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RaceOption Review

A new face in the binary options market, RaceOption has risen in the broker ranks since its conception in 2020. Based in London, RaceOption offers traders and investors across the globe a user-friendly trading platform with plenty of perks.

They have a vast selection of assets and accept plenty of currencies, which means you’ll never have to worry about not being able to make your deposits or withdrawals. With advanced technology, impressive bonuses, and a guided trading facility, RaceOption made a name for itself in the binary options market in a short time.

In this review, we’ll fill you in on their trading platform, regulations, account types, and more, so you can make an informed decision about whether RaceOption is the binary options broker for you.

​Finance Group Corp

​High/Low​, 60 Seconds, Ladder/Pair, One Touch, Long-Term

​iOS and Android

​CFDs, Forex, ​Indices, Stocks, Commodities

​Credit Cards, ​Debit Cards, E-Wallets, Cryptocurrency

​20-100% Deposit Match

Table of Contents

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
    Get a Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    2nd in our ranking!

Trading platform

The RaceOption trading platform is one of the most intuitive and easy to use in the binary options market. Everything is laid out in front of you on their web-based interface, so no matter what aspect of your trading experience you want to see, you have it at your fingertips.

RaceOption uses a platform similar to the SpotOption platform, though they’ve changed it up a little. RaceOption’s platform makes the trade interface even simpler by giving you access to everything you need all in the same space, without a convoluted layout.

You’ll see how much you’ve invested in the top right corner of your screen. Right below it, you can add to that amount, see how much time you have left in your timed trade, and as you predict the market outcome, when it comes time to invest, you can’t miss the bright call and put buttons near the bottom.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see which assets you’re trading as you watch the trends on the chart in the center of the platform. This accessibility makes RaceOption’s platform excellent for both beginner traders and experienced investors who want to make some easy trades, without worrying about in-depth statistics.

However, if your goal is to have all of those extra features, RaceOption’s platform may not satisfy you. Even the best trading platforms don’t suit everyone’s needs, so make sure you know yours if you’re thinking of trying a new broker.

Account types

Like many binary options brokers, RaceOption offers tiered accounts. Each one gives traders access to different features, and the one you choose decides how extensively you can use the RaceOptions platform and which features you can take advantage of.

RaceOptions gives you a choice between three account types:


A Bronze RaceOption account is the most basic level, and it’s the one many beginners start with. With a minimum initial deposit of $250, you get access to standard features like:

  • 20% bonus
  • 24/7 live video chat
  • Copy Trading Tool
  • Withdrawals within an hour
  • Demo account

Although Bronze is the lowest tier, you can still use some of their educational materials, including a book and a video that walk you through the trading process, if you’re not familiar with it. Plus, you still get access to RaceOption’s other bonuses, which we’ll talk about later.


RaceOption’s Silver tier is also their most popular one. It requires a much higher initial deposit of $1,000, but you get almost twice the features you’ll see with a Bronze account. If you’ve already spent some time in the binary options market, the Silver tier allows you to take the next step with more advanced materials.

With this account, you’ll get all the standard features you’d find in the Bronze tier, plus:

  • A master class web session
  • Individual account manager
  • 50% bonus or higher
  • First three trades are risk-free

The master class web session gives you the educational materials you’d expect to see for a trader who has reached at least the intermediate level. We’ll get into risk-free trades when we talk about bonuses and promotions.

The Gold account is RaceOption’s highest tier. Along with your minimum $3,000 deposit, you’ll get the maximum number of features and perks. This tier is best for experienced traders who have gone past the basics and are ready to go all out with binary options.

With the Gold account, you’ll get everything in both the Bronze and Silver accounts plus other features like:

  • Integrated technical analysis
  • 100% bonus on your initial deposit

At first glance, it may not look like much more than the Silver account, but integrated technical analysis can help you make the best trades and improve your trading technique. In other words, this higher deposit may mean you get a higher payout as you learn and develop your own personal trading methods.

Trade types

RaceOption offers several trade types, all of which you can do from their web-based platform with the touch of a button.

  • High/Low options: High/Low options is one of the most widely used types of binary options trade because it’s also the simplest. RaceOption’s platform shows call and put options at the bottom of their trading platform, so you can easily choose one or the other. All you have to do is click one to predict whether the market will be higher or lower than it was when you began your trade and then get your payout if you’re right.
  • 60-second options: With these trades, you only have one minute to make your trade. If you do it at the right moment, you’ll get a payout.
  • Ladder/pair options: Ladder/Pair options allow for more payouts, even if they’re not as high as the previous two types. If you trade anywhere within the price points provided, you’ll get a payout.
  • One-touch options: One-Touch options aren’t about making trades based on the touch of a button. Instead, your goal is to predict a price point that the asset price will touch by the end of the time limit. If it does, you get a payout.
  • Long-term options: Long-term options are the opposite of 60-second options. With this trade type, you’re playing the long game, waiting up to a week as you predict where the asset price will fall over several days instead of seconds.


RaceOption has an impressive number of assets—over 150. The incredible variety has the potential to appeal to investors from all over the world, which helps RaceOption cater to more demographics. You have your pick between:

You may have noticed one conspicuous discrepancy in this list, cryptocurrency. While RaceOption could add cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to its repertoire, it has yet to do so. That can make it more challenging to reach traders who are either younger or more technologically invested than others.

However, despite the lack of crypto, RaceOption still manages to be an attractive broker for many traders, as they have just about every other type of asset you’ll find with most binary options brokers.

Payouts and trading conditions

RaceOption payouts start as low as 60% and can reach as high as 90%. It’s not as high as the 100%, or even 200%, payouts you see elsewhere, but it is comparable to the market overall.

The CFD market works a little differently. Instead of sticking between those percentages, your payout depends on your investment and the general market direction. Binary options carry a higher risk, as the markets change more rapidly, and whether you get a payout at all has less to do with the amount you’ve invested.

Whenever you invest with RaceOption, you must put in a minimum of $1, although you can’t go over their $1,500 limit per trade. RaceOption also has a sell-out feature. This feature allows you to close your trade before the end of the allotted time limit and gives you a partial refund, depending on how much time you have left.


RaceOption is part of the Finance Group Corp (FGC) and Suomen Kerren, LP. Both are registered in Vanuatu, though RaceOption itself is based in London. While these companies don’t offer quite the same level of protection as regulatory bodies like FCA or CySEC, there haven’t been many problems with them or RaceOption.

Because of the minimal regulations, RaceOption can offer more assets, more trade types, and allows traders from more areas to participate in binary options trading. For example, while many brokers prohibit investors from the United States, RaceOption is one of the few that doesn’t. That also means you can trade more currency types if you decide to try forex trading.

The biggest problem with the lack of regulation is how unclear certain policies become. While RaceOption supports US traders, regulatory bodies in the US don’t support RaceOption. Fewer regulations can also create a less reputable company, although, in RaceOption’s case, many traders have had positive experiences.

Bonuses and promotions

Earlier, we mentioned several RaceOption bonuses and promotions, and this is one area where the lack of regulation plays to your advantage. You can get some bonuses just by signing up for an account—even at the Bronze level—while others take time and require you to participate in trades.

A lot of the possible bonuses depend on the type of account you start with, and the more you invest, the higher your bonus. With a Bronze account, you get a 20% initial bonus for investing $250 to $999. A Silver account gets you a 50% bonus with $1,000 to $2,999, and a Gold account gives you the most, with a 100% bonus after you invest at least $3,000. With a maximum initial investment of $50,000, you could end up with $100,000 in your account right off the bat.

Introduction To Raceoption Accounts

The binary options market has reached an equilibrium, where the market has started to witness a plateau in the number of new broker registrations. There are various factors that have led to the gradual decline in the market, as several regulatory restrictions, scam operators, Government outlook, and even low investor confidence have played their parts in a significant way. Regardless, there are still numerous binary options companies that operate a reliable and authentic service, and Raceoption is one of the brand-new entrants to the market that has an excellent binary options brokerage in the market.

Raceoption offers its services through a tried and tested platform that follows on from the other successful brokerages that the company has owned in recent years. In some ways, Raceoption may be considered as a rebranded and revitalised version of an existing brokerage that took note of its customers’ feedback to create a trader-centric binary options brokerage. It is absolutely imperative for a company to cater to the general consensus, as developing a product around the traders’ need is guaranteed of success in the long run.

We have used our many years of experience in the binary options market to properly analyse Raceoption’s services and to determine whether the broker is indeed a good quality broker for our readers. Use our Raceoption binary options review to gather extensive information about the company, and to receive a hefty bonus when you sign up for an account!

Company Information & Raceoption Regulation

Raceoption may seem familiar to some users, as the company appears to have a design layout that is quite similar to Finrally. In fact, Raceoption is operated under the same umbrella as the Finrally binary options platform, as both companies are a part of the Finance Group Corp (FGC). Raceoption was introduced in 2020 by Race Projects Ltd., which has its registered office in Seychelles. FGC, on the other hand, is registered in Vanuatu and is also an integral part of Suomen Kerran LP, which has different binary options properties across the globe offering same or similar services. Suomen Kerran LP is also a Scottish company, which brings it under the UK’s regulatory framework.

Raceoption may not be the best broker outright, in terms of regulatory protection, as we would usually recommend trading with brokers that are regulated by agencies such as the FCA or the CySEC. European brokers are better regulated, offer more transparent services, and have better financial stability, but we have come to trust brokers from other countries primarily due to their quality of services and dedication to customer service. We have also had quite a positive experience with Suomen Kerran LP, as its entire binary options properties are known to offer the best in binary options products and services with a negligible negative customer feedback.

Another advantage of trading with a company that is located in locations such as the Seychelles and Vanuatu is that they are able to offer better bonuses, lower trading costs, and more freedom on trading. These brokers are also not hindered by any regulatory restrictions, which further aid in better trading conditions that traders expect. Despite not having a strong regulatory license, we do expect Raceoption to offer a reliable service, and we can indeed count on their largely positive reputation.

There is a small confusion surrounding the broker’s policy towards traders from the USA. Raceoption is not regulated or approved by the US regulators, which essentially prevents the company from offering its services to US traders. The broker also states this fact in its terms and conditions, but interestingly, the company has also provided support numbers for its US clients. However, we would recommend US citizens to be cautious while trading with overseas brokers, as current laws in the United States, are strict against any unauthorised binary options trading.

Raceoption Financial Instruments

The FGC offers a respectable choice of financial assets through its platform, with access to over 100 different instruments from the Forex, commodities, indices, and shares market. Although the company has a good choice of assets, we can’t help but notice the absence of cryptocurrencies in the mix, as cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular categories in the binary options market. Raceoption certainly had an excellent opportunity to include cryptocurrency options, as it was only launched recently, but the lack of such an option may make it difficult for the broker to cater to the new-age traders.





Raceoption Payouts & Trading Conditions

The trading conditions at Raceoption follow a standard affair that is common among all FGC properties, but Raceoption brings a small twist to the proceedings. Aside from the regular binary options products that include all variants of the short-term, intra-day, and long-term options, the broker also provides CFD products for those who wish to trade both binary options and the conventional CFD market. The binary options products include the popular turbo options, one-touch options, and the classic options, which have payouts starting from 60% and a maximum payout of 90% on select options. CFD products have a more traditional approach, where the profits and payouts are dependent on the invested amount and the movement of the markets.

The minimum investment starts from $1 per position, with a maximum investment ceiling of $1,500 per position. Unlike most of the broker’s competition, Raceoption actually allows its traders to close its binary options trade well before the expiry, provided the trade meets specific criteria. Trades can be sold out for a partial refund, provided the closing time is at least greater than 1/4th of the original expiry. The sell-out feature is also available with the rollover and double-up features, which basically allows the trader to extend the expiry time of the options contract. Therefore, the ability to manage binary options trades should undoubtedly be a prominent highlight of Raceoption’s products, along with the availability of CFD products.

Raceoption also facilitates trading over the weekends, but we do not recommend trading over the weekend due to liquidity concerns. A majority of markets are closed during the weekends, which can result in a slow and relatively flat market for most assets. Trading on weekdays can produce the most exciting and profitable opportunities.

Raceoption Binary Options Platform

The Raceoption platform is a slightly modified version of the SpotOption platform, which is an entirely different approach from what one expects from an FGC or Suomen Kerran LP binary options property. Usually, Suomen Kerran LP platforms are proprietary trading platforms that have live chat features embedded for instant support. The Raceoption platform follows a direct trading interface, where the trader has all the required trading tools and information in a simple and easy-to-use layout.

The platform is web-based and is compatible with all leading web browsers. Trading is quite easy and intuitive, as choosing an asset, the investment amount, the time of expiry, and the trade outcome is all provided through an excellent trading dashboard. The chart is quite basic in its layout and features, but it can provide historical data for better analysis of the markets. For CFD traders, the platform also provides standard trading options, but the browser-based interface does lack the trading flexibility and features as offered by a dedicated installable interface.

Raceoption Mobile Trading Platform

Every popular binary options company realises the importance of mobile trading platforms. Therefore, the Raceoption mobile apps are readily available for download on Android and iOS operating systems through their respective app stores. These mobile apps are easily scalable for both smartphones and tablets, but if you are looking for a browser-based trading experience, the Raceoption WebTrader can also be used for trading. There is only a single login for every account, thereby ensuring full access to both the mobile trading apps, as well as the web platform.

Raceoption Account Information

The Raceoption account choices are designed according to the standard offerings provided by the company’s other sister concerns. There are primarily three different account options, with a Raceoption minimum deposit requirement of $250. The cheapest account option is known as a Bronze account, where traders get access to 24X7 live video chat, a demo account, access to the copy trading tool, and a one-hour withdrawal promise. Although the Bronze account is slightly more expensive than a few other competing accounts offered by rivalling brokers, $250 is a nominal investment for the features on offer.

The Silver account delivers a few additional trading benefits such as a Masterclass session and an individual account manager. Of course, the added benefits do warrant a higher deposit of $1000, but you do receive a more personalised service for your investment. The Silver account has all the advantages of the Bronze account and is the company’s most popular account choice. If you are looking for expert assistance in your trading ventures, the Gold account provides integrated technical analysis, but traders are expected to invest at least $3000. If you can afford it, we would recommend the Gold account, as the technical analysis provided by the broker can greatly complement your own inference of the markets for better accuracy in trading.

The broker’s promise of withdrawals within an hour is also an added advantage of trading with Raceoption, especially when other brokers specify up to 10 working days for processing a withdrawal. There is a wide range of payment methods, including online payment wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PerfectMoney, along with the option to deposit/withdraw through credit/debit cards. Although the broker does not offer cryptocurrencies trading through its platform, the broker supports payments through cryptocurrencies and accepts all coins, including bitcoin and Ethereum. Regardless, all payments are processed through highly encrypted online channels for maximum payments security.

Raceoption Bonus

The bonus changes according to the choice of account, but Raceoption offers anywhere from 20% to 100% bonus for a maximum bonus of $100,000 per account holder for a given calendar year. The bonus also has a nominal transaction volume requirement, and opting for a bonus means that you accept the broker’s terms and conditions. The broker is also offering three risk-free trades, which will be transferred as trading credits to the account if you lose your three trades in a row. The risk-free trade offer is also another type of bonus that has the same conditions as the deposit bonuses. Bonuses should help traders in increasing their market exposure without any additional risk, but withdrawals may only be processed after satisfying the broker’s bonus policies.

Raceoption Demo Account

Raceoption offers a limited demo account for every account holder, which can be accessed after making an initial deposit. Traders will have to open an account and deposit money into their trading account for demo access, but in case traders are not comfortable with the services, they can always request a withdrawal. Of course, make sure that you don’t opt for a deposit bonus or a risk-free trade bonus until after trading on the demo account, as it can help you to make a withdrawal without any issues. The broker allows up to three days for their traders to forfeit their bonus and enjoy unrestricted withdrawals, but traders should not perform any trading activity within such a period.

Raceoption Customer Service

Raceoption uses a modified trading platform that does not feature a live video chat feature, unlike its other web properties, but traders still receive access to 24X7 live video chat for around the clock customer service. There are also five different customer service numbers for clients to access the customer support team, which are dotted across the world in North America, Europe, and Asia. Alternatively, traders can also use the web contact form for contacting the broker’s representatives for detailed support.

Raceoption Education Centre

Raceoption does not have an extensive training database, but there are a masterclass session and a personal account manager for Silver and Gold account holders. Additionally, the integrated technical analysis package offered for Gold accounts also serve as an immense help for traders in making the right trading choices for a positive trading experience. Unfortunately, Bronze accounts do not offer any educational materials or videos, which really makes it imperative to choose either the Silver or the Gold account.

Raceoption Verdict


Owned and operated by an established company in the binary options market.

Minimum trade size starts from just $1.

Up to 100% bonus for deposits and three risk-free trades.

24X7 live video chat.

Access to both binary options and CFD trading.


A relatively new entrant to the markets.

No cryptocurrencies offered for trading.

Not regulated by any leading regulatory organisation.

Is Raceoption A Scam?

No, although Raceoption launched its brokerage only in 2020, the service is owned and operated by a reliable company.

What Is The Minimum Investment For A Trading Account?

The minimum deposit for a Bronze account is $250.

What Is The Bonus?

Traders can expect to receive anywhere from 20% to 50% bonus for their investments, along with three risk-free trades.

What Is The Withdrawal Time?

All withdrawals are processed within an hour, unless traders do not satisfy the bonus conditions, in case they have availed a bonus.

RaceOption Review

With its several account types, RaceOption offers a variety of excellent promotional offers to attract new traders to its services. It also offers a high quality user interface with cutting edge software and their customer support is second to none. They also offer a great range of over 150 different assets which is plenty of variety for even the most hard to please investor.

Review Overview

Bonuses – 80%
Software – 90%
Customer Support – 90%
Options Choice – 90%

Good Quality Broker

Summary : Very Trusted Broker


Although RaceOption is a relatively recent entrant into the marketplace for binary options, it has a lot to offer with a user-friendly platform and plenty of asset choice to select from. With a strong customer service team and plenty of impressive technological features, including the ability to use a wide range of payment methods, it is easy to see why this is looking set to be a popular binary options broker.

Company Information

Launched relatively recently in 2020, RaceOption is owned by a London based company and is licensed and regulated for their customers’ peace of mind. Their site is also very secure with strong SSL encryption software throughout to protect their clients’ personal and financial information, and all of their payment methods are also extremely secure.

Assets Available

RaceOption offers around 150 assets to trade from.

Their list of assets includes:

Bonuses & VIP Programs

RaceOption offers a number of excellent bonuses which vary depending on the level of account which each individual trader opens. For example, bronze account holders who register can receive a 20% deposit match bonus on registering, while anyone who registers to open a Gold level account can receive a deposit match bonus of 100%. Not only are there welcome bonuses on offer, RaceOption also offers several other promotional deals like free gifts to newly registered customers and a weekly contest which is free to enter and which offers a prize fund of $20,000.


As expected from most of today’s binary options brokers, RaceOption has recognised the need for clients to check their assets and to carry out their trades while they are on the go. They are aware that traders do not want to be tied to their laptop or PC and, with the knowledge that downloading and installing memory intensive software slows down transactions by causing problems with computer memory, RaceOption have therefore developed a web trading interface which is entirely internet based. This enables trade executions to be carried out more swiftly from anywhere worldwide and at any hour of the night or day using a tablet, iPad or Android smartphone as long as it has a functional internet connection. As well as having a mobile-optimised website, RaceOption also has a free mobile application which makes it even easier to trade from a mobile device. It is easy to download this mobile app from the Google Play Store, Apple Store or even from the broker’s website.

Deposits and Withdrawals

RaceOption offers an excellent selection of payment options, although the range on offer will vary depending on which country individual traders come from. The options include:

  • Credit Card and Debit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit
  • Bitcoin
  • Altcoins
  • Ethereum
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money

RaceOption is leading the way with its expedited withdrawals which are processed within an hour. This is regardless of which account type traders have, which is excellent, since many of this broker’s rivals only offer this type of service to higher level traders. The minimum deposit amount is $250 and while this broker does not charge for transfers, some third party providers may.

Customer Support

There are several methods through which clients can contact the RaceOption customer support centre. These include:

  • Email via the webform
  • Telephone helpline – there are 5 numbers for clients in different locations
  • Live Chat
  • FAQs page for fast responses to the most common questions

The customer support team are available 7 days per week, 24 hours a day for the clients’ benefit and their website is available in four languages: English, Russian, Spanish and French to accommodate the needs of worldwide clients.

Extra Features and Resources

Unfortunately, the extra features department is where RaceOption really does fall down. Although their site promises educational resources, in fact the only thing you’ll find here is the FAQs page. There are also no additional facilities such as up to date trading news or market information.


Overall, RaceOption has quite a lot to offer its potential clients, however it is also important to bear in mind that there are several negative points too.

  • Cutting edge trading software that is very user friendly and is suitable for use by both experienced and novice traders
  • 100% online web trading interface requiring no installations or downloads
  • Mobile trading apps for iPhone and Android
  • Choice of customer service contact methods including instant live chat
  • 24/7 customer service access
  • Licensed, authorised and regulated broker
  • Strong SSL encryption site wide
  • Choice of base account currencies
  • Good choice of payment and withdrawal methods
  • Very fast 1 hour withdrawals system
  • Multilingual support
  • Multilingual website
  • Free demo accounts
  • Good choice of over 150 assets
  • A choice of account types
  • Some excellent bonuses and promotional offers to new and existing clients
  • There are no educational resources for new traders
  • There are no additional resources such as market news or advanced features

Which languages are supported by RaceOption?

RaceOption’s multilingual website is available in :

They also offer multilingual support for clients around the world.

Is there a registration fee payable to RaceOption?

Clients do not need to pay any registration fee when they open a live trading account with this broker.

What Types Of Accounts Are There?

There are three types of accounts available from this broker to suit the needs of clients at all levels of experience.

Bronze – The bronze level account offers the following benefits: 24/7 video chat, 1 hour withdrawals, free demo accounts, copy trading tool. The minimum deposit amount to open this type of account is $250 and you can receive a bonus of 20% deposit match bonus on opening the account.

Silver – the silver level account offers all the benefits of the bronze account together with an online masterclass and the services of an individual account manager. The minimum deposit amount to open this type of account is $1000.

Gold – the gold level account offers all of the benefits of the silver account together with the use of integrated technical analysis. The minimum deposit amount to open this type of account is $50,000 and you can receive a bonus of 100% deposit match bonus on opening the account.

Will I need to install any software to my computer?

RaceOption offers a fast web based platform which is very user friendly and well designed with an easy to use layout. It can be used at any time and in any place from any kind of internet enabled device as long as it has an active broadband or mobile internet connection.

Does RaceOption offer a demo account?

RaceOption gives its potential clients the option to open a free of charge demonstration account which is ideal for both brand new traders and those who are more experienced but who are looking for a no risks trading experience to practice and hone their skills in the financial market. New traders can learn the basics of trading in a risk free environment whilst more experienced traders are able to try out new techniques and strategies without risking their own money. A demo account also enables potential traders to try out the features of the site and to see how much they like the trading interface before opening a live account and making a financial commitment.

What Kind Of Options Are Available From This Broker?

RaceOption’s maximum payout rate for trades is 90% and this broker offers the following trading options across all of its asset classes:

  • High/Low options
  • 60 second options
  • Ladder/Pair options
  • One touch options
  • Long term options

This ensures plenty of options variety for people who prefer to either go for the leisurely pace of long term trading or who prefer the excitement of 60 second trades.

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