Review Is Onlyinsiston Scam or Legit Online Store

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The Online Shopping Company Reviews

297 • Bad

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Write a review

Reviews 297

So annoyed with BananaPie2

So annoyed with BananaPie2. Ordered 2 outdoor fleece jackets (cost around £40)
They arrived and were nothing like what I had expected. Far too small, bad quality, cheap and nasty!
I emailed them and they said I could have a partial refund (of £3). Absolute joke. I said that I would send them back to get the full refund.
Cost me £18 to return to China.
Tracking shows that they received it in December. They say they have not got it but I cannot get compensation. They have to contact their delivery office (which they won’t do)
Been in constant contact with them over email but they keep asking for proof which I have sent multiple times.
I have no product and am £58 out of pocket!

If I could give this rocywigs a negative star

If I could give this rocywigs cheap material a negative 0 this website deserve it. It is a total rip off it says lacefront and the items looks cute but it is actually GARBAGE! This website needs to be shutdown permanently but it’s not going to happen , so for anybody that’s reading before buying from rocywig website that are truly just crooks THiS IS A WARNING. DO NOT BUY. You will get a wig or wigs that are made for COSPLAY not a lacefront and also if you want to know if rocywigs a scam/crook send them an email with your complaints and I promise you, you will and would not hear any reply back from the website because there is no nor has it ever been a customer service phone number nor the correct email it’s a personal email not business.

Online shopping shop

Online shopping shop

Total rip-off

Total rip-off

NOT TRUSTWORTHY! If I could give 0/5 stars I would.

If I could give 0/5 stars I would. I ordered a sweater off of the Polelia website on the 27/12/19. Shipping mentioned 2-3 weeks which was fair.
One month passes, no sweater. I email and they explain that they are processing a high volume of orders and I must wait patiently.
ANOTHER month passes, still no sweater so I re-email. The same message is pinged back to me.
It’s now the 15/03/20 and I don’t have a sweater. Having just remembered I decided to email them again to ask for my money back. Only to find that the emails are no longer in my inbox and the company is nowhere to be found.
Honestly it’s appalling.

Don’t buy anything from TATUNIS.

Don’t buy anything from TATUNIS.

I bought a boots on Pinters website that represent this company. The boots arrived from China- poorly made and from some face leather material. I returned the item but they did not refund me any money and ignored my emails to them.

I ordered a jacket from them and it’s…

I ordered a jacket from them and it’s been so long i really forgot about it until i seen an old email. the store is closed now and IM SURE I WANT RECEIVE MY MONEY BACK. SO IF ANYONE FIND OUT WHO IT IS PLEASE LET ME KNOW


I wish I had read the reviews about this store before I purchased my shoes. I bought them February 17th and I get no response from them. I’ve been emailing and sending messages and nothing.

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I had the worst experience ever with…

I had the worst experience ever with this shop. My order never arrived, and I never got my money back.

Poor product, no returns or Responses

Poorly described product. Sizing was Totally off. No replies to inquiries and no response to returns. I Did pay for a return and they supposedly returned it to me again. but I never received it and no refund or response. Not to be trusted in any way.
At your own risk.

Items never received

Items never received. Generated email that are not helpful. Do not waste your money buying from this company Betterbop.

It’s a SCAM

It’s a SCAM, never ever make any purchase from this online shop.

Don’t pay for expedited shipping.

We placed an order on January 22nd 2020. We paid for expedited shipping. Based on the date and their Processing time and Shipping time, it has been the max of 9 days processing and 10 days shipping for the extra cost of expedited shipping. A month later and still no item. Expedited shipping is a joke. Sent 2 emails and no reply. Now after reading these reviews I regret making a purchase with them.

Absolutely unacceptable service

Absolutely unacceptable service. Wrong item delivered, 2 months later and they never-ever answered my email

BEWARE . ➡️➡️➡️BEWARE . BEWARE . THEY SUCK . They SUCK . They deserve a -10 review. In my reading they had a few positive ratings so I thought I really want these cases so maybe I’ll be one of the few that can say I was satisfied with Guess what -I wasn’t and you won’t be either. I’m out $30. Every time I email them I get the same generated response “may I ask if they work ? Can u please keep them?” I’ve emailed over 50 times ! Unbelievable . They are getting our money for free. I would like to file a complaint just to aggravate them but have no idea how to start the process for overseas. It’s not the dollar amount – it’s what right and what’s wrong ! They are the first order from all my ordering overseas that has screwed me over ! THEY SUCK . I’m just warning you to not order from them !

When you pay by PayPal they thank you for your donation and no acknowledgement of your purchase.

If I could have chosen 0 stars I would…

If I could have chosen 0 stars I would have. I ordered a cardigan with hood for £26 at the beginning of January. When it has not arrived after 2 weeks I emailed but had no reply. I emailed again a few days later. No reply. A parcel finally arrived after 4 weeks. It was not the garment I had ordered and the quality was appalling- thin and badly made. Do NOT buy from this company.

How can I tell if an ecommerce website is genuine?

Shopping online is very convenient, but sometimes it’s difficult to know if the website you’re visiting is legitimate. It’s natural to question whether you’ll be safe when buying from a website for the first time. So, we’ve developed this quick tips list to help you stay safe when shopping online, and hopefully avoid any scams.

Contact details

A legitimate store will have contact details on its site. If it is just a web contact form, without an address, email, and phone number you should probably be wary. All genuine online stores will be happy to help with any query you have so, if you are buying for the first time, do get in touch to see if they are real.

Customer feedback

Take a look on the website to see if there are any customer reviews about the products or the company. Also, if you are uncertain, run a search for the name of the website and the words “scam” or “fake”. You’ll quickly find out if others have had bad experiences and you should steer clear.

Whois lookup

When you run a website, you typically supply the registration details to the organizations that regulates that domain name. You can enter the website address of the online store you’re browsing at the below link for .com websites, for example. This will let you know who has registered the site. If the details match the contact details listed on the website, then chances are it is safe to buy.

Website encryption measures

When you’re buying from a secure website you will always see the following in the address bar:

The padlock icon means that the site is using encrypted communications to secure any information you submit to it. The “s” in “https” also means that communications between the website and your computer or mobile are secure and encrypted. You should only buy from sites with “https” on their check-out page.

Google Safe Browsing

Google has developed a quick tool to check if the website you’re visiting is unsafe. Sometimes even legitimate sites have been comprised by hackers. You can visit the following link and enter the website you’re visiting to see if there are any issues with it:

Look and Feel

There are also some simple things you can do when you arrive on a website to check it’s real. The first is how professional the site looks. Is it well laid out? Are the images high-resolution? Is the language free from grammar and spelling errors? It’s down to you, but if you compare the site you’re on with one you already trust, you should be able to see if there are any differences.

With these tips, you should be able to tell whether a site is safe and genuine, or if it doesn’t look legitimate. No-one of these tips alone will guarantee a website is safe, but when combined, chances are you’re dealing with the real thing. If you have any other tips to help, please leave a comment below.

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Don’t get scammed by a fake online store

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning online shoppers to be wary of scammers masquerading as legitimate online retailers, often selling well-known brands at too-good-to-be-true prices.

Already in 2020, the ACCC’s Scamwatch service has received more than 1000 reports of online shopping scams worth more than $150,000 in total.

Don’t get scammed by a fake online store – Infographic

Younger Australians in the 18 to 24 age bracket made up the biggest group of people who reported losing money to online shopping scammers. Worryingly, Scamwatch’s statistics also show nearly one in every two people reporting the scam lost money.

“Australians love shopping online and scammers take advantage of this by setting up fake websites that look like genuine online stores, including professional-looking design, stolen logos, and even a ‘’ domain name and/or stolen ABNs,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“The only thing these websites are selling is false hope. The scammers running these sites will advertise goods, often well-known and trusted brands, at unbelievably low prices to lure in unsuspecting consumers shopping around for a good deal. If something looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.”

Ms Rickard said that while the often-professional design of fake retailer websites can make them almost exactly look like the real deal, there were some tell-tale scam signs consumers can look for.

“The biggest tip-off is the method of payment: scammers will often ask you to pay using a money order, pre-loaded money card, or wire transfer, even gift cards from well-known retailers. If you make a payment this way to a scammer, you’re highly unlikely to see that money again,” Ms Rickard said.

We all love a bargain, the bigger the better, but scammers prey on this and will use the ‘fear of missing out’ to cloud your judgement. If in doubt, do a Google search on the website you’re thinking of buying a product from. There are many great product review services that can tip you off to stay clear of a fake retailer,” Ms Rickard said.

Scamwatch tips

  • Do some independent research on a website you’re thinking of buying a product from and check out reviews from other consumers.
  • Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency. Never send money or give credit card or online account details to anyone you don’t know or trust and never by email.
  • When making online payments, only pay for items using a secure payment service—look for a URL starting with ‘https’ and a closed padlock symbol, or a payment provider such as PayPal. Think twice before using virtual currencies such as bitcoin—they do not have the same protections as other transaction methods so you can’t get your money back once you send it.
  • When using retail websites, find out exactly who you are dealing with. If it is an Australian company, you are in a much better position to sort out the problem if something goes wrong. You can check ABNs at:
  • Check if the website site has a refund or returns policy, and that their policies sound fair. The better online shopping sites have detailed complaint or dispute handling processes in case something goes wrong.
  • Avoid clicking on pop-up ads that can download viruses, spyware, malware, and other unwanted software to your computer.


You can report scams to the ACCC via the Scamwatch report a scam page.

More information

Stay one step ahead of scammers, follow @Scamwatch_gov on Twitter.

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