Hirose – review and feedback about the trading platform Lion Trader

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Hirose – review and feedback about the trading platform Lion Trader

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Reviews of prospective trade brokers: Hirose

Against the backdrop of the situation in the world financial market that has developed over the past ten years, both experienced traders and beginners, this direction of commercial activity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to seek a reliable broker, which guarantees 100% fulfillment of the obligations assumed.

Even if you discard the obvious scammers (the purpose of which is to lure the maximum amount of money from trusting investors, disappear for a short period of time, and companies that finance their “development” at the expense of new traders), the task does not become easier . The global economy and the financial system are developing unevenly, traditional online trading tools often change their value under the influence of a huge number of diverse factors, and tempting promises of administrators of Internet platforms, as a rule, are common advertising tricks.

But, if you set a goal to make a profit using access to foreign financial markets, you will necessarily get it. How? For example, take the well-known trading platform Hirose, which monthly “scrolls” more than 90 billion US dollars, and in many respects it is included in the category of the best financial brokers in the world.

Hirose: overview of the broker’s activities

The main object of the presented review was created in 2020, as a European representative of a well-known Japanese company headquartered in London. Each month the broker is represented by more than 120 thousand active clients. To work on the trading platform, the company’s programmers made an application for Hirose (which guarantees the safety of information and financial resources of customers, as well as provides high speed data processing using conventional mobile devices). The company also uses one of the most popular MT4 sites around the world, and its own development – Lion Trader, which allows you to conclude transactions using both a regular computer / laptop and mobile gadgets (running on different operating systems).

Safety of project participants

The above factors and # 4, 5, in combination with the company’s high growth rates and the availability of new ways to attract customers, are already indisputable facts of the safety of the resource’s customers.

It should also be noted that an important role in this situation is played by an organization that has all the necessary documentation to provide potential customers who trust only personal experience, until they verify that the topic of interest is true. But the key indicator of the company in question is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – a British organization that regulates the activities of the financial sector of the global economy.


To study how the stock, cryptaltic or precious metals market works, it is necessary not only to know the common terminology, but also to be well-versed in this field of activity (read news, highlight the most important events, learn to analyze the collected information).

Having registered on Hirose login, it is necessary to check in detail the level of your training in practice. This will provide an opportunity to identify the weaknesses of a novice trader, and quickly eliminate them.

In addition, created by the best specialists of the company, specifically for the Hirose platform of demo accounts, new players are offered:

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в—Џ Online webinars;

в—Џ Seminars in large cities;

в—Џ A personal manager for your trading account;

в—Џ Technical assistance.

в—Џ Analytical materials.

в—Џ Consultations on current issues and, etc.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

Reading about the platform Hirose reviews, you will find a lot of useful information on how to replenish your trading account or withdraw money from it:

в—Џ Plastic cards, both debit and credit (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro).

в—Џ Bank transfers.

It should pay attention to the fact that a beginner trader, before opening an account, should carefully examine the conditions in effect on the day of the creation of a future trading account. This is due to the high speed of information exchange, the presence of the World Wide Web, hidden bankruptcies, etc.

Instruments for trading

Almost every experienced analyst or broker / specialist, preparing a review about Hirose, focuses readers’ attention on the large number of trading tools available on the site.

в—Џ Binary options.

в—Џ Crypto currency.

в—Џ Raw materials, oil materials.

This list is also not universal, similar to the previous list, it can vary, in accordance with world economic laws.

Basic parameters of the broker

The presented trading platform works with currency, the minimum deposit is 20 USD. The largest and smallest accounts are 20 thousand / 1 $. There is a registration bonus – from 1 thousand dollars. Also various bonuses, rewards, etc. are constantly offered.

On this platform, residents of Japan and the US states are not allowed. Firstly, it will reduce the risk of huge litigation, which Americans love so much, and also protect the platform from the inhabitants of Japan, where their main exchange operates.

Should I work on the presented trading platform?

Acceptable conditions, the absence of fraudulent schemes and constant progress in the development of the broker are factors that allow you to enter into transactions with the represented participant of the world financial market without special financial injections. The main shortcomings of the broker are: lack of information about the site on the World Wide Web, as well as a small percentage of reviews about the company.

BinTrader – review and feedback on the trading platform of binary options

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in Singapore

Overview of prospective binary option brokers: BinTrader

Among the companies engaged in online trading, despite the high level of competition in this field of activity, it is difficult to choose a broker that will fully meet the needs of both beginners and experienced traders. Russian-speaking users of the World Wide Web are more difficult in this case than residents of European countries, Japan or the United States. The lack of economic education, poor knowledge of the English language, lack of financial resources (a few residents of Ukraine or Belarus will risk putting an unknown company on a deposit of $ 250) and a high level of mistrust of the most diverse Internet resources offering to make money on the global financial market.

Many experienced traders from the former Soviet republics recommend their fellow countrymen to start making money in foreign exchange markets, binary options, etc., using the services of brokers focused on the Russian-speaking audience. In this regard, BinTrader trading platform, which has been engaged in online trading since 2020, offers good conditions, but, despite a relatively short period of activity, managed to earn a reputation as a safe and reliable broker.

The main advantages of cooperation with BinTrader

The owner of the presented trading platform is the company Trade X Ltd, and its founders started their activity in the world financial market as ordinary traders, so they are well aware of the goals, needs and opportunities of their former colleagues. Given these nuances, a platform was created (by the company’s specialists), and then an application developed for BinTrader that allows financial transactions to be performed without fear of fraud on the part of the broker.


The funds of the broker’s clients are insured and stored on the accounts of reliable banks, which allows traders to withdraw their investments at any time. Technical support of the website and modern software guarantee the safety of personal information of users and prompt execution of financial transactions provided by this broker.

The minimum deposit and the size of the bet ($ 10 and $ 1, respectively) are convincing factors in order to independently check whether the given company fulfills its promises. If for many potential customers, 2-3 hundred dollars is a large enough amount that they do not trust an unfamiliar firm, then $ 10 is an acceptable option for starting work and getting closer to the broker presented.

But one of the most important indicators of the reliability of this company is the availability of a certificate issued by an organization that controls the activities of the trading platform – the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets. In case of any problems, the trader can apply to the regulator, who will necessarily check how the broker fulfills its obligations.

Learning newbies

One of the main creators of the trading platform in question (I. Orlov) made a lot of efforts to organize the work of a full-fledged training center on the basis of this web resource. Depending on the amount of the first deposit (based on this indicator the level of training is chosen), the client of the broker gets the opportunity to become a participant in the personal training program under the guidance of a professional analyst.

The user of the trading platform gets acquainted with effective trading strategies and, together with the mentor, analyzes their “pros” and “minuses”. A qualified specialist helps a trader deal with his own operations, revealing their strengths / weaknesses. The broker’s client also has the opportunity to contact his analyst at any time to ask him questions of interest.

The opportunity to undergo training and learn to work in the global financial market is another important indicator in favor of creating a login on BinTrader and using the services of professional teachers.

Important financial characteristics of BinTrader

Regardless of which trading platform the trader chooses, before registering on it, he must thoroughly study the basic requirements of the administration that has interested his website.

Trading conditions

Despite the fact that some of the indicators have already been mentioned above, for the convenience of readers, we will outline the main conditions of work on this trading platform in a separate unit:

в—Џ The minimum deposit is $ 10.

в—Џ The minimum transaction amount is $ 1.

в—Џ Account currency: American dollar.

в—Џ Estimated yield: up to 85%.

в—Џ Deposits of the broker’s clients are insured.

в—Џ There is an affiliate program.

в—Џ Bonus is provided when replenishing the trading account: up to 150%.

How to replenish the deposit or withdraw funds

Prepared by BinTrader user reviews, indicate that the broker’s web-resource is quite enough ways to solve the issue with the input / output of money. Traders can perform this procedure using:

в—Џ Debit / credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

в—Џ Yandex money.

Available assets

Some of the reviews of its clients about the broker BinTrader report a small number of available financial transactions and instruments, which limits the opportunities for users of this trading platform. But on the other hand, every trader always has a choice, where to work for him and what deals to conclude.

Clients of the broker in question can use strategies posted on his site to earn binary options, as well as conclude deals on: currency pairs, commodities and shares of large enterprises.

Based on the above information, we can conclude that this broker is not some serious fraudulent scheme, but if potential users have doubts about this, they can invest $ 10 and independently check how this trading platform works.


Hirose Financial UK is a binary and forex broker that offers margin trading through a bespoke online platform (utilising MetaTrader4), plus binary options trading via LION Trader. The firm offers an attractive proposition for anyone trading forex or binaries. Our review will detail the benefits but also the potential weaknesses. We explore fees, trading platforms, mobile apps, regulation, and more.

The forex brand is one of the world’s largest over the counter providers, boasting over 200,000 clients across the globe. This international success saw the opening of Hirose UK in 2020, and a number of other subsidiaries – but LION binary options are operated by Hirose Financial.

Hirose do not provide a dealing desk (NDD) or straight-through processing (STP). Instead, orders from traders are routed directly to liquidity providers, such as banks. The company are also not market markers.

The platforms us floating spreads. These vary based on the type of account used (Gold and VIP accounts see the smallest spreads). The EUR/USD pair can see spreads of 1.9 on the MetaTrader platform. This model also ensures trading is commission free.

Key Details

• Demo Account – Yes
• Signals – Yes
• Minimum Deposit – $20 (Some deposit methods will carry a higher minimum)
• Minimum Trade – $1
• Bonus details – Yes, offers vary by region and account type but include 50% deposit bonus
• Mobile apps – Yes. iOS, Android and Windows

Trading Platforms

There are two platforms offered, depending on the instrument used: LION Trader and the industry standard MetaTrader 4 system.

LION Trader

The LION trading platform has seen many developments and improvements, shaping the business. However, the system is based on the ‘Act Forex’ system, making trading available over numerous terminals.

User feedback is generally positive in terms of usability and execution speed. There are 50+ built-in custom technical indicators, and automated trading ‘bots’. Oracle Coherence is an in-memory data grid which the firms uses to improve trade execution performance.

The trading area is slick and straightforward, which makes it simple for beginners or novices to pick up. There are also a range of strategies provided by LION to give new traders a starting point. Trailing orders can also be opened and left to run when the platform is closed. Scalping or hedging strategies can be implemented in an uncomplicated way on the LION platform.

The trading area represents a solid choice for traders of all experience levels. Hirose deliver both a desktop version (via a download) and a web based version. The company suggest the desktop version delivers quicker execution, but the web trader performed well too.

Using LION

Hirose’s LION Trader delivers a familiar toolbar system. Those option facilitate market analysis and order placing. The High / Low buttons open or close trades as required. Any open positions are listed in the ‘open trades’ window. There is also a ‘Close’ button for early closure of any options – either locking in profit or cutting losses.

There are also Stop or limit entry order setup options. Likewise, trailing stops can be added to open positions. Using the Modify button opens options to alter the price. Hit Remove to cancel a current order. If you want to activate an alert, hit Price Alert. A confirmation pop-up will clarify any changes.

Lion also deliver a comprehensive platform education package that can be accessed anytime.

For forex traders, the MetaTrader4 platform offers experienced traders the choice of using advanced charting and technical analysis indicators. There is also the ability to back test a strategy or automate trading. As MetaTrader4 is a widely used platform, there is a great range of online resources to help traders get the most from the platform.

Using MetaTrader 4

The order window allows opening and closing of trades. Select the required asset, and the desired trade size and direction and the intuitive design will lead naturally to each step.

Alternatively, right click on any price action chart, click Trading and use the New Order button to run through the same steps.

The terminal window shows open trades. It also shows other account information such as balance and current profit and loss. Margin levels, stop losses and take profits levels can also be found in this section.

Mobile Apps

Mobile trading apps are available on iOS, android and Windows. They can be downloaded anytime, but you will need to have an open account with Hirose Financial (LION binary options) before you can login.

LION Trader App Features

The mobile app delivers customisable charts and total account management. Micro lots can be traded on the mobile platform and the mobile account syncs to any desktop of web based version in real time. The full list of assets and markets is available in the mobile version and customer support can also be contacted via the app.

MT4 App

The MetaTrader app does not require a login, but will need to be linked to a broker of some sort to actually place trades. It can be downloaded from the usual app stores.

The mobile version includes 30+ technical indicators, and customisable watch lists – to make staying up to date easier. Trade history is available, as are the latest price quotes. All the trading options are available via the mobile platform, including the ability to trade directly from a price chart. Trading volume – a key element of predicting price movement – is also available in the app.

The mobile charting is a clear strength. Each chart can be zoomed or scrolled or the date range amended etc. Likewise, multiple timeframes are available and can be switched easily (1,5,15,30 minute intervals, or 1 or 4 hours and of course daily).

Customer reviews can be viewed on the app stores, and are generally positive.

Trader Choice

LION Binary Options

The binaries offering at LION is limited to the traditional High/Low. Expiries are offered between 30 seconds (turbo) and 60 minutes. Payouts can reach 90% but will vary based on trading volume and the asset. Options can also be closed early if desired.

Forex pairs are the asset class with greatest coverage, with over 40 available. Trading hours will reflect the market of the asset being traded, or in the case of forex, one of the major markets (Sydney, New York, London etc) being open for trading.

Withdrawal & Deposit Options

LION Binary offer a number of deposit and withdrawal options, but there are differing minimum deposits with some methods:
Debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) and bank wire transfers both require a minimum of $50
Popular e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are both options, with a minimum deposit of $20
UnionPay (minimum deposit 100 CNY)
Fasapay carries a minimum requirement of just $10

The customer support team can handle funding questions if any arise. As always, it is a good idea to meet identification requirements before requesting the first withdrawal. This avoids delays and disputes.


The LIOn education area includes a number of general trading guides, as well as advice on strategy. Charting help guides are also supplied – these can be useful when trying to navigate the wealth of technical analysis indicators available. These resources are all provided free of charge. Bear in mind any broker is keen to have their clients trading, so beware of any advice that looks like it might lead to over-trading.

There are also a range of video tutorials which can be a good way to get used to the platform. One is included below.

Bonus / Promotions

Hirose Financial offer a number of bonus deals and promotions:

• $20 no-deposit bonus
• Welcome (deposit) bonus of up to $500
• $10 ‘refer a friend’ scheme

Bonus terms and conditions do change, and are also often region specific, so do check before sign up if the bonus is a key part of your reasoning to join Hirose.

HiroseUK Review

This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by zee 2 years, 3 months ago.

Part of a Japanese Foreign Exchange firm Hirose Financial. While its parent company was established in 2004, Hirose Financial UK started its operations in 2020. The FOREX trading company has earned a good reputation and secured a reasonable customer base within first few years of its operations. It is regulated by various authorities, such as the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The volume of transactions carried out by HiroseUK is well above $200 billion a month.

LION trader is the primary trading platform that is offered by HiroseUK and it is available for both desktop and mobile users. This broker is well recognized for offering some of the tightest spreads in the whole FOREX trading industry. Moreover, no commission is charged on trades. Another important feature of HiroseUK is that its minimum initial deposit amount is merely $5; hence, it can be a brilliant option for FOREX beginners to try out their skills and luck once they have gained a thorough understanding of HorseUK’s demo account.

Up to 1:300 Leverage is offered and around 50 currency pairs are offered. It can be concluded that HiroseUk is a reliable place to start investing your money and it offers adequate customer support and educational options as well.

Hirose UK review

On-line since: 2004
Country of origin: UK
Regulation: FCA
Payment options: bank transfer, credit cards, electronic payment systems
Minimum account size: 20$
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: up to 1:300
Spreads: variable

About the company:

Hirose UK offers a variety of trading solutions to the FX community, including binary options, through both the popular MetaTrader 4, and as its in-house Lion Trader platform.

Hirose (previously called Hirose Tusyo) was founded in Japan in 2004. It provided its clients with foreign exchange trading and investment services.

At the beginning, Hirose was focused on developing its business in Japan. After a successful operation in 2020, Hirose decided to open some subsidiary offices in other countries, founding Hirose Financial UK and becoming the first Japanese forex broker licensed in London, the UK. Nowadays, Hirose Group is one of the largest over-the-counter forex brokers that have subsidiary offices in many foreign countries and provide services of margin forex trading to over 200,000 clients worldwide.

Security of funds

Hirose Financial UK Ltd., operating as Hirose UK, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA 540244).

All regulated companies must comply with the FCA’s strict rules and procedures. For example, British brokerage firms are required to have at least €730,000 in order to prove their financial stability. Moreover, Hirose UK is subject to rules set by the UK financial watchdogs. The broker keeps all customer money separate from the company’s own funds.

The broker is also involved in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which is the most important thing with regard to the safety of funds invested in FCA. In case of the broker’s shortfall, FSCS can cover your investment loss (or funds held in your trading account) up to a maximum of £50,000.

Hirose UK customers can open one of two available account types, depending on the trading platform they use: LionTrader and MetaTrader 4.

Traders are required to make a deposit of at least $20 to open an account with Hirose UK. In comparison, some other brokers regulated by the FCA have set a minimum deposit of $ 250 or higher.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to check in our rating a regulated broker with a spotless reputation that allows you to trade with $1.

Spreads and commissions

Hirose UK offers floating spreads that vary by account category: the average spreads on the MT4 platform are 1.9 pips on EUR/USD which is a relatively high; the average spreads on the LionTrader account are 0.8 pips on EUR/USD.

Additionally, the broker offers commission-free trading on both accounts as the broker profits from the spread.

The maximum leverage in Hirose UK is 1: 300. Such leverage is considered relatively high, although many other brokers regulated by the FCA offer similar or higher leverage rates: up to 1:300 and up to 1:500.

Hirose UK offers two trading platforms: Lion Trader and the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Both platforms are available as desktop and mobile versions. Lion Trader is easy to use platform providing fast execution speed, 50 built-in indicators, and free downloadable strategies. It is suitable for scalping and hedging.

Like most Forex brokers, Hirose UK supports the popular MT4 trading platform as the MT4 gained credibility among most traders. It is equipped with an advanced chart package, a number of technical indicators, an extensive back-testing environment, and a variety of experts. In addition, the broker has also developed the Lion Binary platform specialized in binary options trading.

The broker offers a demo account and an account with micro lots. Beginners, as well as professional traders, can use them. The former can try their hand at a demo account without losing any money; the latter can hone new strategies trading on micro lots.

Clients can contact customer support by two phone numbers – UK and international. There is also an email address and a feedback section.

Hirose Financial UK offers several ways to replenish your trading account and withdraw funds: credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), bank transfer, Skrill, and Neteller. Payments can be made in GBP, EUR, and USD.

Traders complain about the long withdrawal of funds from the trading account. What is more, the support service often ignores customers’ requests. Speculators who have successfully traded with the broker note that it offers competitive spreads.

  • segregated account;
  • demo-account;
  • MT4;
  • micro-lot trade.
  • high initial deposit;
  • website is not user-friendly.
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