OptionRally Broker Review

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OptionRally Review

OptionRally was a binary options broker that is no longer in business.

They were owned by Optionrally Financial Services Ltd, and located at: Zavos Kriel Court, 1 Griva Digeni Street #201, Limassol, Cyprus. Their phone numbers are: South Africa: +27 10 500 1844 and United Kingdom: +44 203 608 0253.

For complaints and withdrawal problems read this.

OptionRally Review

OptionRally uses the popular SpotOption (LiveTrader) trading platform which many brokers use. They are an innovator when it comes to mobile binary options trading. They were the first broker to create a mobile trading app for both iPhone and Android. As with other brokers using the SpotOption platform, they offer their traders regular binary options, high speed options, ladder options and pairs. OptionRally’s website is available in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, and Arabic.

Returns on the $EUR/USD binary option is 81%. The minimum deposit for new accounts is only $250.

License & Regulation

When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews binary option brokers to determine if they are a legit broker or a scam broker we use a simple test. Does the broker hold a license and are they regulated by CySEC in Cyprus? Do they fall under the MIFId regulatory rules in the European Union (EU)?

One of the benefits of using a regulated broker is that if the trader has a problem, they can always complain to CySEC. OptionRally.EU is a broker regulated and licensed by the CySEC in Cyprus, license number 220/13. They were granted a licensed on November 7th, 2020.

OptionRally.com which is the broker outside of Europe, is owned by TCM Investments Ltd, is not a licensed broker. There are now more than 20 licensed brokers to choose from, see the list.

Compare OptionRally

PepperStone is a very popular broker that is licensed by ASIC. They offer a variety of unique trading platforms, see here.

OptionRally Broker Review 2020

This broker is closed.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    2nd in our ranking!

OptionRally represents an excellent trading platform for many traders around the world. The system itself is known for its award-winning customer service as well as an extremely user-friendly system for trading. By combining together an easy minimum deposit of $250 and a general max payout of 90% this is not only one of the most exciting options trading platforms but also one of the easiest to use by reputation.

But does the reputation for OptionRally actually suit the true results of using the system? In this OptionRally review, we will outline some of the basic information that you need to know before using OptionRally is your main trading system.

OptionRally Account Features

OptionRally as a trading platform was founded in the 2020 and is one of the most long-standing trading brokers available in the industry. Binary options were only available just three years before this trading platform launched and this makes it one of the true veterans in the industry. As well as representing one of the most historical brokers OptionRally is headquartered in Cyprus as one of the main offices. It has satellite offices to improve customer service across the UK as well as across the globe.

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!

OptionRally Account Types

OptionRally review also found several different account types including their five main account classifications:

OptionRally Mini: This account starts with a 15% bonus on all deposits and has a minimum start deposit of $300. Bonuses are credited automatically and as you deposit more you can unlock higher account levels which can eventually deliver features like a dedicated account manager, ongoing trading analysts and more.

OptionRally Standard: The standard bonus unlocks with a 20% deposit bonus after you have deposited your first $1000 with the platform. At this point, you can start to unlock some of the extra features of your account like dedicated support.

OptionRally Executive: executive memberships unlock at $5000 and this is the first option where you can get a dedicated account manager as well as a 25% bonus on all future deposits.

OptionRally VIP: VIP delivers a 30% bonus on all deposits and unlocks a $10,000 deposited. With a VIP membership, you can access all of the support options and be subject to unique bonuses on certain assets with OptionRally.

OptionRally Gold: The gold account is reserved for some of the top OptionRally traders. These traders are regularly given some extra bonuses for trading specific assets as well as a 30% bonus back on all deposits. Only a few select have been able to achieve this level of membership but they generally receive customized support options from OptionRally.

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!

OptionRally is known for its great customer service and with 70 different types of assets available on their SpotOption based platform it is possible to trade a wide range of options as well as build preferred trading options such as One Touch, standard trades, 60-second trades and more. OptionRally was also one of the very first firms to launch their own mobile application and this makes them a true pioneer in the industry.

Another excellent part of OptionRally that sets it apart from the competition is its ability to deliver on a full host of webinars, guides, video tutorials and more. While many binary options brokers will simply provide customers with the base options that they need to start trading, this platform has a wide ray of support, educational options and risk management support that can really help you minimize losses.

OptionRally claims to be ready for action from the moment you make your deposit so really all you have to ask yourself is if you are ready for the same amount of action in the profits that you could make with this amazing binary options platform.

OptionRally is also extremely compatible meaning that you can use its features on a mobile device, desktop and across a wide range of platforms for the simplest of functions. Detailed charting and analysis are also available on every platform ensuring that no one has a distinct performance advantage based off of the software that they are using.

OptionRally Trading Software

There are many distinguishing features that make this broker different from others that have been around for nearly as long. OptionRally review finds that many of the main features on their platform are as follows:

Their educational resources: the wealth of webinars educational resources and the live chat feature can all provide you with troubleshooting assistance as well as education on trading binary options for the future of your profitability.

Negative balance protection: negative balance protection with no automatic debit will ensure that you can minimize your losses when necessary. Many binary options platforms will civilly refill your account if you start to run a negative balance and keeping this type of support up can ensure that you will quickly minimize your losses.

Massive number of assets: with 90 to 100 current assets available for trade you can truly diverse a fire trades by using this trading platform.

No excess commissions or fees: trading with OptionRally doesn’t come with excess fees or commissions your deposits are simply subject to one small base transaction fee that is significantly less than other brokers.

High payouts: with up to 90% back for trade there are significant rebates for trading certain assets within the broker.

Mobile support: this is one of the only binary options trading brokers that offers mobile support and a native application that has been rigorously tested.

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!

Great signing benefits: starting your own account could allow you to see up to 150% of a deposit bonus depending on the amount that you are willing to put into binary options trading. With a standard bonus of 15 to 20% extra you may see a significant improvement in profits.

Easy withdraws and credit card deposits: withdraws and credit card deposits happen almost immediately and there is a quick turnaround on trades with hourly trading cycles making withdraws even easier.

OptionRally Support Information

Customer support with the company is definitely the area that they are best known. Not only do they offer web support in 10 different languages but they are extremely responsive. OptionRally review found that broker also offers customized support for different membership levels including trading advisors for the top levels of membership.

Tip: Trade with reputable and regulated brokers on FX-Advisor.

OptionRally Review

OptionRally was an established European licensed binary options broker. OptionRally is one of the original binary option brokers, and the first to make a mobile app for trading binary options.

OptionRally Review

When reviewing OptionRally, you will see that their trading software is called LiveTrader. It is the same software as the popular SpotOption that many brokers use. Investors can trading binary options on Pairs, Long Term, Short Term, Ladder and High Low. They have over 200 assets to choose from including all major Forex pairs, Stock Market Indexes, Individual Stocks and Commodities.

Returns on the EUR/USD high low binary options is 81%. The ladder options have returns that go as high as 500%, but expert traders say the odds are much better trading the nearer to the money ladder options with lower returns. As they say in baseball, don’t try swinging for a home run each time!

They also have the Trader Follow feature for people interested in Copy Trading. Their mobile trading apps were developed by them, and they are available for iOS and Android. Their website is available in English, Turkish, Arabic and Russian.

OptionRally License & Regulations

When investors search for a binary options brokers to trade with, smart traders always seek out a European licensed broker.

OptionRally is licensed and regulated in Cyprus by the CySEC. Their license number is 220/13. Traders outside of the European Union are trading with TCM investments Ltd., which is licensed in Belize.

If you want to see which brokers hold a license to operate as a licensed broker, there visit our Regulated Brokers Page.

Compare OptionRally

There are hundreds of binary option brokers to trade with, look at these two;

24Option (see review) is another popular EU licensed broker that gives traders an easy to use trading platform, read more.

Contact OptionRally

OptionRally.eu is owned by Optionrally Financial Services Ltd., located at Zavos Kriel Court, 1 Griva Digeni Street #201, Limassol, Cyprus.

Their phone number is: Singapore: +65 3 108 0750. Their customer service email address is: [email protected] .


OptionRally Review

OptionRally is not a new broker operating on the financial market. It aims to provide first class trading experience. But is OptionRally a good choice for trading binary options or it is a Scam?

Our experts tried to gather more information about OptionRally and it turns out that it is not ranking highly.

Due to these facts the Top10BinarySignal team advise you to OR choose from the approved Top Safe Binary Options Brokers listed in the table:

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OptionRally Review

OptionRally was founded in 2020 and their main offices are in Hong Kong. They are in fact the first brokers to have introduced binary trading apps for Android and iPhone users. Traders don’t need to download software to start trading. Their trading platform is web based, but this has become an industry standard these days. One of the good things about this broker is that they offer a huge selection of assets to be traded and they also have an education section on their website.

But, it has come to our attention that OptionRally is not regulated and for this reason we cannot say for sure that it is a legit broker or not. Our advice is to seek a binary options trading company that is regulated and licensed.

OptionRally Scam

Before you sign up with OptionRally, keep in mind that the broker is not regulated. They have a SSL encryption, but this is the minimum security any broker can provide to traders to keep their funds safe. We cannot say whether the broker is legit or not, but it is important that you use caution when considering them for binary options trading. The broker you choose must be regulated and licensed so you are confident that your money is in safe hands.

OptionRally Withdrawal Methods

The methods of withdrawal, offered by OptionRally, include Moneybookers, wire transfer and credit cards. Although they state that withdrawals to credit cards take about 48 hours, this is very unrealistic because sometimes they take up to a week. For wire transfers, it can take up to 9 days. The minimum amount that you must have in your account to make a withdrawal request is $100.

OptionRally Demo Account

Demo accounts help traders become familiar with the trading platform. Trading using a demo account is very important in order to understand the features and to find out whether the broker is the right choice or not. At OptionRally, users don’t have access to demo trading which is quite unfortunate. In our experience, demo trading is essential for success and therefore every trader should choose a platform where they can demo trade before risking their money.

OptionRally Promotions and Bonuses

To avoid misunderstanding, we would like to tell you that in order to receive your bonuses at OptionRally, you must trade 30 times the amount of the bonus to be able to cash out. There are welcome bonuses for new traders and the amount usually depends on the type of account you have. But, the highest you can get is 30% if you have a VIP account. There are also possibilities to get further bonuses when you make more deposits. For VIP accounts, bonuses on redeposit is 15%. As a trader, you must keep in mind that to qualify for more bonuses, you must make more trades before you can actually make a withdrawal. For new traders, our advice is to read the bonus terms and conditions of OptionRally before signing up for an account.

OptionRally Complaints

As we searched for more information about OptionRally, we found that there are several complaints about the broker on the internet. Most of these complaints are from unhappy traders who have had problems with slow withdrawals. Another common complaint was related to bonuses and promotions and how they can tie traders up and prevent them from making withdrawals. It is quite disappointing to see so many complaints concerning withdrawals, customer support, bonuses and pricing. This is truly not a good sign. The best thing you can do before you sign up is do more research and look for a broker that is at least CySEC regulated.


After our expert investigation we independently tested all the services and features that OptionRally offers to its traders. We have given you the most important information about OptionRally and the general conclusion is that there are definitely more reputed brokers than this one with higher overall score.

We cannot confirm you that OptionRally is a scam, but neither can we guarantee you its safety nor legitimacy.

We are making continuous research to find out the most legitimate and trustworthy Forex Brokers – all approved to be safe and reliable. We recommend you to Proceed to Safety or to Choose a High-Rated Broker on Top10BinarySignals.com

Or Select Another Broker From Our List

We cannot confirm that OptionRally is a scam, but neither can we guarantee its safety nor legitimacy.

OptionRally Review

Openness is one of the fundamental principles of OptionRally binary options broker. OptionRally has provided all the information needed to make sure that you deal with respectable brokerage firm, not a scam one. Find out more at OptionRally review!

Min. Deposit:

Trading Platform: LiveTrader

US Clients: Not Available

OptionRally offers a structurized customer support, meaning that there are several departments working 24/7 on different kinds of clients’ issues. You can reach customer support via email, live chat, fax and phone. Since OptionRally has many offices in different countries, there are local phone numbers available.

Unfortunately, due to the strict regulations – US clients are not allowed to trade at this broker.

OptionRally Reviews: Trading Accounts

At OptionRally you are offered 4 trading account packages:

  • Mini Trading Account
    The main advantage of this OptionRally trading account is that you are enabled to trade using the smallest deposit amount possible. Additionally, you are granted a welcome bonus that will be equal to 15% of your initial deposit value. In a similar way, any further deposit will provide you with a bonus being equal to 10% of its value. Another benefit is a permanent access to the daily and weekly market reviews.
  • Standard Trading Account
    Standard account gives you a full access to the OptionRally services such as market reviews, assistance of the professional market analyst, trading tips and an exclusive OptionRally binary trading e-book. Like in the Mini account, OptionRally wants to give you a trading boost by increasing the value of your initial deposit by 25% and any subsequent deposit by 10% thanks to the OptionRally bonus.
  • Executive Trading Account
    Including the features from previous trading accounts, Executive account offers an extra advantage – two times one-on-one sessions with OptionRally financial and trading experts. During such sessions OptionRally will share their experience by providing viable trading strategies that will give you an edge to make substantial profits in trading markets.
  • VIP Club Account
    If you are the owner of the VIP account you will be granted an access to the following features: Personal Trading Concierge, private business clubs, unique trading tools, personalized assistance and trading information. Indeed, you provided with all the features of previous account packages.

We should also mention that OptionRally provides access to the Islamic Account with respect to traders with Muslim faith. Such accounts are known as swap-free or interest-free accounts.

OptionRally Opinion: Trading platform

OptionRally has developed a comprehensive trading platform called LiveTrader. For PCs and laptops, LiveTrader is available as the web platform. In addition, you can successfully trade binaries using your Android/IOS devices and tablets.

So, what are the main advantages of utilizing the LiveTrader Web Platform? Let’s name them:

  1. No download is required
  2. Full compatibility with all browsers
  3. Secured https protocols
  4. Hundreds of different assets free to trade
  5. High Risk/ High Profit payouts – they can be up to 81% per trade
  6. Education center accessible from the system.

We would also like to provide you with the features of LiveTrader mobile versions, as the part of our review of OptionRally.

Reviews of OptionRally: Education Center

Perhaps trading education is one of the premium-class features that this broker provides. To be more specific, OptionRally offers a series of 3 free webinars to help beginners better understand different kinds of investing and trading, providing useful basic binary trading strategies.

To promote the education on a regular basis, both experienced traders and newbies are welcome to read absolutely free trading e-books. Moreover, if you want to have a grasp on the proper options trading, OptionRally offers various video education courses, including guides that explain how to navigate in LiveTrader platform.

OptionRally binary broker review: Deposits & Withdrawals

At OptionRally you can deposit funds using credit/debit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal. The minimum deposit amount at this broker is 250€.

To be eligible for withdrawals, you must provide the copy of your ID. Afterwards you can withdraw money by using the same methods that you can make deposits with. Withdrawals are free, although for some credit card withdrawals and transfers made by Wire, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller you can be charged with a fee of 3€ – 25€. This depends on the amount transferred.

All transactions are secured by SSL encryption.

Is OptionRally scam? Final conclusion

OptionRally is definitely not a scam. This binary broker provides a surprisingly outstanding quality standards of trading. As one of the honest OptionRally opinions, we highly recommend you to try this broker.

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