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MyChargeBack regards phishing and spoofing attempts on our clients very seriously. We advise you to verify that the email you receive from MyChargeBack is indeed sent from If you are sent any type of communication carrying our name that looks suspicious, please forward a copy to us at [email protected]

You used your credit or debit card.
You believed you were scammed.
Let’s get your money back

Credit card disputes with scammers are serious business.
We deliver the winning strategies time after time.
Let us help you

The MyChargeBack team is comprised of professionals with extensive financial, legal and regulatory backgrounds. We have made it our business to assist the victims of scams in recovering their money.

If you’ve been victimized by Binary Options or Forex brokers – we can assist you. Please click below to learn more about our fund recovery services.

Online trading brokerages can be ruthless in their greed and corruption. MyChargeBack can help you get your money back by guiding you each step of the way.

Every Case Is Unique

We analyze, and build the correct arguments.

Fund Recovery

We clarify the chargeback to the banks – in their language.

Our Experience Counts

We put 100% of our effort into every one of our clients’ cases.

Quick Processing

We process our clients’ cases with efficiency, care and attention to details.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

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Why Let Scammers Get Away?

Mastercard and Visa give consumers the right to dispute charges. If you know how to use your rights, you can get your money back!

Banks Make Mistakes, Too

If you present your case incorrectly, your bank will reject you. We instruct you according to Mastercard and Visa dispute policies and chargeback rules and procedures.

Merchants Will Defend Themselves

Fortunately for you, we already know what they will say. Our strategy is always one step ahead of theirs.

Credit Card Dispute Strategy

Banks require you to build a logical chargeback case that is justified by referring to specific Visa and Mastercard rules and regulations. Even if you were scammed, customer service agents at banks will still need to be convinced to approve your request and process your case. Our strategies and expertise combine to make them care!

Credit card disputes are serious and credit card chargebacks warrant professional advice. is owned by Cactil, LLC
1441 Broadway, 3rd Floor, PMB #3111, New York, NY 10018, USA

(USA TOLL FREE) 1-888-350-8030
(USA) 1-646-915-1414

(UK) +44 20 8068 0493
(UK) +44 20 3966 2719

(CA) 1-647-946-8583
(AU) +61 02 8015 5645

Disclaimer: MyChargeBack provides free consultations. Chargeback and other fund recovery programs contracted thereafter are subject to retainers, fees and/or commissions depending on the individual case history and the type of service selected. MyChargeBack does not offer any financial investments or advice. Review – My Charge Back

Today I’m looking at a new service built to help traders that believe they’ve been scammed get their money back, The creators of this service specialized in the fields of Binary Options, Forex or CFD brokers. Obviously for the purposes of my review, the focus will be on binary options, and this seems to be the market they advertise in most frequently.

The creator of this software is Mark Timmons, he claims that he was scammed once in the past, and that led into creating this company, Cactil, LLC. There is no full address, but we are told the location of the offices is in Cedarhurst, New York. Traders can contact support by email [email protected] or phoning 1-888-350-8030 in the US, 1-647-946-8583 in Canada, 44-20-806-80493 in the UK and 61-2-8015-5645 in Australia. There are no office hours so you are best to email first and inquire when you can call. Review

The point of the service is to get your money back. They go about this by helping in the preparation of material that your bank will require in order to make the decision on your charge back. Each quote is personal, on a case by case basis but I’ve read one scenario where a trader wanted to recover $4550 and was quoted an up front fee of $750 USD. This does seem steep, but if it works, then it could be worth it. Yet, if you were to get the chargeback on your own, then that would be even more promising. So, it’s important that we analyze what exactly they are offering, and determine if that’s not something we can do on our own.

Personally, I feel like the creators of this service should be charging after they win your money back, not before. Or at the very least, put that money in a trust so that you don’t lose more money if they are unsuccessful.


There are a few points that believes they have expertise that will ensure traders recover their money.

  • They know what the bank needs to hear.
  • They know what type of mistakes the banks often make that lose your chargeback.
  • They know when you need to escalate your case within the bank.
  • They know know how many people live on mars. I’m not sure why this is here, seems off-brand and unprofessional considering the rest of the web-site.
  • They know how to present the chargeback “in the most effective manner.

These seem like valid points, but none of them really go into any detail. I feel like this service offers a guiding hand on your shoulder, but I’m not sure if it’s really necessary. If you know how to stomp your feet, and clap your hands loud enough, I believe that you can get this done on your own.

Client Feedback

There doesn’t seem to be any real client feedback for this service. The Win ChargeBack fund recovery service I reviewed last week had much more client feedback.

This service only seems to have a reddit thread made about 7 months ago and the majority of the posters are highly skeptical.


At this point in time I don’t believe I would signup for I would probably try and do this on my own, to see if I could recover my funds without having to pay someone nearly $1000 to do it for me, with no real promises of success or client feedback. My Win Charge Back is a better solution, but I don’t think I’d use either. In the end, its up to you.

My hope is that we will hear from some actual clients now, and that will help change my opinion on this completely. Thank you for reading, and let me know if you need any help trading binary options.






  • Clear process
  • Bad client feedback

About the Author

John Kane I am a full time binary options trader. I was able to leave my job in the last 5 years and dedicate myself to trading fully. I never thought my hobby and passion would make a living for me but I am grateful every day that it has. My main goal now is to communicate with the binary trading community, contribute to different websites and learn from other traders.

Disclaimer: Binary Today would like to remind you that the content contained in this website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate. Past performance does not guarantee future performance, the above is not indicative and is purely for educational purposes only. Relying on the above for investment, trading or betting in binary options or Forex is not advised unless done so with virtual money only.

Binary Today or anyone involved with Binary Today will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information including reviews, recommendations, charts, software, income reports and signals contained within this website. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible.

82 Responses to Review – My Charge Back

Hello Alan you say you have the money back ?? I invested a lot of money in Cryptocartal and can not get to them anymore. who can help me? or how can I get it back myself? do you have experience with it,

My friend asked me for information about, Which is how we ended up here. After reading the reviews we’re skeptical about the service even more so. When she made contact with she was asked for an upfront fee of 5k then it was dropped to $2500 with a 35% cut if successful. Her losses was much higher than most reviews here and sounds like they were trying to get more money from her desperate situation. If they are legitimate their approach with her does not seem to be so. Are they asking for a high initial fee because they know their promises of success are not going to pay off? Or do they feel she’s a more gullible target desperate enough to pay it?

Hi . Can anyone tell me if they lost money to L Binary broker , They disappeared off line in March 2020 with all clients money including mine .

i was scammed for over £16000 before christmas by a company called FXP Markets, i decided to use mycharge back, to date i have received £1242.43 refund, so there is still along way to go they have promised they will use there own money to invest on there account in my name, any profit made out of the account will be mine and they will send me that money until my original deposit is payed back, i haven’t a clue if they are talking bulshit, or if charge back have managed to get the ball rolling, the fact is my bank, action fraud (the police), and the FCA Financial Conduct Authority, have not been able to retrieve any money, i have been putting one withdrawal request after another and every time i do. someone phones me trying to offer solutions, i have a record app on my phone and i am recording every call i receive, i am sending these to mycharge back, for evidence to help with the case, i am not 100% sure if it is my efforts that are working, or if it is hard work of charge back, i have paid my upfront cost so i will be happy to pay the 25% if i get all of my money back.

Thanks for sharing this information Theodor.

I don’t know what the particulars of Alan’s case were, of course. I only know the particulars of my own case. I also suspect that every case is different.

In my case, I certainly could not have gotten my own money back myself without MyChargeback’s assistance. I know that because I tried, more than once. My bank didn’t event want to speak with me. They told me to go work it out with the merchant. Of course, the “merchant” was a scammer and didn’t want to work anything out with me, so I was caught in a vicious circle.

The representative at MyChargeback who handled my case spoke with my bank’s dispute team on multiple occasions. The bank eventually agreed that I had dispute rights and processed a chargeback. It worked.

MyChargeback came through for me and I’m quite satisfied. Their representatives I dealt with were dedicated to helping me.

Thomas: While we have no one by the name of Thomas Germaine registered in our files as a client, permit me to note that while we cannot guarantee 100% success, we do guarantee 100% effort. While we are prepared to spend as much time trying to convince a bank to do so, the issuing bank has to decide if it will raise a dispute. If it does not, we can provide a bank recall, which is a longer process because it involves the acquiring bank rather than the issuing bank. In any event, we are happy to see that you were ultimately able to retrieve your funds through what we will presume was a fully legal procedure.

I am the Media Relations Manager of, and while I do not make it a practice to respond online to comments about our company, I feel obliged to do so in this case in order to address a number of inaccuracies and accusations in this thread.

1. Gillian Bernobik: I have been assured by my colleague Rami that he has been in touch with you regarding your case. Needless to say, there is more than one Rami in this world (Google lists 51.3 million sites on which the name appears), and it is a mere but not unusual coincidence that the scammer you dealt with employs one with the same name.

2. Mozza: We are not a Canadian company. We are an American company headquartered in New York. We can send you the URL where you can find proof of our corporate registration in Delaware.

3. fpeivissa: We maintain internet phone numbers in the US, Canada, Britain, and Australia in order to serve an international clientele and save them from having to pay international calling rates.

4. David suspects ” that is, itself, a SCAM. Reason: I ALMOST got into bed with FM-FX but, after some investigation after my initial contact with them via Facebook, and finding that they had a terrible track record of not doing what they promised and not giving refunds, told the person who kept phoning me to GO AWAY and NEVER contact me again. I had not put ANY money with them … then, lo and behold, three days later I get an unsolicited email from “[email protected]” offering their services to get my money back.

David: MyChargeBack has served thousands of clients and recovered more than $4 in their funds to date. Moreover, we appear on the web site of the Better Business Bureau of New York, which has given us an A- rating. Can you say the same thing about the outfit that scammed you?

We do not and never have conducted any marketing campaign by sending unsolicited emails. Perhaps it would have been fair to ask us first before suggesting that we are in cahoots with a scammer. If you retained a copy of that email, we would appreciate it if you could forward it to us so we can examine it. Perhaps you are confusing the chronology or perhaps you had left your contact information on our site or know of someone who left it in your name after having heard of your situation.

5. Jason writes that he had “contacted by email but by the time they called me back i had already begun negotiation on my own with the company that i suspected may have scammed me; i felt i would be able to probably recover most of my money by myself, so by the time MyChargeback called me i told them am already in negotiations with the company that i suspect may have scammed me and i don’t need to unecessarily alarm that vendor that i will be appointing to follow up on my money in case the vendor refused to return my money. They agreed but insisted i sign up with them by paying 50% of their upfront fee of USD 850. I made it very clear that if the outcome of my already begun negotiations with the scam vendor are successful then they will not pursue any work and will refund me my $425. So they said they will not begin any work pending instructions from me. I was eventually actually able to recover all of my money through direct negotiation with the vendor that i suspected was a scam. So when i told that and demanded they return my $450 as agreed previously with them they refused saying they already begun their research work ! They broke the agreement we had, did ABSOLUTELY no work for me that contributed in anyway in recovering one dollar from the vendor and in the end the vendor that i suspected may have been a scammer returned all my money while Mychargeback cheated me with $425. They seem TOO eager to immediately get you to sign a contract and pay 50% of a somewhat large fee while promising no real benefit. They will also charge 25% of any amount recovered but will deduct the initial fee. I was very dissappointed with their lack of integrity, they criticize scammers but they reek ‘rip-of’f / scammer’ i would for sure avoid them i were you. a totally lously and untrustworthy company. They are a rip off !”

First Jason, MyChargeBack does not begin work on a case before the client signs a contract. The contract you signed states in Paragraph 9(a), and I quote, that “For services provided under Schedule A, the Client agrees to pay the Company a non-refundable retainer of $850 (USD) or equivalent via Credit/Debit Card/Wire before the Company begins to provide any services.” Even after signing the contract you could have prevented it form entering into force by not paying the first half of the retainer, but you chose to pay it anyway.

Second, as per Paragraph 4 of our contract, and I quote, “You remain responsible for any decisions that you make, and in taking such decisions regards must be given to the restrictions on the scope of our work.” We began work on your case because you signed it. You were free not to, but at the time you chose otherwise and, therefore, “remain responsible” for your decisions.

Third, as per Schedule A of our contract, once it is signed we begin to assemble relevant documentation, prepare a cancellation of service notice that the client sends to the scammer and then, assuming the scammer does not refund the client’s funds in their entirety, an extensive brief that the client will eventually submit to the bank, together with a formal chargeback request. All of this can take up to two weeks of time by our staff. This is real work that they perform. Their work hours and all associated costs are covered by the retainer. We don’t make any money off of it and it’s certainly not a “rip off.” We cannot provide these extensive services for free because, if we were to do so, our clients would have no incentive to pay for them afterwards.

Fourth, upon contacting us, we always advise prospective clients NOT to conduct independent negotiations with scammers, and we would have advised you as well. Based on our experience, the minority who respond tend to offer only a partial settlement, and only in exchange for a waiver signed by the victim in which he or she is required to promise not to take any other action or publicize the particulars of the case. This is obviously not in the victim’s interest. We have had numerous clients who have come to us after accepting such partial settlements who then request our help in recovering the remainder of their money, but unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at that point under the circumstances. If, in your case, the scammer willingly agreed to a full remuneration on the spot, that is the exception to the rule. You should consider yourself very lucky. Most others will not share such luck.

Nonetheless, precisely because we are responsive to our clients, we are willing to review the particulars of your case if you contact us offline.

Reuben Eliaz, please explain the following facts:

1. Every email you send out contains the statement “ is owned by Cactil, LLC, USA.” I go online to Delaware’s Division of Corporations hoping to learn more about Cactil, llc. What I learn is that the Registered Agent is “The Company Corporation” in Wilmington, DE. Hmmm. This is not helpful in understanding more about the people behind Cactil or mychargeback. Being incorporated in Delaware doesn’t mean much to me, because we all know how easy it is to incorporate in Delaware. Anyone can do it in 10 minutes for very little money. So that piece of information was useless. No background substance in the incorporating information.

2. In a Google search, I find two static websites ( and They are very basic. It looks like someone created them just so Cactil has a presence on the web. They contain no real information, but they do claim expertise in financial negotiation and settlement. There are no links to back up any claims. Only two names appear on the Cactilpartners site: the founder is listed as “M.Y. Timinksy” (which is likely a misspelling, by the way – what founder would allow his last name to be misspelled on the website, I ask myself. ) and CEO Michael Cohen. When I google the phrase “Michael Cohen Cactil”, Google returns photos of President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney who is under investigation by the Justice Department for bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations, among other things.

Can you tell me, Reuben Eliaz: is the CEO of Cactil LLC this same Michael Cohen who is under investigation? If not, would you please point me to a website, a LinkedIn profile, or some other site where I may learn more about the CEO and Executive Team of Cactil and MyChargeBack?

3. Timinsky and Cohen are running Cactil, and therefore they are running mychargeback. Right? It’s right there in every email you send out. You’re proud of this. You state this for people to understand as a point of reference. Well, this is all the information I have to go on. When I ask your employee Norman Hirschel about both of these individuals he completely ignores my question. Completely. I ask myself: is there something to hide here?

Norman’s only response to me is an explanation of the BBB, and that you have an A- rating. I already know that from my google searches of you. You hang everything on the BBB’s A- rating. Is that it.

I don’t get it. You KNOW that our biggest fear is sending more money to an organization that isn’t transparent about the way they do business — that we’re going to get scammed again. We want to know who the owners are. We want to know who is running the company, and their reputations. We want to know why we should engage you.

You have given us very little reason to trust you, and from what I have learned in a few internet searches, you have given us a lot of reasons NOT to trust you.

Don’t be silent. Tell us what’s going on at Cactil llc, your parent company.

Facts, Mr. Eliaz. Transparency. It’s all about trust.

In reply to Scott Bean:

My colleagues have repeatedly attempted to phone you using the number you left for us but the voice operator keeps saying “We can’t complete your call.”

We understand. You were scammed and skepticism is a natural reaction for someone in your position.

Yes, Cactil is registered in Delaware. Over a million businesses — more than 50% of publicly traded companies in the U.S. and more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware. And they include just about every major financial institution, from Capital One to Citbank to JPMorgan Chase. They are registered in Delaware because their sheer numbers enable them to rub shoulders, which is always good for business, and because of financial incentives.

Unlike those big publicly traded corporations, however, Cactil is privately-owned. We are not obliged to publish names of our investors and employees.

While we’re not required to answer, of course, but seeing how important it is for you, we would like to assure you that the Michael Cohen to whom you refer is not the Michael Cohen associated with Cactil. It’s not an uncommon name. There are 1,783 different people named Michael Cohen on LinkedIn, and it’s the most common surname in New York state. It’s also the 320th most common in the United States, shared by 87,226 different people.

Regarding trust, we would refer you to, where you can review what former MyChargeBack clients actually say about us. In addition, should you be interested in speaking with a former MyChargeBack client in or around Utah, we can certainly provide a few numbers for you to call.

Hi, I have been scammed by a company called OT Capital. I have told them I had no experience trading and they said they would teach me. At the same time they were very influential and pushy in to making take advantage of a trading opportunity that was happening that day. How convenient! They gave me figure of how much money I could make if I invested a minimum of $2000 that day to open up a standard lot AUDUSD, USDCAD,EURCHF,GBPUSD,USDJPY. as the market was volatile. I did, and I saw the figures go from negative to positive as they say this is how it starts with all trades.i ALSO WAS TOLD TO INVEST MORE FOR THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH world trade is better with Gold & Oil, luckily I had no more money to invest…After it went to green (positive) my so called on screen figures plumped into the red and I found myself chasing my money and further listening to their ‘senior manager’s’ advice to recover it back. Phone call after phone call following persuasive so called expert instructions left me out of pocket within 5 days of $7650. I would not answer there phone calls after this I was afraid … I am bitterly upset and depressed I was looking for a a way of increasing our money to help pay bills. Double Whammy. . Now looking at legal action and possibly charge back. This was funded with my visa credit card. Is there any way I can get my money back? MyChargeBack came on line when I put out there about a scam are these people in cahoots with these people he also said his name was Rami….. rings alarm bells, I have sent them a deposit but have not heard anything back from them, so I think they are also part of the scam……………now I have reported them to our federal government ………….don’t know what to do now…………..

OT Capital got images instead of their name on the bottom, so definitely they’re trying to hide. These are not brokers, but criminals. They get you into belief that they’ve invested your money, but your money never touched any trading account, they lost your money on the demo server, and your money went one-way straight to their mafia bank. Keep as much evidence you can.

Hi, I have been scammed by a company called Tradeo. I have told them I had no experience trading and they said they will teach me. At the same time they were very influential and pushy in to making take advantage of a trading opportunity that was happening that day. How convenient! They gave me figure of how much money I could make if I invested a minimum of £1000 that day to open up a standard lot Brent oil as the market was volatile. I did, and I saw the figures go from negative to positive as they say this is how it starts with all trades. After it went to green (positive) my so called on screen figures plumped into the red and I found myself chasing my money and further listening to their ‘senior manager’s’ advice to recover it back. Phone call after phone following persuasive so called expert instructions left me out of pocket within 5 days of £3000. I have threaten them, I said I want my money back. They say they will help me get it back but I have to invest. I am bitterly upset and depressed when really I have initially found them on a job site where I was looking for a job as I’m unemployed. Double Whammy. Do not trust Tradeo they insist that you fail without telling you and they win either way. Now looking at legal action and possibly charge back. This was funded with my visa credit card. Is there any way I can get my money back?

Also they are based in Cyprus, but contact me from a London number but they do not physically exist in London.

Can someone please give me some confidence in this company. i have been scammed by this binary option company and ive already filed a chargeback through the banks but ive been told its more likely to be rejected and or winchargeback can help?

Any confidence guys please.

Hi everybody. first of all sorry for my bad english. I was cheated by a dishonest broker for a large sum of money. I contacted and they asked me 500 pounds to start with. then another 500 pounds to go on. this only for the money paid with the card. for the wire transfers, they asked me for $ 4,000 and I do not know why they’re pounds for cards and dollars for wire transfers.
then I turned all over the internet and I did not find (ONE) I say (ONE) review of someone who has had the money back successfully

of course I will not start anything until I see positive reviews

Yes, I used Mychargeback and was super impressed by their professionalism, honesty, knowledge, and follow-up. Mine was a particularly complicated case that involved two credit cards from two banks. I can say that I could never have gotten my money back without them. They never gave up. They know so much more than the banks do that one of mine, which was a very skeptical bank, finally yelled “uncle” after MCB kept citing specific Visa rules and regulations that the bank didn’t know about. I have no reservation in recommending them and will tell you even more — if they can’t get your money back then no one can. Good Luck.

So….on that bombshell it appears we are all up shit creek without a paddle….i to feel scammed by StoxMarket and these companies are getting away with it…the thief is always one step ahead of the good guys. i know someone who had their 60k Mercedes stolen cos a scanner picked all the information from their keys in the house….what chance has the littleman got.

I’m also a victim of a binary scam. I have just signed a contract with I think they are serious people. I’m going to continue with them and put a feedback here as soon as I get positive results.

I also have been scammed, and lost all of my savings, from 2 fake brokers in UK. ( Toroption and Plusoption ). They are real big scambugs.!
I haven’t made a contract with yet, as it’s difficult to trust anyone at the moment.!

Please inform us other, if they have been honest to You and succeded to refund Your deposits.
Right now, I hope and pray, that you succed and not experience another fraud.



MyChargeBack has a consumer rating of 3.6 stars from 14 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. MyChargeBack also ranks 8th among Financial Advisory sites. The most common issues with MyChargeBack are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

This company responds to reviews on average within 3 days

“I appreciate the work you are doing.”

Engaging My Charge Back’s services was a good choice, especially with the support and advice given by the specialist we (my wife and I) were assigned to. Our only small complaint is that we would have liked to have had a quicker response to some of our earlier emails when requesting some advice. We appreciated it when Markus informed us of his taking over our account for the case, and appreciated him taking us to the “finish line” – convincing the bank to restore our lost money.

“Still waiting and waiting”

My Charge Back contacted me after I posted my review asking me me for the “history and progress” of my case. If any one should have access to that information it should be MCB. This unfortunate episode already dragged on for 11 months. They have now informed me that my case is before the “regulator” and will take another 9 months. Before I paid for their services, I was told the process will be complete in 9 months, I am now being told it could take up to 2 years. If they were more honest in disclosing this information I would have researched and used a more efficient, honest, and professional company.

Reviews (14)

Engaging My Charge Back’s services was a good choice, especially with the support and advice given by the specialist we (my wife and I) were assigned to. Our only small complaint is that we would have liked to have had a quicker response to some of our earlier emails when requesting some advice.

We appreciated it when Markus informed us of his taking over our account for the case, and appreciated him taking us to the “finish line” – convincing the bank to restore our lost money.

To address these issues:

1. When speaking with clients who have complaints, we always ask them to review for us the history of their case and any progress that has been made in order to understand their perspective. We are sorry that the question caused you agitation.

2. We also regret that this case has taken so long to resolve. It is our mutual interest not only to successfully recover a client’s funds but also to proceed as vigorously as possible. At no point did we neglect this case. Unfortunately, however, the fund recovery process can be prolonged due to the pace of communication with and between the banks. In this instance, the issuing bank, unjustifiably, in our opinion, declined our first attempt to raise a dispute. While we cannot promise 100% success, we do promise 100% effort, and, therefore, we then escalated the case by appealing to the regulator. Since the regulator is a government agency that handles a huge volume of cases, it usually requires several months to review and rule on an appeal.

I was a client at attempting to recover the cryptocurrency that was lost due to a fraudulent forex broker,, taking my online wallet at the time of payout. I hired these folks in May 2020. They were charged with trying to recover the bitcoin that was purchased in order to enter the forex fraudulent scheme at the said broker. Fast forward about a year and i have yet to make any headway in the funds recovery.

As many of you may have figured, the scammers have been smart and are at the head of many of these fund recovery organizations we find online. I have fear that these people are no different.

After a year of writing letters, the only pieces of success that this outfit has made was notifying the FBI and the UK authorities, the two places were the criminals cashed out my investments. The last email i received from these people informed of the thing they were UNABLE to do.

Not sure how this world has gotten so out of hand and how people have become so desperate for a dollar, but i suggest you stay away from these guys. They will not help.

Gabriel, we sympathize with your situation. Your loss is also our loss.

It is emotionally stressful to be scammed and even more so when the money you lost cannot be recovered. Cryptocurrency is particularly difficult to recover since, by definition, tracing its path through the blockchain was designed to provide anonymity. For that reason, we were reticent at first to take on your case, but decided to do so because we were convinced that we would be able to provide at least some assistance to you. While we can never guarantee 100% results, we do guarantee 100% effort. And the record shows that we provided it, and more.

First, we went above and beyond our contractual obligation to you by retaining an attorney to draft a total of 16 legal letters, as you mentioned, to cover all the possible angles in tracing your assets.

Second, we provided a complimentary Crypto Trace for you, which turned up the pathway and final e-wallet destination of your cryptocurrency. That, in turn, enabled us to notify the FBI and appropriate UK authorities, as you mentioned.

Third, we also drafted a police report for you, which is in your hands. You are free to submit it to the police to seek a court subpoena that would cite the ID of the e-wallet holder.

Therefore, there is no doubt that, during the many months of work we invested in your case, we did make significant headway. As a result, you can now pursue your case with the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

We should also note, however, that despite all of this, we were subjected to a significant amount of verbal abuse during your phone conversations with Iryna and Evan, among others. (We reviewed the recordings and your comportment during those calls was truly offensive.)

We are disappointed with your lack of appreciation for our efforts. Despite that, we wish you success in pursuing your case with the police to eventually bring the scammers to justice, and your bitcoin back into your e-wallet — where it belongs.

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How To Start Binary Options Trading 2020
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