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OptionStarsGlobal Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 13

I was so ripped off on binary options…

I was so ripped off on binary options while trying to get my life savings multiplied. I was confused on what I could do to get my money back because I already read online that going to a lawyer or any chargeback company wouldn’t help. After so many research and help requests from friends, I later after a while luckily bumped into a website Gmail
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now also if you need to recover your funds from any scam broker

I thought all hope was lost after being…

I thought all hope was lost after being scammed by scam brokers until I met Mrs Sofia Williams who helped me in recovering back all my lost funds and also help me to earn $7000 weekly. Click on my profile for her email address

Almost lost all my life investment in…

Almost lost all my life investment in binary option been scammed always but thank God for the help of Mrs sally that help me recover all my fund’s. You can fine her contact by click on my profile for help to get back your lost funds

I can’t explain how it feels to be a…

I can’t explain how it feels to be a victim of scam brokers but with the help of Mrs Sofia Williams I got all my lost funds back. Click on my profile for her email address

Being a victim of scam brokers was a…

Being a victim of scam brokers was a painful experience for me until I met Mrs Sofia Williams who helped me in recovering back all my lost funds. Click on my profile for her email address

Anyone that has lost his/her money to…

Anyone that has lost his/her money to irregular scam brokers or binary trade should contact Mrs Tina. She has helped me in getting back my funds. Click on my profile for her Details. She saved me!

Run away from this company even if they…

Run away from this company even if they offer the best deal because it is a scam company. It took me months to get my money back from them. Check my Bio for more info on that.
They will not return your call and mails. Stay away

My experience with opionstarglobal…

My experience with opionstarglobal Commenced October 2020 when I deposited $250.00. Two days later, my designated Senior Broker made wrong trades and I was down to Cero. Obviously, I was very upset and let my Account Manager know of my disappointment. She, AKA as Kristina Berg from Sweeden, deposited in my account $5,000.00 to bring my portfolio to a decent figure and told me to deposit 20,000 Euros

( at that time, $24,375.00) to be in VIP preferred customers with insurance. Hoping to bring back my $250.00, I went ahead I deposited the required amount. Towards the end, I did several positive trades and brought my portfolio to a large amount. but know that I will never see my portfolio money. optionstarglobal takes as much as they can from the investor and once the investor/victim is not able to add more money to the account, the designated Senior Broker and everybody else in the company will ignore your messages. In other words, you will never hear from them again. I did not do sufficient research on this

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

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Please, research, research and research before purchasing items and/or joining a broker on the web

With the intention to give awareness to other potential victims,

Currently, I am working with an intelligence group called CYBERING.
You can search them on the web. They seem helpful and i was able to verify someone they helped before.

please take note on people online who claims to be hackers, who give you their emails to contact them with. Stay away from such people cos they are going to scam you out of your money without retrieving any funds for you.

OptionStarsGlobal.com Review

May 2020: There is an FPA Traders Court guilty votvote against this company. The FPA recommends CAUTION dealing with OptionStarsGlobal.com unless this issue is resolved.

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Consumer Reviews

I can share following (bad) experiences with optionstarsglobal.com
I opened an account there to trade binary options. I am a trader since 2020, so I would
call myself an advanced trader. When I got the “obligatory” call from one of their account
managers (he introduced hisself as James Morra) I clearly told him from the beginning
that I am an advanced trader and dont want any strategies or bonuses from his company.
I also clearly stated that I expect all necessary communication to be done via Email. My personal account manager, Mr. Morra, was very offending because he did not want to respect my wish to be contacted just via Email as I dont have the time to talk on phone.
He literarily told me that he is not working for a dating website so he will not write emails or books. I told him that he should respect my wish as client but he refused.

Then I started trading and gained profits (476,- EUR).
I decided to make a withdrawal of my initial deposit of 250,- EUR.
That withdrawal request was placed by me on 9.10.17 on their platform. Their terms and conditions say that it takes up to 7 business days for them to process the withdrawal. After that time passed my request was still in status “pending” so I started asking them questions (in chat and via email) why it was not processed yet.
They told me I should not worry as it will be processed really soon but still has to be reviewed.

So I waited another couple of days (until 19.10.17) and tried to check the status again.
I was not able to log in my account anymore. It was blocked. Right after that I went to the support chat to request a full explanation of their actions as I NEVER received any notification about them blocking/closing my account (as there was not even a reason for that apart that I made 476,- EUR profit).
All together I sent them several emails and had several attempts via support chat to solve this as I still have no idea why they just closed my account without any reason.

Having engaged this broker for the last three months in efforts to have my money refunded, I have now come to a definitive conclusion that it is a TRUE SCAM dealer.

When I first joined FPA back in June, I suspected that such was it’s status, after discerning certain things that did not seem quite right in the dealings.

After trading for some time by being thrown from one “account manager” to another, I demanded for my money refund, and even quite clearly put it that they could keep the profits.
It was than that very cunning games were embarked on by one Benjamin Thomas( I doubt it is his real name anyway!) . He turned me in to a pauper in a flash!

Having followed the FPA guidelines on, first engaging them for at least three times, it has eventually dawned very clearly that I have been scammed!

I will be providing the progressive details on my case, that I am proceeding to file on the Forex Trades Court.

OptionStarsGlobal Review

It’s time for another detailed broker analysis! This time, OptionStarsGlobal review is in front of you, which means you can now find out absolutely everything you need to know about this company. First of all, they are based in Cyprus and have been a part of the trading industry since 2020.

That’s quite a lot of time, so we can safely say that these guys have proven themselves to a big number of traders on numerous occasions. Still, what is the secret of their success? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out! Our team has been trading with them for quite some time now and they have a lot to report.

Stay with us and learn our traders’ impressions!

– great trading platform

– apps for all devices

– high level of security

– numerous deposit methods

– minimum deposit could be a bit lower

– no demo account

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Login

We’ll start this OptionStars Global review off with a look at the way you create your account. That’s the first thing you need to do when you come to this website if you want to start trading. Before you can complete the OptionStarsGlobal login process for the first time, you will have to fill out a form. The broker will ask from you your name, e-mail, phone and some other basic stuff, so make sure you put the right information in. Later on, you will be asked to verify that information and you won’t be able to withdraw if you can’t do that. Obviously, all data you provide will be protected extremely well, but we’ll talk more about that a bit later. For now, let us just say that an OptionStarsGlobal scam cannot happen.
Among the things you set here is also the currency you’re going to use, which is where you might want to be careful because you cannot change your choice once you make it. What is particularly interesting is that you can enter the name of your preferred agent. That’s a pretty handy feature we don’t see all that often in this industry, but it can help a lot, especially if you know that an agent is doing a good job. When you think about it, it’s also a way for the broker to show that they have nothing to hide because they let you choose who you want to work with. But let’s now get to the real meat of this article and take a look at the trading features you can find here.

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Platform

Now we think we need to take a look at the OptionStarsGlobal trading platform because it really has a lot to offer. You will find at least 120 different assets here, divided into currencies, stocks, futures, commodities and indices. There are also several different trading modes to choose from, starting with Digital (standard binary options), but you can also choose two different Touch modes, Range and Turbo, as well as special Advanced and 5 Ticks modes you definitely need to check out. Quite a selection, no doubt about that, but we must also mention that the platform works very smoothly and offers the very latest prices every time. This is because Reuters is its data provider. Therefore, once again, you can be sure no OptionStarsGlobal scam will occur here.

This is because everything is based on Tradologic trading software, which is certainly a very good choice. It has been on the market for years and has won numerous prizes, so the fact that everything functions well should not surprise you. However, what is specific about this platform is that it allows you to monitor 4 different assets at the same time, with graphs and everything. This clever design allows you to react instantly and is particularly useful if you’re monitoring pairs of assets. In short, you can count on a superb trading experience here. However, our Option Star Global review is just getting started. Keep reading, there are many more interesting features to discuss.

OptionStarsGlobal Trading Platform

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Deposit and Withdrawal

The next thing we have to go through are the OptionStarsGlobal transfer methods you get to use on the website. There are plenty of them, so you can easily find the one that suits you best. Obviously, you can use bank wire transfers, but the selection of credit cards is where this company really shines. You can choose between Visa, Diners, Maestro, MasterCard and even Paysafe Card to get started here. However, even that is not all because Skrill and Neteller e-wallets are also available. Our team has thoroughly tested each of these methods and found them to be extremely reliable. They are heavily encrypted and PCI compliant, which means you can be sure your money is always well protected. In short, there is no room for OptionStarsGlobal fraud here because the security system works perfectly.

OptionStarsGlobal Deposit Page

As for the numbers, we have some very interesting info here, too. OptionStarsGlobal minimum deposit is set to $250, which is an average sum in this industry, but what sets this broker apart from others is its low investment requirement. You only need $5 to open a trade, which means that even a minimum deposit guarantees loads of chances for profit. You can also choose between three different currencies here – GBP, USD and EUR.
OptionStarsGlobal withdrawal is even more flexible, with only 30 units of each of the aforementioned currencies needed to execute it. That is one of the lowest requirements of this kind in the industry. Be aware, though, that this requirement applies only if you withdraw via credit cards – if you decide to do it by bank transfer, minimum withdrawal will be 100. It usually takes 2 to 5 days to process your request and the first withdrawal of the month is always free, with all subsequent withdrawals in the same month carrying a 30$ fee. Therefore, you may want to plan your strategy with that in mind. However, that’s not everything we want to talk to you about – there are plenty more options you will want to examine, so don’t stop reading!

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Account types

There also several OptionStarsGlobal account types to choose from, namely the Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts. There’s even a package creation service for traders who decide to trade here, so you can be 100% sure you’ll get everything you need to trade successfully. But let’s take a look at what these standard account packages have to offer.
First of all, you will be able to fully access the broker’s Trading Academy and pick up a free eBook on trading with all account types, which means you can start developing as a trader from the very beginning. The Bronze account will also provide you with an introductory video course, weekly reviews of the market and one useful trading strategy, i.e. everything you need to dive right in. If you want more, however, you may want to consider the Silver account because it gives you two additional strategies, daily market analyses, advanced video course and a dedicated account manager on top of everything you get with the Bronze account. For this, you will need to deposit anywhere between 5000$ and 9999$. But if you consider yourself to be a full-fledged trader and want even more options, you may want to go for the Gold account. 10000$ is the minimum deposit requirement here, and that will get you two extra trading strategy and the ability to execute withdrawals on the same day you request them. In addition, you will also be able to attend weekly sessions with some of the company’s best traders. As you can see, there are plenty of options. With that out of the way, we can move to the next part of our OptionStars Global review. Want to see what else they have to offer? Well, don’t go away then!

OptionStarsGlobal Account Types

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Contact

Another thing that helps to have a great experience on this website is the number of Option Stars Global contact methods. There’s the live chat, e-mail, contact form and even several phone numbers you can call, depending on where you live. The staff is always quick to respond and very professional, so all your questions will be answered quickly. Furthermore, the broker’s website is available in several different languages (Russian, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German and Italian), so trading will be a breeze no matter where you come from.
Apart from that, education is also an important part of OptionStarsGlobal support. The academy this broker has set up for its clients has everything you need to get off to a great start, even if you’re a complete beginner in this industry. A very interesting section of this part of the website is the Economics section, where you take some pretty serious courses dealing government debts, macro-economics, inflation and things like that. In short, if studying the global markets interests you, you’ll love it here. On top of that, you can easily access the latest news from the business world and stay on top of things every single day. This will allow you to make better investment decisions and increase your chance to end up in the money. But if all of this seems too much for you because you’re a busy individual and don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer, don’t worry – there’s a solution for that, too! The following part of OptionStarsGlobal review will tell you everything you need to know.

OptionStarsGlobal Review | App

Just like all other serious brokers, this one also makes sure to keep up with the latest technology and trends. They know people today are busier than ever before, so they want to make trading as simple as possible. To that end, they have developed OptionStarsGlobal app, a piece of technology designed for all mobile devices. Yes, no matter if you’re using a tablet or a smartphone, an Android or an iOS device, you’ll be able to use this product. Of course, everything is completely free and we must say that the app has been very well received by traders.
This is probably because of its great design, which makes trading here quite easy. As a matter of fact, you can open a trade and place your investment in just a few taps. Even complete beginners will quickly get everything and be able to enjoy everything OptionStarsGlobal app has to offer. And it has to offer quite a lot. Compared to the desktop platform, you lose absolutely nothing of the most important features. You can, of course, choose the deposit method that suits you and the trading mode you want to use, plus the charts and graphs are very clear and easy to understand. In short, you get a complete trading experience right there on your mobile device. But is everything safe? Can you count on this broker to protect your personal and financial data? We analyze that in the next part of this OptionStarsGlobal review, so stay with us.

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Legit

We mentioned earlier that the security system on this website works well, so in this part of the article we would like to elaborate on that a bit. You see, all the data you disclose while conducting business with this broker will be encrypted by a reliable SSL encryption system which has the renowned GoDaddy certificate. This means that only your account and your account alone will be able to correctly interpret the encrypted information – not even the broker will know everything. This level of protection applies to both OptionStarsGlobal login and all transfer methods you use on the website, so you will be perfectly safe. But let’s dig deeper. As we have already said, the broker is also PCI compliant, which means it executes monetary transactions in accordance with the highest standards of the payment card industry. On top of all that, the platform gets its data from Reuters, the most reliable information source in the world, which means that the platform will always be 100% accurate. We therefore firmly believe that there is no need to ask is Option Stars Global legit and we saw no traces of frauds during our time on the website.
It should also be mentioned that the broker also has several policies in place to make sure nothing unpleasant happens. Things like anti-money laundering policy or know-your-client policy make sure that money always ends up in the right hands. Because of that, you should prepare copies of your documents to send them to the company’s e-mail address in order to verify your account and confirm your identity. This is a common practice among all serious brokers, so you can be sure that no OptionStars Global fraud will occur. People here are very careful when it comes to handling their clients’ documents.

OptionStarsGlobal AML Policy

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Complaints

The following part of Option Stars Global review will analyze the complaints we got from other people who traded with this broker. First of all, we have to emphasize that an overwhelming majority of comments we received were extremely positive. This aligns with the impression our team got after trading with this broker, but there were traders who were unsatisfied, so we feel we need to address this. Most OptionStars Global complaints were about the outcome of the trades people opened. Some traders claimed that this was all a fraud because the price sometimes went the other way shortly before the expiry time. We already mentioned in the previous paragraph that Reuters is in charge of market data and could find nothing wrong with the platform in any way. True, price does sometimes move unexpectedly, but that’s what trading is all about. It didn’t seem to us that the people complaining had a well fleshed-out trading strategy, and they couldn’t back their claims about manipulation up with any concrete evidence. Because of all this, we had to dismiss OptionStarsGlobal complaints. We simply believe this broker is doing a very good job and do not agree with the accusations. With that, it’s time to end this article, so let’s go through everything we learned during our time with this company one more time.

OptionStarsGlobal Home Page

OptionStarsGlobal Review | Conclusion

If you have read everything up to this point, you can easily guess that we will end this OptionStars Global review on a positive note. Honestly, we think this company deserves it. Their Tradologic trading platform works flawlessly and offers loads of investment options, you can manage your money in a lot of different ways, all of which are perfectly safe and reliable, there are several account types to choose from, as well as a great and completely free mobile app, and the list just goes on and on. Trading experience with this company is as good as these experiences get, which is a great proof that the broker never stopped working on improving itself ever since it was launched in 2020. They follow the trends and regularly upgrade their offer in terms of technology, security and pure trading. Simply, you can trust them to take care of you and your money and to provide you with great opportunities for profit. That’s all anyone could really ask for. Therefore, if you need a real trading partner, open an account on this broker’s website. That will be the best business move you make in a very long time.

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