Improved GOD strategy + Guide

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Improved GOD strategy + Guide

The GOD STRATEGY strategy is actually an improvement over the original point strategy. You can now get all indicators and a template at this website about free binary options strategies.

How improved GOD strategy works

This strategy works by forming black points above or below candles which give us the signal, that it is appropriate to enter the trade. Another important indicator is a Stochastic indicator which shows us whether the market is overbought or oversold, and of course, we have to follow the trend.

GOD strategy has been tried by a number of traders. Some of them did not know how to use this strategy, or have not tried multiple variations of how this strategy works, so instead they started spamming forums saying it is a fraudulent and nonfunctional strategy and so on. From my own experience, I can confirm that it is not a scam and it’s a great strategy.

How to use this strategy for binary options

  • I recommend trading only according to the trend (if the moving average, or the middle bollinger band are increasing, place only PUT options and vice versa)
  • Stochastic indicator shows us, whether we should expect decline or growth
  • The best time to invest is when the price reaches either the highest point (green line) (PUT) or the lowest (red line) (CALL)

I personally open trades after seeing the ball and according to the Stochastic indicator development. First, I wait until a candle with a ball is formed and about 10 seconds before the end of the candle, I open a 5 minute trade. Sometimes it happens that the ball appear befores at the end of the candle, or at the beginning of the next candle, hence the need for an open MT4 and caution. Of course, keep your trading platform open so that the trades are entered as quickly as possible.


In this strategy, there is still need to watch the announcement messages from Investments worked best on the EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD and USD / CAD currency pairs.

I recommend to try the strategy beforehand on a demo account and play with expiration times and set up everything the way it will be most suitable for you. Brokers who offer a demo account are listed in the table below.

Broker Bonus Min Deposit Payout Review Open Account
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*in case of correct prediction

GOD Strategy and its results

The author designed the strategy for an expiration time of 60 to 120 seconds but I and my colleague decided to try out expiration times 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes, and then compare the performance of individual trades.

We traded both on a demo account and real accounts with Stockpair and Topoption. However, these brokers do not operate anymore. Since my colleague is a former analyst and stock market trader, he tried strategy sharply from the outset. I must admit that even I had no success with expiration times of 60-120 seconds lost about 15 trades out of 20.

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The strategy worked for us best with the expiration times of 5 and 15 minutes. With this strategy, we a little more than $ 200 in a week, which is not bad. Unfortunately, you know that the market can sometimes be unpredictable and so it may happen, that a trade does not work out. The important thing is that generally, we are in black digits. Good luck, fellow traders!

Results from the trading according to our system.


More about the author J. Pro

Unlike Stephen (the other author) I have been thinking mainly about online business lately. I wasn’t very successfull with dropshipping on Amazon and other ways of making money online, and I’d only earn a few hundreds of dollars in years. But then binary options caught my attention with it’s simplicity. Now I’m glad it did because it really is worth it. More posts by this author

How to play guide for Hades

This article is a stub. You can help Hades Wiki by expanding it .

This article is a stub. You can help Hades Wiki by expanding it .

This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Hades. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Warning: this guide has spoilers of all zones currently in the game.


Basic gameplay [ edit | edit source ]

The basic gameplay consists of progressing through randomly-generated rooms and killing the enemies within in an attempt to reach the surface.

Each room you clear will give you a reward, which could be a Boon from the gods to upgrade your abilities, a Daedalus Hammer to upgrade your weapon, a Pom of Power to upgrade your Boons, a Nectar to gift to someone for a Keepsake, a Centaur Heart to increase your max and current health, an Obol to give you a lot of coins, Darkness to permanently upgrade yourself at the Mirror of Night, or a Chthonic Key to unlock more weapons. The reward a room will give can be seen on its door prior to entering, so you will sometimes have to choose.

Controls [ edit | edit source ]

Keyboard Xbox Effect
wasd Move Up/Left/Down/Right
e Interact
g Gift
q Special
space Dash
f Call
Hold c Hold Open Codex
b Boon info

Advanced Gameplay [ edit | edit source ]

Tips and Tricks [ edit | edit source ]

  • Mobility is key. It’s rarely safe to stand still and spam attack (unless you have a single enemy stunlocked). Dashing is by far more effective than moving, as it grants you invincibility frames, and it can deal damage with a dash upgrade. A dash-attack-dash-attack pattern can help you avoid being hit.

Keepsakes [ edit | edit source ]

The Old Spiked Collar is a very good first keepsake for the early game. It can be obtained early on by giving a Nectar to Cerberus, and the health boost will greatly help survivability. As you unlock more keepsakes, experiment and find what suit your playstyle the most. Once you have the Thick Skin mirror upgrade, the collar becomes rather unimportant, but it may still be situationally useful.

Myrmidon Bracer is a good defensive keepsake to run in high damage areas such as Asphodel or Elysium, where it can get lots of value. However, you must keep in mind that it only reduces damage from in front of you, and will increase damage from behind you. Skelly’s Lucky Tooth will act as a Death Defiance, granting you one extra chance should you end up in trouble. Finally, once you reach Elysium, the Broken Spearpoint is very useful for dealing with enemies with rapid and fast repeated attacks, such as Soul Catchers and the Exalted.

All the Olympian keepsakes will let you target your boons to create a build that works well. If you like Chaos boons, the Cosmic Egg greatly increases the rarity of Chaos boons and removes the health cost of the Chaos Gate. However, the Cosmic Egg does not increase the chance of a Chaos Gate spawning in the first place, so buy Light of Ixion from wells to make the most use of it.

Dungeon Structure [ edit | edit source ]

Though the chambers are somewhat randomized, there are patterns that can help you predict the upcoming encounters.

  • Boss rooms are marked with a skull icon, and appear at fixed chamber depths at the end of each zone: Chamber 15 in Tartarus, Chamber 25 in Asphodel, and Chamber 39 in Elysium.

Miniboss rooms [ edit | edit source ]

  • Miniboss rooms are also marked with a skull icon. Their reward is a boon with higher rarity. Minibosses can sometimes be avoided by taking an alternative room. A miniboss can only be fought once per run, though you can fight both minibosses in the same zone. Unfortunately you cannot predict which one will come up first.
  • Tartarus has 1 miniboss encounter. There are two possible room layouts, and the enemies are always two Bloodless enemies (either Inferno Bombers, Slam Dancers, Burn Flingers, or Wave Makers). There is a second Tartarus room marked with a skull, but it just has armored regular enemies, and the reward is just double the usual amount of darkness.
  • Asphodel has 2 miniboss encounters: a River Crossing room with 3 waves of Voidstones and Bloodless, and a Megagorgon + Skull-Crusher room.
  • Elysium also has 2 miniboss encounters: an Elite Soul Catcher room which occasionally spawns exhalted eyeballs, and a one-on-one fight with Asterius. By defeating miniboss Asterius, he will spawn with less health in the Theseus boss fight.

Room rewards [ edit | edit source ]

  • You can get one Daedalus Hammer in Tartarus or Asphodel, and a second one in Elysium. Typically these Hammers will be offered in Tartarus, and very early in Elysium, but this is not guaranteed. If you do not take a Daedalus Hammer, one will eventually appear later on to make up for one you missed. While it is definitely possible to miss both Hammers, it is not recommended unless you’re playing an exclusive cast build.
  • You can get two Hermes boons (you will no longer be offered Hermes boons past your second one.) Unlike the Daedalus Hammer, they can be offered at any time in the first three zones.
  • The only way to get a third Hermes boon is buying them from Charon in Styx.
  • Entering a Chaos Gate or Infernal Gate will skip the next chamber. You might not want to skip an important upgrade such as the Daedalus Hammer or a boon, but you can skip a plentiful resource like Darkness. You also might not want to take a Chaos Gate near the end of a zone, or you’ll have to fight the boss while under the negative effect of a Chaos boon. It is important to note that passive encounters (shops, fountains, friendly NPC rooms, and free rooms) do not count down Chaos boon debuffs.
  • Charon’s Shop appears twice in each zone, once in the middle, and once right before the boss. When there are multiple doors leading up to the chamber before the boss, the other options will be free encounters. For instance, if you see a Pom door and a Shop door before the boss, you can get a free Pom or hit up the shop. However, the mid-zone Shop will not be accompanied by free rewards.

Setting up an effective build [ edit | edit source ]

At first you may simply grab whatever upgrades come your way, but picking the right upgrades for your builds can greatly increase your chance of success. Later zones become a huge slog if your damage output can’t keep up with the increasing enemy health.

The golden rule is to have a plan, but be flexible. You won’t always get the specific build you’re gunning for, so if something else just as good comes along, take it.

Daedalus Hammers [ edit | edit source ]

It is recommended to grab Daedalus Hammers as soon as they appear. Daedalus Hammers are the upgrades that change and modify your run the most, and thus are often the most important to choose early, so you can build around them. In addition, taking a Hammer as soon as it is available means that the Hammer will not have a chance of spawning in a less favorable location later (such as in a shop). It is important to keep in mind when obtaining your 2nd Hammer that not all Hammer upgrades can be combined together, and the Hammer’s choices will only be from modifiers that can still be combined with your first one. It is important to choose modifiers that work well together or good enough on their own independently.

Duo Boons and Legendary Boons [ edit | edit source ]

Often times some of the strongest combinations in the game are Duo Boons, and some of the strongest individual focus boons in the game are Legendary Boons. If running a multi-god build, it is a good idea to focus on pairings where you can get helpful Duo Boons, such as Hunting Blades and Low Tolerance. Duo Boons can be offered by either god who they pair with, but it can take a couple tries to get one, even if you have all the proper prerequisites. It is easier to attempt to grab Duo Boons earlier rather than later, so you can focus more on gaining health and strength in Elysium rather than hunting for boons. God keepsakes might be helpful for doing this.

Alternatively, Legendary boons such as Black Out are great for focusing on one specific god, and offer huge benefits for doing so. Be mindful though that other gods will want to offer boons as well, potentially making it more difficult to search for the exact god you want a legendary from.

Hermes Boons [ edit | edit source ]

Similar to Daedalus Hammers, the amount of Hermes Boons you can find in a run are fixed. These boons are often much more situational and less run defining than Daedalus Hammers, but they can still provide useful bonuses. The most useful Hermes boons are: Relative Speed, Greatest Reflex (more dashes are always good), Greater Evasion (directly translates to less damage), Swift Strike/Swift Flourish/Rapid Cast, whichever corresponds to your primary method of attack (the Common versions can be rather unnoticable, but the Rare or Epic versions give you a very significant attack speed increase)

Single ability vs mixed combat build [ edit | edit source ]

You have three main offensive capabilities: attack, special, and cast. You only have a limited number of upgrade opportunities before facing each area boss, so you can focus on upgrading a single ability or upgrading them evenly. Both approaches are viable, but single attack builds do tend to be stronger. If you find your upgrades are spread a little thin, try to focus on upgrading one ability.

Pros of single ability build:

  • Can achieve very high damage output
  • Can focus on getting powerful high tier boons, like Legendary and Duo.
  • Can get more synergies on one ability
  • Easier to play, more spammable
  • Lack of range coverage if using a melee ability
  • Harder to use combo abilities such as Boiling Blood, Privileged Status, Empowering Nova, Invigorating Blast
  • Slower attacks, especially if ability has a long cooldown
  • Less flexible, may have bad luck with not getting the right upgrades

Choosing boons [ edit | edit source ]

You should establish the core of your build first. Before you get to Elysium, you should at least have your major damage dealers, Dash, and maybe Call filled with boons. You can weigh your options and take a really good support boon early, but you really don’t want to be going far into Asphodel with baseline damage. Once you have a solid core, you can freely look for support boons that will synergize with what you have. Look for status effects, then aim for Legendaries and Duos.

Sometimes, gods will offer to exchange a boon with a higher rarity one, this is the only way to get Heroic boons, but don’t rely on it happening. If you’ve already built around that boon with status effects and upgrades, exchanging it may be a downgrade.

The Olympians’ keepsakes let you choose a specific god’s boon, once per zone. It comes at the opportunity cost of not equipping a more directly useful keepsake, so maybe you find it sufficient to use an Olympian’s keepsake in the first zone or two, and switch to a defensive keepsake for the later zones. If you want a specific boon on one of your five main slots, it might a good idea to fill up the other slots with random boons you come across, so when you do find the right god, they’re more likely to offer the boon you want. If you have Fated Authority, you have even more opportunities to seek out specific gods.

Some gods require a lot of investment into higher tier boons to be truly effective, but others are quite good right away, so they make good choices for filling out your five main slots:

  • Aphrodite, Demeter and Dionysus offer long lasting status effects without needing upgrades. Their boons are very useful for triggering Privileged Status. Their dash especially can slot into nearly any build.
  • Ares’s attack and special boons have a good flat damage upgrade, and can also proc Privileged Status. Doom is more effective on slower abilities and abilities you don’t spam a lot. It can be a waste on quick attacks unless you have Dire Misfortune or Merciful End.
  • Artemis’s dash synergizes with other dash attack upgrades such as Double Edge and Chaos’s Lunge. In addition, Artemis’s Critical effects work better on weapons and attacks with higher base damages, such as the Nova special on the Stygian Blade and the Bombard Special on the Adamant Rail.
  • Aphrodite’s cast is unique in that it’s the only cast which applies a status effect without needing upgrades. However it is short-ranged, so it can be risky to use in a melee build.
  • Dionysus’s cast is a versatile tool that inflicts high damage onto a large surrounding area. It also fills that area with Festive Fog, which repeatedly stuns enemies who linger in it. While this is very handy crowd control, keep in mind that Bosses, such as the Furies, cannot be stunned by Festive Fog.
  • If your build is not cast-focused, and you are just using cast occasionally to proc Boiling Blood, Ares, Demeter and Dionysus’s casts can be a liability because they cannot embed into enemies. Artemis, Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon are straightforward upgrades for filling the cast slot. Additionally, Artemis’s Cast will bypass shielding enemies like the Exalted Greatshields, which can be annoying to maneuver behind.

Finally, here are some secondary boons worth looking out for. These compliment almost any build fairly well.

  • Artemis: Exit Wounds and Fully Loaded can be found with no pre-requisites, they’re extremely useful for cast builds, and still free damage worth taking for other builds if no better option is presented. Pressure Points works well in any build, especially builds taking advantage of chain effects, Doom, or Hangover Status Curses, because of how it affects all damage you inflict from all sources.
  • Athena: Divine Dash is a strong defensive addition to your mobility, it makes you nigh invulnerable while dashing, allowing you to play more recklessly.
  • Ares: Urge to Kill is free damage for your Attack and Cast, and good for any weapon with a high base damage, or a cast build. Battle Rage is great for clearing out crowds if you’re using a high single damage attack or special.
  • Chaos: Attack/Special/Cast Damage increases are great because they stack on top of your god boons. You can even obtain the same Chaos boon multiple times. Obol and boon rarity increases are very useful if obtained early on. Chaos can also provide additional Cast ammo that stacks with Fully Loaded from Artemis.
  • Dionysus: Premium Vintage basically turns Nectar, a resource with no short-term benefit, into healing. Positive Outlook gives pretty good damage reduction. After Party is not so useful if you’re able to sustain your HP.
  • Poseidon: Ocean’s Bounty is very helpful if found early in a run, as it increases the rewards from all future rooms by a considerable amount.
  • Zeus: His wrath ability, Thunder God’s Fury, is a very high damaging AoE ability, despite its lengthy charge, and is worth running if you need additional multi-target damage.

With the rework of Wrath into Aid, Aid boons are now much more viable to take early on. For maximum effectiveness against bosses, wait until you have a full gauge to activate it, but use the single charges in normal rooms for burst damage. You could also use Athena or Poseidon Wrath’s brief invulnerability to tank Flame Wheels and Asterius’s charge head on.

Using Poms of Power [ edit | edit source ]

When you pick up a Pom of power, you get to select from three random upgradable boons to upgrade. If you have a spammy, purely single-attack build, it’s definitely viable to avoid taking too many upgradable boons, so that you can reliably apply Poms to the boons you want.

You’ll want to funnel most pom upgrades to your primary damage dealers when possible. Upgrades have diminishing returns at higher levels so it’s usually not worth upgrading beyond level 6 or so. Notably, Dionysus’s Poison-applying boons don’t suffer as much from deminishing returns, because each upgrade has to at least increase the damage by 1, so you could upgrade them to high levels with mostly linear returns.

God of War (2020) Wiki Guide

The latest entry in the God of War series has changed the formula a lot from previous entries, and understanding how this new adventure works can be confusing both for returning fans and new players.

Our tips and tricks have been split into a few sections to better help you master God of War. This page is spoiler-free, though it will reveal some unlockable skills.

Jump to a Section

Tips for Starting Out
[ edit ]

God of War can be a bit challenging, but there are a few things you can do to make the grand Nordic adventure easier on yourself.

Break Everything
[ edit ]

Those pots, boxes, and miscellaneous containers lying around may look innocuous, but sometimes you’ll find Healthstones, and even more importantly, Hacksilver! Most of these finds are paltry, but overtime your efforts will amount to a great fortune. Sometimes though, you’ll be lucky and find a hoard of hundreds or even thousands hidden in odd places.

Sell Stuff
[ edit ]

Speaking of finding Hacksilver, there’s no reason to hold on to the Artifacts you find. Sell them for loads of cash early on. Check out our Walkthrough so you don’t miss any as you play.

Get Those Collectibles [ edit ]

There are more than just Artifacts to scour for in the Nine Realms. There are also Nornir Chests (the chests locked with runes), which grant health bar and rage bar boosts;Legendary Chests, with Runic Attacks inside; Odin’s Ravens, which grant XP as part of a Labor, and a few more which are sure to help you become stronger. Keep those eyes peeled and explore.

Pay Attention to Labors [ edit ]

You can see a list of Labors under the Goals tab in the menu. They act like a set of challenges that unlock as you come across new enemies and a variety of other things in the world. Keep them in mind as you continue your journey so you can actively work toward earning that sweet extra XP they grant.

Use Your XP
[ edit ]

It’s worth mentioning that XP doesn’t affect Kratos’ or Atreus’ level. You have to use the XP you earn for it to mean anything! Every so often, check the Skills tab, and SPEND the XP. You can tab over the different sections with the D-Pad. XP may seem scarce at first, but you’ll be swimming in it eventually, so use it on the Skills related to the attacks you the most.

Check out the video below for 7 Skills to Get First if you’re unsure what to spend your hard-earned XP on.

See the Gaining Levels, and also Experience section above for more detailed information on leveling up Kratos.

Sometimes, Be a Coward
[ edit ]

Occasionally you’ll run into an out-of-sorts enemy that is a few levels above you. If you’re intent on killing it, try keeping your distance – I mean, really, stay as far away as possible – and continuously throw your Leviathan Axe at the enemy’s weakpoints if it has them. Probably not as exciting as close-ranged combat, but definitely safer and more reliable.

Wandering Doesn’t Mean You’re Lost [ edit ]

If you’re having a hard time, take Atreus’ advice and divert off the beaten path of the Region you’re in. There are a ton of hidden areas accessible by boat in the Lake of Nine, for example.

Do some exploring, and you very well may walk away with some rare Armor, Enchantments, Runic Attacks, or Axe Pommels. Plus, plenty of extra XP for more skills and Hacksilver for better Armor!

Buy and Upgrade Armor [ edit ]

Like XP, don’t be stingy with Hacksilver. Because XP doesn’t affect you’re strength, all of your stats are reliant on your gear. You can tell if a new piece of Armor or Upgrade will positively or negatively impact Kratos’ level by the green (positive) or red (negative) triangles that appear next to the level in the Shop menu.

Note that most armor can be upgraded (for far less than it costs for the initial purchase), but they will eventually reach a cap. For this reason, you may want to focus on buying or finding one set of armor to fully upgrade based on your stat preferences – then wait for more armor to become available as the story progresses to buy and upgrade a new set as better tiers become available.

You can always get more Hacksilver, so use it!

Don’t Neglect Atreus [ edit ]

We don’t mean literally, but pay attention to his equipment and Skills as much as Kratos’. His armor gives him extra abilities that will help you in combat, like passing you Healthstones or giving you opportunities to do extra damage.

Purchasing his Skills makes Atreus much more useful and active in combat as well. Plus, Atreus’ stuff is generally significantly cheaper to purchase than Kratos’, so get to it. You’ll regret it if you wait, and with enough skill and gear invested in him, he’ll become one of the most useful tools in your arsenal.

Interact After Fighting [ edit ]

When an enemy is around, things that are usually able to be interacted with won’t appear to be so. The circle icon just will not show up, and you won’t be able to press circle to do something even if you know you can. So, after you’ve finished a fight, make sure to look around again in case you passed something you can pick up.

Combat Tips [ edit ]

  • Learn enemy attack patterns to make fights easier. Some of the heavy hitters actually have fewer attacks if you stand closer to them. Experiment to see what works best for you.
  • New enemies often spawn mid-battle, so be mindful of your surroundings. A white arrow indicator will appear on Kratos when a new threat appears on the battlefield. That indication turns red when the enemy is in attacking range.
  • Combining barehanded attacks with Atreus’s arrows can build up an enemy’s stun meter extremely quickly. Get in the habit of pressing square simultaneously with your attack buttons when your goal is executing an enemy. This is particularly helpful for quick enemies like the Revenant or enemies that regenerate health quickly.
  • Kratos doesn’t take damage while performing an R3 takedown.
  • Use skills like Countering Strike or runic attacks that push back enemies to fling smaller enemies off the sides of cliffs. This is especially helpful at the start of tough battles.
  • Learn how to parry. Certain skills will specifically increase parry damage or build combos based on parrying. If you’re down to one simple enemy, you can use it to help you get down parry timing.
  • You can’t parry attacks that are highlighted in red.
  • A heavy axe throw can freeze enemies if it hits them in the right place. Follow it up with an R2 kick into a wall for huge damage, or kick them into other enemies to inflict those in the area of effect with frost.
  • Aim at your enemy’s legs then use a light or quick axe throw to trip them. They’ll stay down for a short period of time, allowing you to focus on others or slam that fallen enemy with a series of heavy attacks. This is particularly useful against enemies with shields if you don’t have the shield bash skill.
  • If Kratos is missing his axe the Triangle button shows on the bottom left overlay.
  • Kratos can do a sidestep dodge in a middle of a combo and then still continue the same combo chain. This is called a dodge offset, and doing so allows you to complete a long combo, like R1, R1, R1, R2, without having to stay stationary. So you can press R1, R1, dodge, R1, R2.
  • Always look for opportunities to use the environment to your advantage. You can lead enemies to edges, dodge around them, and then juggle them off. Or smash enemies into walls for huge stun damage.
  • Read your Labors to better learn how to use the environment to your advantage in a fight. For example, there’s a Labor that requires Kratos to pin enemies to walls.
  • Some enemies have executions that provide a huge help in combat. Nightmares can be thrown at other enemies for an explosive projectile, Ogres can be ridden and directed to wipe out groups of smaller enemies, heavy draugrs can be used as battering rams, and smaller draugrs/hel walkers create a ring of fire/ice that hits nearby enemies when executed.
  • Don’t forget to use your Runic attacks and change them as you encounter different kinds of enemies. Runic attacks can inflict elemental status ailments too, which can help slow down tough enemies.
  • If you or Atreus knock down an enemy, use a heavy attack (hold down R2) to do massive damage to your foe and get a cool animation.
  • Try to pick Runic attacks that chain together well. For instance, if you have an attack that stuns a line of enemies, follow it up with something that has a large area of effect and does a lot of damage.
  • Big enemies like trolls can hurt smaller enemies when they attack.
  • Green potions are strategically located in pots near major encounters. Be mindful of your health bar before you pick them up. Leaving them on the map until you need them is key to beating larger enemy encounters.
  • On default controls, click R3 in a battle to focus on a single enemy. This keep that target locked and allows you to pivot around them. It also helps you land bow shots from a distance with Atreus.

Rage Tips [ edit ]

  • Pop that Rage if it’s full when you’re low on health. You’ll get some health back as you do damage.
  • Rage builds fast early on since the meter is shorter, so use it as often as you need it.
  • Increase your Rage meter by finding Horn of Blood Mead. You can only find 9 in all of God of War, so be sure to open Nornir Chests as you find them.
  • Cancel Rage by pressing L3+R3! It costs a little bit of Rage to cancel, but that’s much better than wasting it.
  • Big Rage moves you unlock further down the skill tree drain your Rage meter faster.
  • Don’t use Rage when you’re fighting Revenant. Even in Rage, they move too quickly for Kratos to land effective hits.

Health and Regen Tips [ edit ]

  • If you’re playing on a more challenging difficulty level or if you’re having a hard time staying alive in longer fights, be sure to buy armor for Atreus that allows him to find random health drops for Kratos.
  • Mystic Gates bring Kratos back up to full health!
  • Kratos regains health when he does damage in Rage mode.
  • Bitter Squirrel is Atreus’ secret most helpful Runic Attack. You can find it at the top of the Light Elf Outpost. This ability summons a ghost squirrel named Ratatöskr (voiced by Troy Baker!) who will dig up Health and Rage consumables for you, much to his chagrin. This lets you recharge your Rage and Health is extremely easy ways, but it has a long cooldown.

Exploration Tips [ edit ]

God of War’s world has plenty to offer, including some incredibly helpful items tucked away in secret places. Use these tips to make sure you’re making the most of your journey.

  • Seriously, solve the Nornir chest puzzles every time you encounter them! This will help you to up your health and other important resources early on in the game.
  • Use the Left-Hand rule! If you’ve ever had to solve a maze with no clues, you might have followed the “left-hand rule” (or “right-hand rule”). Basically, hug the walls left – and always go left – inspecting every inch along the way. You’ll catch anything you may have missed, so if you’re lost, try this out.
  • This may seem obvious, but don’t forget to look up. You may find something you can hit with Kratos’ axe or shoot with Atreus’ arrows to open a path or earn some extra Hacksilver.
  • As soon as you’re able to explore the Lake of the Nine, use your boat to explore as much as you can and be on the lookout for Yggdrasil’s Dew. These grant permanent bonuses to your stats and will give you a rare boost that isn’t tied to gear.
  • Swing your axe into every pot and vase you see. These may contain only a small amount of Hacksilver, but it all builds up over time.
  • On the timed bell-based Nornir chest puzzles, consider throwing your axe behind the first bell you wish to trigger, then recalling it when you are lined up for the second bell in the sequence. This can save you a valuable split second necessary for completing the challenge.
  • Realm Tears aren’t all dangerous. If you had to do a puzzle to reveal it or if it’s in a small area that wouldn’t allow for fighting, it’s probably safe. It’ll also show up on your map as a Realm Tear instead of Realm Tear Encounter.
  • If you’re hunting Odin’s Ravens (Spies of Odin), listen for a twinkling sound and cawing.
  • Gold and purple chests contain Ciphers needed to access the realms of Muspelheim and Niflheim – 4 ciphers are required to unlock a realm, but there are more than enough chests to find, as additional chests will give you Enchantments.

Skills and Leveling Tips [ edit ]

As mentioned, Kratos doesn’t gain levels through XP – instead, you have to upgrade his armor. Below you’ll find tips on how to upgrade Kratos’ armor for levels and some tips on skills.

Skills [ edit ]

These are general tips, but if you’re looking for which skills to upgrade first or essential skills, visit the Skills page for a complete guide.

  • If your skills glow in the skill tree then you’ve unlocked their bonus.
  • Atreus needs your care. It’s in your best interest to invest in his growth early on!
  • Use the right weapon for the right encounter – some enemies are immune to the Leviathan Axe’s icy attacks, so use your fists instead! Make sure you have the right skills upgraded for that fight too.
  • Never neglect upgrading Runic Attacks. Hoarding XP doesn’t do you much good. If you like an attack, upgrade it to at least level 2 sooner than later.
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