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UPDATE (12.01.2020):

We have found out that RBoptions has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Old Review:

Every once in a while we get truly impressed with what an online binary options broker has to offer their traders and the way they go about making their website user friendly; such is the case with the RBoptions online binary options broker.

So what exactly is this RBoptions online trading broker? They are an online broker from Toronto, Canada that was first traded online in 2020. Since that time they have continued to gain in popularity and are one of the most popular online trading options today.

An internet search of RBoptions will turn up a large amount of positive reviews because of the way they conduct their business. It is the type of site that a lot of brokers like to trade on. They are rapidly transitioning the site to make a bigger impression to worldwide traders too. Let’s take a look at the RBoptions broker a little closer to see why we feel this is a real good online binary options broker to place trades with.

Basic information:

Online since: 2020
Jurisdiction: Canada
Software: SpotOptions
Max Returns: 90%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $5
Maximum Investment: $1000
Currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All excl. US Customers

– Good analysis tools
– Types of accounts
– Interface user friendly
– Fast withdraws

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    2nd in our ranking!

– Not accepting US customers

7 Binary Options Rating:

Key features

They are a binary options website that prides themselves on having the core values of transparency, accountability and providing their many traders with an overwhelmingly positive trading experience. RBOptions offers their traders a lot of educational tools and also features guaranteed withdrawals in one day; that is very unique to say the least in the binary options trading world.

They also offer some of the best customer service of any online trading broker, on par with Banc de Binary. The website also features an economic event trading calendar and an excellent Fibonacci calculator for using that analysis tool to place trades.

Bonuses & Deposit

When a trader signs up with any new online broker, one of the first things they look at is the all-important sign up bonus; RBOptions does not disappoint here as they offer one of the most generous sign up bonuses in the industry, up to 150% to be exact. Once the investor fills out a short questionnaire and is approved for trading, the next step is paying the initial deposit so the investor can make their first trade and then they will receive the sign up bonus.

The initial deposit can be as low as $250; that is perfect for those traders that want to see if a site is right for them before they deposit higher amounts. Once the investor has traded twenty times the amount of their minimum deposit, then they are free to withdraw any bonuses that they have received from their initial deposit.

Maximum Profit(payout)

When we do a review we always take a look at the maximum payouts that an online broker offers too. RBOptions does not disappoint here either. They offer returns as high as 90% on a trader’s investment; who does not like the opportunity to get a return on investment like that?

A trader can place a binary options trade for as low as $5 all the way up to a maximum of $1000; that provides RBOptions users with a lot of flexibility in their trading.

Types of accounts

RBOptions offers a lot of various account levels for the investor. The account level an investor attains when signing up to trade on the website is based on the amount of that investors initial deposit. The higher the initial deposit that the investor signs up with, the higher the account level the trader will receive on RBOptions.

With each higher account level comes additional perks such as higher sign up bonuses, access to more learning tools, increased withdrawal times and other bonuses and incentives.

Here is an account level overview of RBOptions upgraded accounts:

The RBOptions Silver account

RBOptions Silver account (Initial deposit between $500 — $2500) – With this level account a user will get the use of a free demo account, receive a sign up bonus up to 25%, get the educational binary options trading eBook and get daily market reviews.

The RBOptions Gold account

RBOptions Gold account (Initial deposit between $2500 – $10,000) – With this account level an investor will get all the perks associated with the previous levels plus such things as special event trading, faster withdrawal times, a sign up bonus up to 50%, $250 in rewards to use for trading, and the access to the intriguing 1 on 1 training sessions.

RBOptions Broker account

RBOptions Broker account (Initial deposit between $10,000 – $100,000) – With this account level an investor will get all the perks associated with the previous levels plus such things as assignment to a dedicated broker, special NFP trading signals, additional money management features, sign up bonuses as high as 80%, up to $2000 dollars in award bonuses to trade with and access to free monthly webinars.

RBOptions VIP account

RBOptions VIP account (Initial deposit $100,000+) – With this account level an investor will get all the perks associated with the previous levels plus such things as $10,000 in award bonuses to trade with, up to $10,000 in sign up bonuses, and access to an actual VIP member only mentorship program.

There is definitely something for every level of investor to be happy with when they trade on RBOptions, reminding me of Binary Option Robot.


Trading Platform

We especially liked how user friendly and easy the RBOptions trading platform was to use. The website features the popular SpotOption trading platform. This platform lets the user easily switch between different types of trading modes and also lets them select between four different display window types; it helps to make each individual traders investing experience customized to what suits them best.

The information about the different trades that are available, potential profit and loss and other important things the investor needs to be aware about are nicely displayed and easy for the trader to pick out. It uses a simple point and click method for selecting aspects of a trade that make it possible to complete trades in just a matter of minutes.

All this helps to make for a trading platform that is easy to learn and provides a comfortable experience for the user when they are placing their trades.

Placing Trades

If an investor likes a lot of options when trading, then they will like RBOptions for sure. They offer such binary options trading choices such as High/Low, One Touch, 60seconds and an investor can even choose Long Term Pair Options.

There is also a generous selection of expiration times to choose from when placing trades with RBOptions. These include expiration times such as 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours and more. So whether you want to know the result of your binary option trade right away or you can wait a little bit, RBOptions has the right choices for its investors.

RBOptions also offers a wide selection of assets that are available to trade, these include many currencies, a variety of stocks, indices form around the world and an investor can also make trades by using commodities as their asset of choice.

Learning Tools

RBOptions offers a variety of learning tools for their traders to take advantage of. We have already mentioned the trading demo account which can be so useful to help new traders learn how to use the site and its web platform. They also offer an educational binary options eBook upon sign up and try to provide other learning tools such as webinars and informational articles to help their many traders too.


One of the key features of the RBOptions website is its quick withdrawal times; this is all made possible by the excellent banking tools that the website offers. They accept deposits in such various methods as Visa cards, MasterCard, American Express, bank wire transfers, Skrill Moneybookers, Diners Club, JCB, and even by using the Discover Card. That creates a lot of opportunities for access to the site for everyone.

They also offer several currency options for the investors that use their site. The current currencies that are supported by the site are USDollars, EURO, the British Pound and the Canadian Dollar. A trader must be aware that once they choose their desired currency to use, it cannot be changed for that account.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service can be a game changer as to whether or not to use an online broker and we feel RBOptions does a very nice job here. Their customer service team has the reputation of being both quick to respond and very knowledgeable as to the workings of their website.A user can get in touch with them very easily by using one of several different methods. They can be contacted by using such things as online chat, e-mail or by a toll free number.


After seeing and using the RBOptions website and trading platform, we really liked what this broker had to offer its many traders. We could clearly see why its popularity had grown so much in its first few years of existence. Anytime we see a site that has generous bonuses, an easy to use trading platform, various account levels, many trading options and excellent customer support, it is hard not to recommend to our readers to use it and that is the case with RBOptions. We believe it is a trading site that will serve most binary options traders needs very nicely.

Additional information

Customer Service: Live Chat / Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Trading Options: High / Low, One Touch, 60seconds, Long Term, Pair Options
Assets: Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Early close: Yes
Expiry Times: 30 sec, 60 sec, 2min, 30 min, 1 hr, 24h
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Wire, Skrill, Diners Club, JCB, Discover Card
Withdrawal Time: 3 days
Demo account: Yes

RBOptions Login and Deposits

RBOptions Login And Deposits

If you are in search of a thorough, detailed review on RBoptions, then look no further!

Toronto based RBoptions- with their ‘solid gold’ reputation in the financial shpere, is down to the fact they offer immediate withdrawals (which is hard to find elsewhere) as well as an outstanding complimentary education suite.

Read our review for further information on signing up, depositing and withdrawing funds with this Toronto based broker.

RBOptions Login and Deposits | Registering for an Account

Signing up to RBoptions.com only takes a few minutes. The neat and clean layout of their website makes steps clear and self-explanatory. After entering your profile information and making a deposit for trading funds, you can select the level of account you wish, before commencing on your trading journey.

RBOptions Login and Deposits | Deposits

Opening an account is accessible from just a minimum deposit of $250 and the minimum position to open a trade is just $5, meaning this broker is largely accessible at all levels. Furthermore, you can advantage of a 100% exclusively-negotiated welcome bonus which is great for making higher returns on your original investment.

RBoptions offer an unlimited ‘no string attached ‘$50,000 demo account demo account, containing the key features of the site for those wishing to test the platform without risking their own capital. All in all, it is a feature which all top brokers must have, although some brokers sadly don’t.

RBOptions Login and Deposits | Depositing Methods

When it comes to making investments, traders have the chance to fund their account either with all the major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire, or Skrill. Although this is not different to many other brokers it is still a great selection of payment methods as it caters to traders from around the globe.

All funds are kept in a segregated accounts and personal information and financial transactions are secured by a cutting edge security technologies. This same encryption is used on RBoptions’ mobile application which is good to know for traders, who enjoy trading on the move.

In addition, all investor funds are held in a segregated account with no liability risk associated.

Funding your account can be done with the following currencies- USD, EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, and CAD

RBOptions Login and Deposits | Withdrawals

RBoptions handle deposit withdrawals in an efficient manner and always do their utmost in order to protect their users, ensuring they work with the highest security standards.

All you need to withdraw is a minimum amount of $100.00; with all payment methods. They do NOT charge hidden fees for deposits or withdrawals. Once deposits have been approved by RBoptions verification team, traders can trade with the entirety of funds deposited.

Withdrawals are handled straightaway, considerably with regards that legal required documents must be in place beforehand. Therefore we give huge credit to their reliable and hardworking compliance staff who always make sure traders can withdraw their funds and receive them within the time-frame. Don’t just take our word for it, the company receives much admiration across the internet for just how smooth withdrawals are.

Gold Accounts and higher benefit from Same Day Withdrawals, which is a revolutionary feature in the industry and one we have not found other brokers to offer their clients. The transactions are overall smooth, straight forward and the fastest we have seen in the business. Even silver accounts benefit from withdrawals within 3-5 business days which some brokers only offer for premium accounts.

All in all it is clear RBoptions hire a professional compliance department whom work very hard in providing an extremely efficient service, approving new registrations quickly once all documents are filled in and submitted.

All in all whether you an entry level broker or even the most advanced RBoptions caters for everyone and definitely a broker to watch.

RBOptions Login

Operating since 2020, RBOptions binary options broker is still going strong. Thanks to the versatile trading platform that enables you to trade in indices, stocks, commodities and currencies, its fair selection of accounts and good trading education resources, this fine broker is expected to stay in the industry for quite some time. In order to start, you are required to register, just like with any broker out there. But rest assured, RBOptions login is not complicated. To find out all about it, please read this RBOptions login review.

RBOptions Login | Logging In

Registering is easy. You go to RBOptions homepage and click on the ‘new user’ button. Then you will be redirected to the ‘Open Account’ page. There you fill in basic trader ID information such as your name, country of residence, your phone number. After that, you fill in your account information such as your e-mail, password and the currency with which you want to trade. The next step is simply to click on ‘Open Account’ and you’re done. It really couldn’t be any simpler than this, and even those three simple steps are required because of security precautions, so the broker can confirm your identity and verify that nobody else is using your account. That would be RBOptions login in a nutshell, but if you need some more information, not just about the login process, go and check out our RBOptions review 2020.

RBOptions Login | Taking Security Into Account

As already mentioned, security during opening and using your account is very important. Because of that, every piece of information you provide to the broker is scrutinized and verified for everyone’s safety. As an additional safeguard, even after your successful RBOptions login, the broker retains the ability to send out requests for additional ID information from you. This is a random check of users just to make sure nothing is out of order, and that every account is operated by its rightful owner. This level of commitment to customers is reassuring, but even this is just a part in the broader effort to make RBOptions login trading with RBOptions in general a comfortable experience. Measures like these, along with industry SSL standards in transaction security, not only make you feel safe with this broker, but they also help with debunking unfounded RBOptions complaints.

RBOptions Login | Conclusion

Hopefully some things are a bit clearer now about how RBOptions login functions. While it may seem a bit tedious, you should be at ease because RBOptions staff works around the clock to make binary options trading free from fraud and crime of any kind so that you, an intrepid trader, can focus on what you came for in the first place: binary options trade. Now that we have hopefully cleared all doubts from your mind, go and check out their website, read everything and then open yourself a trading account. With RBOptions, the only thing you need to worry about is your performance, and as for the rest, they’ve got your back. Truly, they are a comfort station in the hectic world of binary options trading.

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