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Easy Daily Profits Review – Another Scam System Busted!

Each one of has faced life’s struggles at some point in time or maybe still are. One of the easiest way to get rid of them would be get your hands on big money. Money is the tried and tested panacea of a majority of problems. Its not for no reason that the world is running after money. Investing in Stock Markets or businesses seems as the only way to make quick and huge money. Regular jobs are not as exciting and well-paying, exceptions are always there though. But to invest in stock markets or businesses, again requires money and its a risky affair as well. So not many actually get down that lane and continue to lead the same old boring life for years and years to come.

Binary Options Trading is the relatively newer dimension and is quickly gaining popularity. Today, we review one such Binary Options Auto-Trading Software- Easy Daily Profits. Read our full review and find out our in-depth analysis on it.

Easy Daily Profits Review

Easy Daily Profits is a Binary Options trading software which can be set to auto-pilot mode to do automatic trading on your behalf. You must have been introduced to it rather recently, thanks to vigorous internet marketing. We’ll quote some facts and summarize what we see in the introductory video. Starting with- its capable to easily make hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars in a week. It works by manipulating the loopholes in Binary Option Trading. Its sophisticated algorithm is designed to find the most profitable trades and the least risky ones at the same time. The software works by predicting market fluctuations and thereafter making constant profits on your investments. With a minimum investment of $250, you can also get yourself set up to trade and take a step towards financial freedom. You can simply enjoy the luxuries of life with your family instead of worrying about your financial overheads.

The advertorial video is being narrated by Dean Westhrope, the founder of Easy Daily Profits. He narrates about his life struggles and how he survived a rough patch in life. He experienced a life transformation when an old friend of him introduced him to Easy Daily Profits. Dean started off with the free copy of the Beta-version of the software. He describes how he was able to make over $2,000 in his two days of trading. That is a thing of past now, as he is already raking in millions of dollars and his life is settled now.

Dean pushes forward and asks the viewers to get on-board and start using Easy Daily Profits for free. He says that the free spots are numbered and only the first hundred would get a chance to use it. In a matter of time, the software would not be available for less than $15,000.

Easy Daily Profits- Fake or Genuine?

So much for quote- unquote, let us get straight to the point. If you watched the website and the video carefully, you must have observed many loopholes. We’ll shred every lie there is in Easy Daily Profits. Firstly, did you notice that Dean mentions in his long story-telling about an old friend whom he met ? Now pay attention. The friend handed over a free copy of Easy Daily Profits to Dean with which Dean started making money. Now if you pay a closer look at the website, this same Dean Westhrope is introduced as the Founder of Easy Daily Profits! Is it a coincidence ? Or do they want us to believe that a beta-tester user of the software was originally also the founder of the company? Its bizarre and defies logic. We don’t believe it. We did a little bit research about Mr. Dean Westhrope and found that he is just a fictional character and the image shown on the website is just a stock photo.

They talk of exploiting the loopholes in the Binary Options Market. Well, we are just getting started with exposing what a big loophole Easy Daily Profits itself is. Again, its told again and again in the presentation that there are only 100 spots available currently. There is a counter running at the side of your right eye rapidly decreasing in count. Now wait a second, just refresh the page after sometime, what do you find? The spot count has again increased. What happened there? Did so many users give up their spots so quickly? Let us tell you, its the same old fake counter you’d find in fake websites and scams like these. Their Mantra- Induce urgency after generating hype and the scapegoats will find their way into the abattoir themselves.

The live profits window on the website is also a typical example of the foolishness of the website creators. We ask, whose live profits are they? Its not mentioned anywhere . The live trades are also most probably fake random count generators. The scamsters want us to believe that millions of dollars can be easily made in a year. It a well known fact that no business or trade in the world can so confidently claim such a thing. And talking about a financial instrument like Binary Options its just not feasible, given its volatility and risks involved. Not to mention the various factors contributing to the success or failure of a trade.

No word on Brokers or Transparency

Yes, there is no mention of the term broker anywhere on the website or even in the presentation. And they want us to blindly believe them in putting our initial investments with them! You just cannot trust these guys.

Fake Testimonials

You see many happy faces on your screen, thanking Easy Daily Profits for their “success”. We ask which success ? Its all fake. A software company which itself has cast aspersions on its own founder, what can you expect. The recommendations are static and the last updated time is stuck forever at ” 44 minutes”. The same old bunch of testimonials appear even if you revisit the website after this lifetime. Pity the shabby piece of work the website creators have done. Or is it that they were least bothered and just didn’t care! Even if a handful few unsuspecting trading aspirants fall for their plot, then they are already the millionaires they claim they are.

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Final Verdict – Easy Daily Profits Is 100% Scam! Avoid It!

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I think we have rendered enough proofs to support our Easy Daily Profits scam review. We would not recommend you paying up or even signing up to their website. Please do not share any personal information in the forms. You cannot think when and where these scammers hit you. It better to stay safe than repent later.

Daily Profits Review – Make A Lazy $2,400 Per Day?

Hi and welcome to the Daily Profits review where we move past the hype on Gary Jenkins’ sales page and take a more in-depth look at this so-called “secret $2,400 a day loophole” to find out exactly why it’s not exactly the life-changing income opportunity it claims to be.

What’s the bottom line?

Daily Profits is designed to deceive you into thinking $7 is an absolute bargain for a program that’s going to make you “Freakin’ rich!” but in the cold light of day, it is nothing more than a scummy scam.

I am not an affiliate for Daily Profits. I am simply a successful online entrepreneur on a mission to expose the time-wasting scams that don’t work and discover real money making opportunities that do.

Shall we expose Gary Jenkins and his Daily Profits scam?

I think it’s high time we did.

Daily Profits Review (Quick Overview) $7

Product Name: Daily Profits

Product Description: eCommerce Training


Daily Profits is a course by Gary Jenkins that promises you a secret loophole that will enable you to earn $1,000’s within 24 hours for as little as 10 minutes’ work per day.

The potential for earning a lot of money online is HUGE, but it Daily Profits the way to make your income goals a reality? I think not.

Daily Profits is one of those typical get-rich-quick scams that promise the earth then leave you extremely underwhelmed once inside the members area. Read this review in its entirety and you’ll see exactly why.

  • Training – 4%


  • Handy 60 Day Refund Policy


  • Outrageous Income Claims
  • Deceptive Marketing Practices
  • Outdated Training
  • Ridiculously Expensive Upsells
User Review

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Let’s Start With The Fake-Ass Advertising

I’m not exaggerating when I say nothing you see on sales page or in the sales video can be trusted…

1. Fake-Ass Earnings Claims

At one point in the video, Gary Jenkins tells us he made $12,892 in one day using the exact same loophole he wants to show you, even going as far as saying he made over $3 million last year.

In reality, the guy calling himself Gary Jenkins (we have no idea who the actual owner is) makes the vast majority of his money by selling his half-baked courses to unsuspecting people by telling them they can earn ridiculous amounts of cash starting within 24 hours for just 10 minutes of work a day.

2. Fake-Ass Scarcity

Land on the website and you’ll be told there’s only “8 copies available”. Right away we know this is rubbish – Daily Profits is a digital product being sold through and they’ll sell as many memberships as the number of people willing to pay.

This is just a well-known ruse to fool you into a false sense of urgency so you hit the buy now button before thinking too much about it.

3. Fake-Ass News

Across the bottom of the website you’ll see the logos of all the major news outlets giving you the false impression Daily Profits has been on the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur, only search online and there’s not a mention of this program anywhere.

Again, this is a deliberate ploy by the scammer to make his site look more credible than it actually is.

4. Fake-Ass Video Testimonials

Like any scam, Daily Profits has no real members getting results, which is why Gary Jenkins has to resort to hiring actors who will say whatever he tells them to say.

Here’s the girl who told us that since implementing the secret loophole she learned she’s earned $2,600 with the Daily Profits system, then here’s a screenshot of her profile over at where she advertises her services as a video spokesperson:

Remember this guy?

He says he was extremely skeptical at first, that is until last month when he tells us he’s made an incredible $73,482 using the Daily Profits method.

Here’s his Fiverr profile too:

Every single one of the people you heard on the sales page tell you they’ve made $1,000’s following the program but in truth, they just made $5 for lying to us.

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The Training: Even At $7, It’s Way Overpriced

Okay, maybe it gets better inside the members area? I’m afraid not…

Take a look at the training area and you’ll see there’s not much to see, but let’s delve a little deeper.

Hit the big green download button and you’ll quickly realise Daily Profits is nothing more than a set of 4 eBooks.

Supposedly, everything you’ll ever need to know about running a million dollar a year eCommerce business is contained in these pages. The only problem is I’ve read them and they barely scratch the surface in terms of what you need to know.

The PDF files give only a very brief overview of how to run a profitable Shopify store with only very general information. There’s nothing actionable here, no practical step-by-step instructions on how to pick the right products, find a good supplier, optimise your Facebook ad campaigns and deal with customer service issues.


There’s so much you need to know about running your own dropshipping business and I’d say these generic eBooks cover less than 5% of it.

I did a quick Google search for ‘free dropshipping eBooks’ and found these free eBooks on that probably have more useful information in them.

All you have here is a few worthless, reused junk eBooks. How Gary Jenkins can lump these together and promote them as a ‘complete training course’ is beyond me.

And that infamous loophole we kept hearing about on the sales page? There is no loophole. We’ve been conned.

But wait, it gets worse…

Outdated, Unusable Information

Daily Profits is extremely out of date.

Take eBay Daily Profits for example that talks about running a dropshipping store on eBay, but since eBay changed its rules in January 2020 this isn’t even allowed on their platform!

And support? Forget that.

Imagine with me if you will:

You’re sitting there with your 4 outdated PDF files trying to build a million dollar a year business (having been told you’ll make $2,400 within 24 hours) when you get stuck, have a question or read something doesn’t quite make sense and want clarification, what do you do?

You do the only thing you can do – send an email to a support team and wait a day or so for a response.

Not exactly the smart way to build a business is it?

On the left side of the training area is a menu that’s supposed to show the various steps to making money with eCommerce, except the links don’t even work.

This is the final nail in the coffin.

If you’ve already bought Daily Profits, go and get a refund.

Wanna Make Serious Money Online?

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BEWARE The Ridiculously Priced Upsells

Now let’s talk about the real cost of Daily Profits and why it’s priced so low.

Gary knows that once you’re in the members area he’ll be able to ambush you with upsells and upgrades when he makes the vast majority of his money.

Upsell 1: Daily Profits Elite ($297)

There’s absolutely no information about what this gives you except that it promises to double your earnings and I’m not paying $297 for the privilege of finding out.

Upsell 2: Nitro Profits Method ($197)

Apparently this upsell shows you how to profit from selling products you don’t own while getting other people to do all the work.

Shopify Monthly Fees ($29-$299/Month)

Right bang in the centre of Daily Profits is a banner with a video telling you to go over to and sign up for a package.

This is a lot of money, especially when you think you’re getting a complete income system for $7. Gary intentionally fails to tell people about the real costs involved upfront.

Can You Make Money With Daily Profits?

According to the sales video you only need these 3 things to be successful with this program:

1. A computer

2. An internet connection

3. A hunger to succeed

By now we know this is utter codswallop.

While these 3 things are of course necessary when starting any online venture, they are not the ONLY things you need – what’s really pivotal to your success is a real and practical formula you can follow, not this over-hyped BS.

Running a Shopify store, though potentially highly profitable when done right, is also very risk and there’s a lot of start-up costs involved. We haven’t even touched on production and advertising costs,

The only person making money with Daily Profits is Gary Jenkins, at the expense of everyone else.

I hope I’ve shown you enough by now that you why this isn’t the golden money making opportunity you were led to believe.

Anyone who buys Daily Profits will only struggle to try and turn these outdated eBooks into a profitable online business and in the end will give up disappointed this program doesn’t deliver on its promises.

There are so many legitimate ways to work from home but this my friend is not one of them. I’ve seen so many sites like this that promise the world but leave you high and dry and often a lot more worse off than when you started.

One thing that is certain though, the Daily Profits website won’t be up for long. It’s only a matter of time until the complaints and reviews like this one start springing up and the truth gets out, then scam operators like Gary shut up shop and a new scam with a new name pops up in its place.

Final Daily Profits Review Score: A Measly 2/100

How can anyone in good conscience mislead people into buying a shoddy product like this?

Daily Profits fails on every possible level and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

It amazes me that Gary has found a few old eBooks online and is try to pass it off as the ultimate $2,400 a day method…

There’s no over-the-shoulder video training you can follow, no community support and no expert advice that you can lean on at all.

Unlike Daily Profits, this free beginners training course from Wealthy Affiliateactually gives you solid, step-by-step and up-to-date training.

They’re the only training platform that has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their online income goals since 2005.

If you have the drive to succeed then the Wealthy Affiliate community will give you everything you need to create and grow a thriving online business without the crazy start-up costs.

Definitely try out the free training. All you need is a name and email to get started so you don’t even need to get your wallet out.

Time To Tell Us What You Think

Now that you’ve read my full and scathing Daily Profits review, what are your thoughts? Have you had any experience with Daily Profits (good or bad) that you’d like to share?

Scroll down and let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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Lots of People always wants to strike it rich, make plenty of money in the short time, but in fact it’s rarely impossible for most of us, yes there’s no doubt some of them make a quick buck easy money in some ways, but it doesn’t mean it will work for us for sure, find a good system is extremely important, not only provide a step by step learning course, but also it’s legitimate, alright I will take a look about wealth affiliate. Thanks for this nice article.

Wow! This really sounds too good to be true and apparently it is. This was a great review on Daily profits, although I have never tried it I will definitely steer clear of this website. Thanks for the honest review a lot of people are looking to make money fast and they promise it for only $7. Sounds lIke Wealthy AffIlIate Is the way to go.

When i first of all saw the headline, i already knew its going to be a scam sites, as only scam websites or platforms promises that big as much as over two thousand bucks in a day (that is a very great red flag). Thanks for exposing such a scam website as you would have saved a life by doing this. Though i still wonder how these guys connive with real people to give fake video testimonials.Thanks a lot for this, I hope to read more reviews from your subsequent posts.Cheers!

Thank you so much for this very informative post, that’s really true. People now a days will dive into a quick get rich program and at the end of the day, it ends up noting but all the program they have joined is purely SCAM.

This is a site that I can be proud of. Thanks.

Thanks Merven, all it takes to avoid being scammed is taking a second or two to sit back and think about what you’re being told and do some research like you have done. All the best!

Easy Daily Profits Scam – Real Review!

Easy Daily Profits is a confirmed scam and if you receive an invites to join this system you need to ignore them. I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about this system and it’s not good news. It’s a complete scam and you won’t make a penny from it if you sign up. That’s why I’m writing this review to share all the details and warn you to avoid it.

Easy Daily Profits – Don’t Trust It!

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t trust Easy Daily Profits it’s hard to know where I should begin. I guess the ultimate reason you need to avoid this system is because it’s a proven scam and the person behind this system has been behind many other scams in recent times. Other similar scams are The Royce Code and Obcasio which have both scammed many people in the last few weeks alone.

Easy Daily Profits : Important Details

Product Easy Daily Profits
Developer Dean Westhorpe
Review Author Mark
Rating 1/5
Conclusion 100% Scam

The person behind this system is “Dean Westhorpe” however I know from my experience with binary options systems that “Dean” is simply a made up person and this is not the real person behind this system. The real person has been behind a number of similar scams in the last few years.

When you get started with Easy Daily Profits you’ll wish you hadn’t. You will be prompted to make a deposit to fund your broker account so that their software can make trades for you. Unfortunately you won’t make a penny because when you actually do this, you will only end up losing money. Their software which is supposed to make you a fortune will make terrible trades and lose you money. You’ll find that within a few hours or days at most you won’t have any money left. Most people only discover this when they receive an email or phone call asking them to fund their account. Then they log in to check their balance and see that they have no balance left! Then they are wondering where in the world their money went.

Unfortunately so many people fall victim to scams like Easy Daily Profits. The framework behind the scam never changes, the only thing that changes is the website and sales video. Once this system has scammed enough people they will close is down and set up a new website with a fresh name and video so that it appears like a new system. In truth it won’t be any different apart from it will appear different to a newbie who will get sucked into the scam.

Easy Daily Profits – Fake Testimonials

Another reason that this system is a scam are the fake testimonials. This is always a huge giveaway that a system is a scam. Unfortunately newbies probably won’t realise that fake testimonials are being used and might get sucked into thinking that these are from real people. However when you have looked at 100’s of systems like I have you soon know what to look for and you even start seeing the same fake people in the testimonial videos and images.

There is a website called and a lot of fake testimonials come from this website. For literally $5 people will pay money to give a fake testimonial saying they made a fortune with the scam system. It’s a real shame but I can only guess these people are desperate for money. They certainly don’t make the money claimed though or they wouldn’t be giving testimonials for a measly $5.

Conclusion: Easy Daily Profits Is A Scam

Don’t waste your time with the Easy Daily Profits system. It’s a huge scam and won’t make you a penny.

Instead of wasting your time with it, why not take a look at my #1 recommendation? It’s a system I’ve been using to make 5-figures per month online and it has nothing to do with binary options either. In fact if you check it out at the link below you can see exactly how it works and how you can use it to make money.

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  • Binomo

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