Spectre.ai Review – Unique Ethereum Decentralised Binary Options Broker

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Spectre.AI Review. Our expert review of Spectre.ai includes trading platform and mobile app usability, plus the latest news on the dividend token, whitepaper and demo accounts. Read on and login to Spectre today to see if this blockchain based trading platform really can transform digital trades.

Spectre.AI is an industry leading blockchain based trading platform. It claims to be the future of digital option, forex and CFD trading providing brokerless access to international markets via the platform and mobile app. Powered by DALP, the platform executes smart option contracts that are fraud-free. Unlike traditional brokers where trades are handled by an intermediary (a broker you have to trust) Spectre.AI logs trades into a blockchain where they are verifiable across the publicly distributed ledger network. This means 24/7 liquidity, no account managers, no sales people and zero opportunity for fraud.

Key Facts :

Minimum Deposit $10 (ETH)
Payout : Up to 200%
Demo : Yes

Decentralized Trading You Can Trust

DALP stands for decentralized autonomous liquidity pool and is the heart of the system, allowing for instantaneous execution of trades. This is how it works, the system first tries to match new orders against the order book, if there is no opposing trade the system then executes the order against the DALP. This system ensures that all trades are filled, all trades are filled in a timely manner and removes the uncertainty of broker reliability from the equation. At the time of this review the DALP held more than 7,600 ETH (Ethereum) for a net liquidity greater than $4.5 million US dollars.

To be clear, Spectre.AI is not a new stand-alone blockchain network. It is an ERC-20 protocol built on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is the most advanced blockchain network, allowing for new blockchains and blockchain technology to be built on top of its infrastructure. There are no deposits with Spectre.AI either, not to say you are trading with “free” money. The way it works is simple, you can link an existing Ethereum wallet to the network and trade from there, or use a secure and private smart-contract on the Spectre.AI blockchain. This means Spectre.AI never has access to your money and can never impede your withdrawals.

With most brokers settlement of trades happens behind the scenes, if at all. The Spectre.AI smart-contract trades are settled immediately upon expiry and verified by the Ethereum blockchain network.

Trading Platform

The Spectre.AI system works on a fee system, there are no commissions, and spreads are much tighter than what you will find with most other brokers. For example, the average spread for the EUR/USD among forex brokers is 12 pips, Spectre.AI is less than 6 pips.

This means better execution and higher win rates because there is less spread to overcome before profitability. The downside is that payouts on digital options (binaries) is a little lower, about 75%, than what you find with most EU/CySEC brokers but that won’t matter if you are winning more often.

Assets And Contracts

What can you trade on Spectre.AI? Everything. Spectre.AI offers smart-contracts on binary return derivative, traditional forex pairs, and CFDs on commodities, stocks, indices, bonds and cryptocurrencies.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Good Choice for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    2nd in our ranking!

Most assets will not have leverage but the forex pairs will enable up to 40X leverage. Payouts on some binary return derivatives will reach as much as 200%.

In late 2020, Spectre also added EPIC to their offering. Epic stands for Epochal Price Index Composite and provides an aggregate of past market movements and mimics live markets. This asset can be traded just as any other, but is available 24/7. All prices are based on real time market values.

Spectre AI Review – Decentralized. Broker-less. Fraud free

Spectre AI is the first blockchain based platform for CFD and binary option, allowing direct trading through a localized account on their platform or decentralized from your wallet! Read my full Spectre.ai Review to learn more about the first smart contract based platform for binary options and CFDs! Or watch my review video in German with your favorite subtitles:

Introduction to Spectre.ai

SpectreAI, controlled by Spectre Global Limited, a financial company owning spectre! Withdrawals, deposits, and trading transactions are managed by a smart contract or a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain! Read on to discover why this makes a huge difference! Spectre is regulated by the Costa Rican oversight, licensed under certificate number 58373902020!

“Traditional Broker” and why they are a problem?

If you browse the web for bad broker experiences, I bet you will discover 1000s and more entries in forums and blogs. This does not mean that every broker is scamming its clients, but it happens often, sometimes by accident and sometimes with pure intention!

Most common problems are manipulated charts, unfair bonus terms or terms of use, hidden fees (for inactivity for example), and finally, the danger that the broker doesn’t pay out your winnings.

The problem here is, that the broker will only make a profit when the trader makes a loss (for binary options trading). So if the majority of traders win the most of their trades, the broker will lose money! Read on why Spectre is completely different !

Spectre — Broker-less Binary Options Trading

For several months, the whole world is talking about the Blockchain-technology, Bitcoin, and Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrency projects! One of the reasons is, that the blockchain technology almost instantly generates trust, as all transactions are viewable for everyone.

Since the Ethereum blockchain, so-called smart contracts, set of rules and actions running completely decentralized on the Ethereum Blockchain, can be used to control and automate whole businesses.

All transactions, withdrawals, and deposits on Spectre are handled by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, so no one can access any clients capital , except the client itself! If you make a trade, a smart contract takes care of the needed transactions!

This ensures that no one will run away with your money as it simply is not possible! You also can examine the smart contracts used by Spectre as they are completely open source!

SpectreAI also offers two types of trading accounts (besides the demo account you can get here), the regular trading account, working like a normal broker account, you make a deposit and can trade with your deposited money! The other type is the Wallet trading account, here you do not need to make a Deposit, instead you send your investment amount directly from your Ethereum Wallet, if you win your position, your Return is sent back to your Wallet, if you, lose Spectre will keep your money and send it to the winning party!

Click here to learn more about Spectre on their Website!

Security & The Ethereum Blockchain

As Spectre runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, it takes advantage of all benefits a blockchain has to offer.

The Blockchain can´t be manipulated afterward. And no third party can make changes to any data!

As Spectre is running on 1000s of PCs at the same time, a downtime is almost impossible! As long as Ethereum Blockchain is running, Spectre will run too!

Spectre has a high-security standard and uses cryptography to protect accounts and sensible data from fraud! Watch this short video from Spectre showing these aspects in detail:

Click here to Create a Free Account and Try It For Yourself!

Spectre Trading Platform, Minimum Trade, Assets and Expiry times

Spectre offers a clean trading platform with some amazing and unique features. One downside for many may be the fact, that Spectre only accepts payments in Ether, so you need an Ethereum-Wallet in order to create an account with Spectre!

After entering your email, name, Eth Address and some more information, you will get an email you need to confirm in order to activate your account!

After the first login, you need to set up your account settings, like personal details, Token privileges (You can invest Utility Tokens in order to get some benefits), risk management, trading signals and much more…

SpectreAI provides 3 forms of investing: A-Bock Trading, Smart Options, and CFD trading, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages :

A Book Trading — Here you can trade CFD Options between several assets. It is very similar to CFDs, depending on your investment you will earn a specific dollar amount per pip!

A Book Trading is highly regulated and it is the only centralized trading option Spectre offers its traders. Spectre connects to A Book platform using fiat money to be able to offer this type of trading to its clients! It can be seen as Low Risk/Low reward trading if it is used the right way!

CFD Trading — CFD Trading at Spectre also is Low Risk/Low reward trading. You can invest in many different assets and there is no expiry time or time limit for your trade! Just set a “Stop-Loss” level to limit your loss in the case the price moves against you and set a “Take Profit” Level to secure your profit when it hits a specific level!

Smart Options — These Options are very similar to High Risk/High Reward binary options. if you win a position, you will make between 60 — 90% on top of your investment, if you lose a position you lose your entire money in most cases! You can trade smart options on several different assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, currency pairs and much more!

Spectre even allows you to trade exotic types of binary options like ladder options, High/Low, Call Put and many more…

SpectreAI offers more than 70+ Assets to trade. You can choose expiry times from 10 Seconds till the end of a day or you can completely specify the endpoint of your smart option trade! Payouts depending on the traded asset and expire time, as well as market conditions. They range from 5% on Weekends with no movement at all up to 90% in highly volatile markets!

Click here to Create a Free Account and Try It For Yourself!

Minimum Trading and Deposit Amount — The minimum trading amount at Spectre AI right now is 1 USD in Eth, the minimum deposit amount is just 0,10 Eth right now!

Trading Signals on Spectre

As Spectre is working different compared with binary brokers, it really provides useful trading signals for different strategies you can choose in the settings menu!

While binary options broker doesn´t want you to win a trade, spectre just earns 2 % from every trade flat, so they do not have a problem to provide useful trading signals to let you make a profit while they still earn their money!

I suggest you just create a demo account and check out the different signals and how they are working for yourself!

Spectres Chart system

As you can see inside the video or the pics on this site, SpectreAI offers a clean and usable chart system, with many tools to analyze market conditions and predict market movements!

Risk Management

Here you can see another direct difference between Spectre and traditional broker, while broker wants you to trade, without caring about risk, Spectre forces you to choose a risk management, and to keep it for at least 7 days!

This way you can define a max. drawback, max. amount of lost trades and much more — if a condition is met your account is restricted for 24 hours! This ensures that you have enough time to control your emotions and get back to your logical thinking!

Spectre.Ai Free Demo account

Spectre offers a free demo account preloaded with 99 Eth to try their platform and trading strategies! If Spectre sounds interesting to you, just click here and create a free demo account to try this platform yourself!

Spectre Worldwide (Except US)

Right now, spectre accepts traders from all around the world including European Countries, Canada, and almost all others! The only exception: Spectre does not accept traders from the US!

Click here to Create a Free Account and Try It For Yourself!

Withdraw and Deposits at Spectre AI

Like mentioned already, does Spectre only accept Deposits through the Ethereum Blockchain, this means you need an Ethereum Wallet (My Ether Wallet for example) in order to create an account and make a deposit!

This means you need to invest in Ethereum, and you need to send it to Specrte if you want to trade on a regular account! Click here to find out how to purchase ethereum! I recommend to use HODLY or My EtherWallet as wallet for Ethereum!

Real Money Trading Without Deposit

Using an Ethereum Wallet, and the wallet Account option, you do not even make a deposit, as you can trade directly from your Ethereum Wallet — using this feature you really trade completely decentralized!

If you want to enter a position, you will get a specific Eth address, afterward, you just send the investment amount per Ethereum Blockchain to this address, if you win you will get your investment and your return if you lose it will be transferred to the Liquidity pool!

Spectre Disadvantage

The main disadvantage is the fact that you need to use the ethereum blockchain to make a deposit. It is secure and a great technology, but you need to know how it is working, click here for a full guide to cryptocurrencies and how to use them!

Another point to consider is, that your account balance in Spectre is counted in Ether, this means that your capital is directly connected to the Eth price, if it is losing value, your account balance does lose value as well!

How Spectre Earns Money?

If you take a look at the technology behind Spectre, you will learn that it is almost impossible for spectre to scam anyone. They also use a completely different business model compared with traditional binary options broker, as they earn a volume based fee from every trade, while traders trade against each other or against the “decentralized autonomous liquidity pool”, a financial pool from Spectre and a few other ethereum blockchain based Dapps only accessible from specific smart contracts!

Spectre AI- Decentralized. Broker-less. Fraud-free!

Like you should have read inside this Spectre AI review, Spectre offers a lot of unique features and benefits, while the decentralization and fraud-free operations of spectre are the most important aspect in my opinion!

The only real downside is the needed knowledge about cryptocurrencies, but it only takes a few hours to get into cryptos and learn how to use them!

I really like spectre and will make it my main broker for binary options, ensure to create your free demo account by clicking here and see why I already love this broker!

Click here to create a free Account NOW!

Spectre Ai FAQs

If you have any questions about the Spectre trading platfrom not covered in my Spectre Review, please be so kind and leave me a short comment with your unanswered questions! I will do my best to answer them here as fast as possiple!

Spectre.AI Review


Broker Spectre.AI
US Traders Accepted
Company Name Spectre Global Limited
Headquarters Cayman Islands
Regulation No
Max Payout 83%
Out-of-Money Reward 0%
Trading Platform Custom web-based
Early Closure
Deposit Options Ethereum
Deposit Currencies Ether (ETH)
Minimum Deposit ETH0.1
Minimum Trade $10
Maximum Trade $1,000
Online Since 2020
Trading Instruments Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, equities, bonds, ETFs, indices
Number of Trading Instruments 49
Binary Option Types High/Low, Barrier, Knock-in-Knock-out (KIKO), Ladders
Customer Support Types Web chat, web form
Education Offered FAQ, tutorial
Tools Offered Trade Ideas, Calendar, Timezones, Indicators, Risk Management Templates, Trade Sharing, Audio Signals
Commission A small gas fee to propagate withdrawals via Ethereum network.
Languages English, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese
Demo Account Unrestricted

Spectre.AI is a decentralized binary trading platform operating via Ethereum blockchain. Its founders call it a speculative tokenized trading exchange. The main advantages of this approach to building a fair binary options broker is the removal of the conflict of interest:

  • Traders operating via exchange trade against each other, so the broker is not interested in traders’ losses.
  • Even when trading is performed against the “house”, deposits and withdrawals are handled by the blockchain’s smart contract, so the broker cannot refuse any withdrawals.


Spectre.AI was announced in September 2020 with a private presale of its tokens performed in October-November and the public ICO process done in November-December same year. The alpha version of the trading platform has been also available since September 2020. In 2020, the platform has been launched into a normal operating mode with real accounts for binary option trading and multiple features.

Currently, there are two types of Spectre.AI tokens available to investors – SXDT and SXUT. While SXDT tokens are not very interesting to common traders as they are simple dividend tokens, the SXUT can be useful to binary traders. SXUT are utility tokens; owning them provides benefits inside the trading platform.

Spectre Exchange Utility Tokens (SXUT)

With SXUT, traders can get some viable perks, making it similar to traditional binary option bonuses or account tiers but provided in a much fairer fashion.

  • Financial Trading Course (Smart Options & FX)
  • Crypto Currency Course
  • Up to 10% higher payouts
  • Up to 300 basis points lower spread (CFDs)
  • +10 FX pairs unlock
  • +10 cryptocurrency pairs unlock
  • ICO alt-coins unlock
  • +10 equities unlock
  • +10 ETFs unlock
  • +10 bonds unlock
  • Jumbo trade size unlock
  • Trader-defined expiry time in minutes
  • Live chat support

Deposit & Withdrawal

Spectre.AI allows traders to work both with deposits and without deposits. When trading without deposits, the binary option contracts are bought directly from the trader’s Ethereum wallet. When trading with a deposit to the exchange, the funds are stored in a special escrow wallet operated by a smart contract – the exchange personnel cannot steal your funds, and you can withdraw them in an automatic manner. This completely eliminates the third-party risk.

The minimum trade size is $10 (in ETH equivalent). The minimum deposit size when transferring funds into the exchange’s escrow wallet is 0.1 ETH.

Note: operating with deposit offers higher binary option payout rates compared to trading directly from the wallet.

Trading Platform

The current trading platform looks good but not excellent. It has charts, trading panel, trading ideas panel, current news, news calendar, trading session indicator, basic portfolio analysis, list of trading instruments, list of your trades, a ticker line with recent trades (by people who decided to share their trades), and that is basically it. A lot of features are planned, including connectivity with MetaTrader 4 platform.

Overall, the platform is easy-to-use and does not look much different from what is staple with the traditional binary options brokers. Each panel has a small question icon to give you a quick explanation of its function.


Spectre.AI has huge plans regarding the offered trading instruments and the range of markets for traders to deal in. However, currently, Spectre.AI offers only binary options (smart options) in 30 Forex pairs (including gold and silver), and 19 cryptocurrency pairs (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ripple).

The current plans include the launch of the following trading assets before the end of 2020: 10 commodities, 500 cryptocurrencies, 1000+ stocks, 1000+ bonds, 10+ ETfs, 10+ indices.

The option types included High/Low (traditional calls and puts), Barrier, Knock-in-Knock-out (KIKO), and Ladders.

Special Features

Risk Management

One of the most interesting features offered by Spectre.AI is the risk-management, which lets you limit your own risk by applying a range of settings. The trading platform will use the Early Warning Engine to lock you out of trading if you lose too much:

As you can see, the number of parameters to regulate your own risk profile is pretty big. You can set daily stop-loss, daily win-stop, stop-out time, streak count and streak timeout, maximum allocation per trade, maximum number of trades, minimum payout rate, and maximum drawdown per day/week/month.

This is an invaluable tool against overtrading, revenge trading, and other behavior traits that can be very dangerous to binary option traders.

Trade Ideas

Traders may choose to receive automated trade ideas generated by the platform. Currently, there are 11 different trade idea types and you can turn them on and off individually:

  1. Battleground
  2. Breakout
  3. Dead Cat Bounce
  4. Humming Bird
  5. Macro Channel Surfer
  6. Macro Waterfall
  7. Micro Channel Surfer
  8. Micro Waterfall
  9. Micro-Xtreme
  10. Psyres
  11. Recoil

You are not obliged to act on any of the generated trade ideas. You can decide on your own whether to trade it at all and, if so, how to trade it.


The platform is clearly still under development with the plans for most capabilities launch spanning deep into 2020. Despite this, it has some limitations that are not connected with the platform being in development.

The most notable restriction is availability in countries. Unfortunately, Spectre.AI is not available to the residents of the USA, Costa Rica, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Iran, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, and Yemen.

Another important restriction is that no market is available for trading on weekends – even cryptocurrencies! The platform blames low liquidity on Saturday and Sunday.


Spectre.AI is very different from your average run-of-the-mill-binary binary broker. It has its notable features and attractive advantages. It also lacks some of the deal-killer disadvantages of traditional brokers. Nevertheless, the platform is still pretty young, making it look rather immature compared to some decade-old brokers in the industry. The technology behind Spectre.AI is promising but requires a lot of improvements. If the team continues their hard work on the platform’s original objectives, this will undoubtedly make Spectre.AI one of the worthiest binary option outlets.

Spectre.AI , 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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2 Traders’ Reviews

Good trading platform. Ive had no problems in withdrawing funds since I started trading and seems to be the easiest platform to make a ton of money very quickly.

The initial options were a little daunting at first as theres a lot of setting up to do, but once all done its quite nice and easy.

The risk management how’s increased greatly my number of profitable days.

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Spectre.ai Review: No more frauds in the trading industry?

Broker Summary
Headquaters Cayman Islands
Foundation Year 2020
Free Demo account Yes
Regulation & licenses Yes. Spectre.ai is currently licensed with COSTA MEDIA INTERACTIVE SRL in Costa Rica and has other jurisdictional licenses under application for widest territorial coverage.
Accepted nationalities All countries except USA, Costa Rica, BVI, Caymans, Iran, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, Yemen
Minimum Deposit 10
Minimum trade 1
Maximum trade 1am – 8:30pm GMT – $500/$1000
8:30pm – 1am GMT – $10/$20
Payout (returns) in case of a correct prediction Up to 83%
Expiry Times from 10 seconds up to end of day
Early close Yes (From September 2020)
Assets Forex pairs, Crypto pairs, Commodities
Account Types Demo, Regular, Wallet Account
Number of Assets 30+
Account Currency ETH (Ethereum)
Trading Software Proprietary
Mobile Application Coming Soon
Deposit and Withdrawal Options ETH. Debit/credit card and bank wire (via Caset).
Withdrawal Time Immediate
24 Hours Support Yes
Support During Weekends Yes
Customer Support Languages English
Email Address [email protected]

Spectre.ai Review


The problem with brokers

So, do what I did: scroll through posts on trading forums. You’ll find lots of unnerving stories that way. There are binary-option brokers who refuse to let people withdraw their money. They often offer vague excuses or even ignore their requests altogether.

It’s pretty obvious what’s happening, isn’t it? The more money that traders lose, the more money the brokers make. The only reason this can occur is because this type of business is unregulated.

How is Spectre different?

Blockchain has been so beneficial for many businesses. Because of this, many reputable companies incorporate it. Spectre has done exactly that.

Spectre recognized blockchain’s potential right away. So, they constructed a trading platform based on it. An important feature of blockchain is that it’s decentralized technology. The result is a trading platform that offers all the usual benefits. In fact, it’s so much like other platforms that you can’t tell the difference. This platform gives you complete access to all major currencies. Users can access specific cryptocurrencies, too. Also, they work with stocks and commodities.

But it’s the basic technology that I like most. Using blockchain, Spectre has eliminated any possibility of fraud.

To trade on Spectre.ai, you need an Ethereum wallet. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

If you are new to cryptocurrency visit my simple step by step beginner’s guide on How To Trade With Spectre.ai and Hodly cryptocurrency wallet From Scratch.

The trading platform lets you trade directly from your wallet. Yes, you can do it without depositing funds into an account. Ethereum deposits can convert into fiat currencies. This is what enables trading in major currencies .

What I recommend is to use the free demo account. Spectre is currently offering all new users a chance to try it. They even load in 100 Ethereum tokens so you can test different strategies. This is the perfect time to try Spectre.


Spectre.ai’s services are nothing short of exemplary. On the other hand, no one is immune to regulations. They’re subject to Costa Rican oversight, licensed under certificate number 58373902020.

A s many companies do for tax reasons, it is based offshore. That does not necessarily mean Spectre is a scam. After all, many scams have been based in the European Union .


Spectre offers fantastic security. To be specific, every trade is mined and settled on the global Ethereum blockchain . It is always secure and fraud-free .

With all its applications, blockchain involves more than just digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is one of many different applications that benefit from blockchain .

Ethereum works on the public blockchain network, like Bitcoin does.

What is so beneficial about Ethereum’s decentralized platform?

Platforms like this operate on blockchain and get all the major benefits:

Here is an 8-minute video that explains how Spectre.ai is different from broker/trading platforms:

Trading Platform, Minimum Trade, Trading Assets, and Expiry Times

Spectre.ai is a innovative trading platform that is easy to use. Coupled with its simple navigation, Spectre.ai is easy to learn.

This market-prediction platform’s users come from over 130 countries. Anyone with an ETH (Ethereum coin) wallet can create an account (more on this later). You can actually begin trading in under 30 seconds.

You can see the account setup features in the screenshots below:

A-Book Trading

A-book traders can trade CFD options between equities, assets, and forex. This is somewhat like investing in CFDs. You can set up your investment to get a specific dollar amount per pip.

Fortunately, A-book trading is highly regulated. Unlike CFDs and smart options, it is centralized . And like CFD-trading, it is low-risk/low-reward investing. Because it’s centralized, Spectre.ai uses fiat money to connect to A-book platforms .


Investing in CFDs entails low-risk/low-reward trading. There is a broad array of assets to invest in. Unlike working with smart options, you are not restricted by arbitrary time frames. Spectre lets you set your “stop loss” and “take profit” amounts before transactions. You can also allowed close out your investments at any time.

Smart Options

Smart options are akin to high-risk/high-reward binary options. Investing in these can result in a payout of 75–90%. If not, you suffer a loss of the amount you originally invested. Additionally, they give you wider latitude in terms of assets.

Assets include only currency pairs for now. But they have plans to include indices, stocks, and commodities in the near future. That’s not even the icing on the cake, though! I was even able to open trades on cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Of course, the platform lets me trade the assets with various smart option types. The options include call/put, high/low, knock-in/knock-out (my favorite!), and order ladders.

Users can make speculative trades on over 70 assets. The platform offers expiry times from 10 seconds to end of the day on most trading options. And it offers custom expiry time where you can set the time.


Spectre.ai is the world’s first financial platform that allows you to generate risk-adjusted return in just 10 seconds. The payouts on these Microexpiries range from 5% during low-liquidity night trading periods all the way up to 75% during the main trading day.They offer them both on traditional FX pairs and crypto currencies.

Compared to other platforms, Spectre.ai offers competitive payouts for in-the-money trades. It’s definitely worth the time and effort.

Unique features

With its unique risk management, emotion control settings and early warning engine (EWE), the system adapts to your trading style and learns your weaknesses overtime, giving you feedback on a trade-by-trade basis.

Here is the main window you see in the trading area:

and this is what you see when you click the green or red arrow:

Spectre lets you find trading signals with various expiry times. This was one of the most useful features.

The main chart also gives you psychological support when expecting a reversal.

Demo Account

To encourage users to try it, Spectre offers a free demo trading account. This is a great strategy that prevents people from wasting money. The demo account is loaded with 100 ETH for practice with strategizing. Then, you can profit from the world’s first broker-less trading platform .

Accepted countries, European traders, Canada and more

European traders and Canada traders are accepted but this broker’s services are not made available in certain countries such as the USA, Costa Rica, BVI, Caymans, Iran, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, Yemen

Withdrawals and Deposits

If you have an Ethereum coin wallet (or “ETH wallet”), you don’t even have to make a deposit. You can trade directly from your wallet. It works the same way as Bitcoin wallets .

This makes Spectre the most secure and fraud-free trading platform. No more worries about whether your withdrawal will reach your bank account.

Also, withdrawals may take up to 24 hours. They are not instant. This may sound inconvenient, but security trumps convenience.

Trading at Spectre.ai is also affordable, since the minimum deposit is equivalent to $10 .

As you can see in the image below, you need an ETH wallet to trade. A few paragraphs down, I link to a beginner’s guide to ETH wallets.

Luckily enough, Spectre.ai does not levy fees on open trading positions. Because of this, you can rest assured that hidden charges won’t eat into your bankroll.

Bonuses and Promotions

Spectre.ai does not offer deposit bonuses. Instead, they treat existing traders to bonuses as tokens of appreciation.

Mobile Apps

While Spectre.ai doesn’t have a functional mobile app yet, they plan to release one soon. Based on what I learned from customer support, the app is in beta testing. Luckily, we only have to wait 2 months, at most, for it.

Is Spectre.ai Safe or a Scam?

As you can see, Spectre is the safest trading platform for all the reasons I’ve mentioned. Furthermore, it cannot be a scam, even if they wanted it to.

How does Spectre make money? It earns a volume-based technology fee when you trade. Therefore, it doesn’t make money when you lose, unlike other trading companies.

Traders trade either against each other (P2P) or against the liquidity pool. The pool is also called DALP (decentralized autonomous liquidity pool). This means no one deals with shady brokers who may choose not to pay out. Neither Spectre.ai nor the traders have access to the DALP. Only certain smart contracts on the blockchain can extract or send funds from and to the DALP.

Main Disadvantage

Before you dive in, you should know a bit about cryptocoins and digital wallets. The basic.

For people new to cryptocurrency, you can take a look at this short guide on how to exchange money to ETH and open a wallet.

Luckily, ETH isn’t that difficult to learn and may prove to be useful in the future.

However , you may not want to keep all your money in ETH. Fortunately, cryptocurrency markets are starting to stabilize.

Spectre.ai – Review and Feedback on Decentralized Plafortom for Options and CFDs

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Overview of prospective trading platforms: Spectre.ai

The development of a wide variety of trading platforms, specializing in transactions with digital and fiat money, binary options, shares, etc., apart from the positive sides – the development of new projects, the effective use of investments, the attraction of free financial resources of the population, etc., has a number negative nuances. Many brokers (not to mention ordinary fraudsters) increasingly “run their hands into the pocket” of their traders, for no reason block the accounts of users, create the usual “financial pyramids.”

All of the above factors cause distrust of potential traders to new participants in financial markets: no one wants to lose their savings instead of making a profit. But against the backdrop of a seemingly stalemate, in 2020 a new web-resource Spectre.ai (registration in the Cayman Islands) is created, based on the Ethereum blockbuster, excluding the broker from participating in the years of the scheme, as well as changing the usual mechanism of functioning of the world financial markets .

How Specter.ai Works

Having registered on the Spectre.ai login, the new user does not build his relations with the so-called broker according to the traditional schemes, the current transactions are regulated by smart contracts. The trader opens the purse on the resource (for the cryptonym), but thanks to the above technology, the company’s administration does not have access to the financial resources of the project participants.

The value of assets for each individual trader’s operation, open for a certain period, is monitored live (sources such as Oanda are used). On the possible outcome of the transaction, the user makes a profit, or from its crypto-purse the corresponding amount of losses is written off (standard procedure). The company itself receives 2% of the amount of current trading operations on the account of operating expenses, plus 2% is given to holders of dividend-tokens (in fact, users of the web resource). Increasing the cost of tokens and maintaining the constant liquidity of the resource, as well as excluding the influence of the human factor in these processes, are a guarantee that no one will deceive users of the crypto site and they will always receive their money in full.

A few more words about security

In addition to the above information, which confirms that the new trading floor provides virtually all the “control threads” of financial operations to project participants, and this is one of the main conditions for the safety of their savings, one should note the rationality of the behavior of site owners: no one creates on Specter.ai applications, which often do just to “throw dust in the eye” to the newcomers of the project. That is, a web resource can not be categorized as so-called “single companies” that exist to quickly attract large financial amounts in a short period of time.

Of course, the big drawback is the lack of licenses, permits and regulatory bodies, but in this case the main problem is the vague legal status of the service, many of the functions that the computer performs.

One of the main factors proving the high level of resource security is the fact that many users use the service exclusively as a reliable purse to store their assets. Among the huge number of existing trading platforms, very few sites can “boast” of similar achievements. And do not forget that in this case, the management of the crypto exchange is interested in making their customers earn as much money as possible.


The resource in question works in Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean and German. Most users of this platform argue that to work on the presented web resource does not need a lot of financial knowledge, the study of specially prepared for Spectre.ai demo versions, etc. Mathematics, the possession of general economic terms, the minimum ability to make predictions based on analytical information, starting capital, but, of course, the desire to make money – this will be enough to learn how to work on this site. Additionally, each newbie has the opportunity to test their strength and intuition using a free version of the training account.

Basic information about the trading account

Before starting to register an account on Specter.ai, every novice trader should know the following information:

в—Џ The minimum deposit on this web resource is $ 1.

в—Џ The minimum / maximum bet is 1-1000 $.

в—Џ Admissible profit from each transaction – 60-90%.

в—Џ Account currency is Ethereum.

в—ЏThe administration of the site does not take commission for withdrawing money and promises to carry out this procedure within 24 hours.

What else should I know about Spectre.ai

Practically every review (taking into account the opinions of specialists who substantiate their forecasts) is based on the assumption that this system has serious prospects, but it is necessary to work hard to create a fundamentally new scheme. On the other hand, any serious economic shock can become the catalyst that will make the model in question the most reliable one among all existing trading platforms that have a significant impact on the world financial market.

Replenishment of a trading account

The considered crypto-exchange, as mentioned at the beginning of the review, is based on the Ethereum block, so it is not difficult to guess that the trader will have to use the available methods for exchanging digital and digital money for the popular crypto currency. Only after that he will have the opportunity to perform the operations that interest him.

Trading Tools

In this matter, the clients of the trading platform have ample opportunities. They will have access to:

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