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C7 Finance Review: ICO SCAM!

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: c7finance.com

This initial coin offering promises huge returns, absolutely massive, guaranteed, on minimal investments. Apparently, this C7 Finance ICO is all about Bitcoin mining.

As the story goes, you just need to invest a teeny bit of money in order to become filthy rich. Yes, cryptocurrency mining can be quite profitable, but you need to have the right setup. Well, this particular initial coin offering, while seeming somewhat legit at a glance, reveals itself to be a crypto mining scam quite quickly.

It really did not take very much research on our behalf to figure out that this cryptocurrency mining system is just another huge rip off. From what we have discovered, the C7 Finance ICO is just another epic exercise in thievery, one that will leave you flat broker. We are here today doing a C7 Finance scam review to give you all of the details about this dirty and malicious cryptocurrency scam.

C7 Finance System – Anonymous!

One thing that came to our attention right away is that this C7 Finance ICO is completely faceless and anonymous. We looked far and wide to try and locate and identify the leadership here. However, we had absolutely no luck. Nowhere on the website, or the rest of the internet for that matter, could we find who is actually in charge of this Bitcoin mining operation.

This is very important. If we are expected to trust our hard earned money with this C7 Finance ICO, we want to know whose hands that money is going to be in. In all of the years that we have been busting crypto and binary options scams, we have never come across one that is both anonymous and legitimate. Think about it folks.

If this crypto mining system actually worked as advertised, the owners would be more than happy to show their real faces. However, the only reason why these crooks are choosing to stay hidden from us is because something illegal is going on here. We know for a fact that this C7 Finance program steals money from people, so it is obvious that the real crooks in charge want to remain hidden from us.

C7 Finance LTD – NOT REAL!

Another telltale sign that this C7 Finance mining system is a scam, is that the company itself does not really exist at all. Sure, the company might be called C7 Limited, and we might even get to see some registration documents, but everything is just bogus. The company does not have a real physical address, plus all of the contact details that have been provided are totally falsified.

Moreover, the UK business registration document we are shown is not genuine at all. It is completely fabricated out of thin air to try and make us believe that this company is real, when it is anything but that. On that same note, it stands to reason that the C7 Finance company is also not legally allowed to take investments from people.

Any kind of business that claims to take investments and then reinvests that money needs to have a license to do so. You cannot just go around taking investments from people as you see fit. It is a financial activity that requires the right licensing and regulation. Seeing as this C7 Finance ICO is completely anonymous, faceless, has no physical existence, and has fake documents, it stands to reason that it is not licensed either.

The bottom line here is that this cryptocurrency mining initial coin offering is not legally allowed to accept investments from people. If it is accepting investments, they are not really investments per say. These crooks simply steal any and all money that comes their way.

C7 Finance ICO Scam – Ridiculous Profits

Yet another red flag that came to our attention about this crypto mining operation is that the promised profits are simply not possible at all. We are told that we can make anywhere from 20% per day to 7,777% after 57 days. Apparently the amount of ROI we are going to see depends on the investment plan we choose.

However, as far as we can tell, the plan you choose does not really matter at all. If it were possible to make those kinds of returns, why is not everybody doing it? The point is that it is ridiculous and ludicrous to assume that you can make 20% in a day, let alone nearly 8,000% in 2 months. This kind of profit margin just does not exist in the crypto mining world. It cannot be done.

Now, there is not even any evidence that any mining occurs here at all. We are not told where the mining takes place, what the capabilities are like, or anything else of important. Seeing as there is absolutely zero proof that any mining goes on here, we cannot possibly believe in this whole 8,000% ROI lie.

We have talked to quite a few people out there and the story is always the same. Anybody who has invested money here has lost it all. The victims of this C7 Finance scam say that their money simply disappeared and there was nothing they could do about it.

This also completely disproves the lie about C7 Finance software allowing for instant withdrawals. For one, nobody allows for instant withdrawals. It is not possible. Also, nobody has been able to make a withdrawal, something we know for a fact. The bottom line is that if you invest money with this C7 Finance app, you are going to lose it all!

C7 Finance Review – Conclusion

So, as you can see, this C7 Finance mining system is nothing more than a crypto scam. It has all of the classic makings of a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme, and a low grade crypto mining scam too. Not a single person has ever managed to make a profit here, yet many have been stolen from. Make no mistake about it folks, if you get mixed up in this mess, your money will undoubtedly go missing.



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C7 Finance experiences/scam review – Crappy ICO

C7 Pro Finance (c7finance.com) :

C7 Pro Finance scam exposed:

Hello, welcome to the C7 Finance experiences and scam review. Since weeks release new so-called initial coin offerings, it is for a newbie hard to keep the overview. In fact are most of these offer not real ICOs, this are scams basing on ponzi schemes. Such illegal systems are very dangerous, because it looks for investing members like a real working money-making scheme. At some points come no new members into the systems and it collapses, leaving big losses into the investors wallets. The C7 Finance is a worse scam, please read this whole review before you invest a single cent into. At the end is the current best way for earning money from home listened. Let us start with the general question, who for C7 Finance responsible is.

Who is behind C7 Finance?

The first red flag against C7 Finance is, that the website is run full anonymous. You find on the website not one name of a real existing person and don’t know who your money receives. A real ICO offer needs a large amount of employees and lawyers to make sure, all running smooth and you get the best from your investment back. Such so-called High-Yield investment program scams are full of empty promises but offers nothing. At least is there a company name: C7 Limited. C7 Limited is unsurprising in the United Kingdoms under the number 11048277 at 2020-11-06 registered. Others than in most lands offers the company houses, the business index of England and Wales, no information about the owner or employee count. If you follow scam reviews already longer do you know, that many scammers of the last days registered there to hide the own identity and looks more legit, but we are on other things more interested.

In fact means a registered company nothing. We all make money online and it is necessary when you earn a country-specific amount to found a company and pay taxes. This takes around a quarter of an hour. For offering such a money earning service is a regulation and license by a valid financial authority required. The Great Britain agency, offering this, is the Financial Conduct Authority. C7 Limited is not only unregulated, it is blacklisted! Most scams are just unknown to the database, a company needs to scam a large amount of investors over a long time to get such a state. Let us now look at the promised outcomes.

How much money can C7 Finance earn for you?

A hint, that there is something wrong are absolutely bogus outcomes. We called the C7 Finance before a HYIP. That are programs that promise a large income, but don’t deliver any profits. In fact can all these scams don’t make really money. It is impossible and against each logical thinking, that you will ever make 20 % hourly for 12 hours, 320 % after 4 days, 1400 % after 15 days or 7777 % after 57 days, no matter in what you invest. Please don’t fall for such crappy ROI lies, you will never see your money again. Let us see what past members have to say.

What experiences made the C7 Finance users?

A big part of a scam review is to talk with past members that used the system intensive. We are an open website, we don’t only allow people to send mails, we recommend it. Our mailbox receives daily a lot of experiences about good and bad software and how much money they made. The messages we receive about C7 Finance are very bad. Most experience tells, that C7 Finance simple doesn’t pay but scammer harass investors privately to get even more money from them. Let’s finally conclude this review.

C7 Finance experiences and scam review conclusion:

All C7 Finance experiences was very bad. C7 Finance is a scam and already on the watch list of legitimate financial authorities. Please keep away for your own safety, but continue reading below to learn about the current best way for earning money from home.

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